Reborn to Be A Noble Wife - C.582 - Enthusiasm, Changing the Palace Sedan Chair

Reborn to Be A Noble Wife

C.582 - Enthusiasm, Changing the Palace Sedan Chair

Chapter 582 Enthusiasm, Changing the Palace Sedan Chair

Pei Luoan grimly headed for a remote courtyard in a piece of the Eastern Palace.

Before we got close, the air already smelled strongly of scented candles.

The courtyard door was open, Pei Luoan waved his hand and took only one chamberlain inside, the guards were divided to guard the two sides of the courtyard.

“Your Highness the Crown Prince!” A clear female crown appeared at the entrance of the main house, seeing the Crown Prince coming over, she sidestepped and bowed, her demeanor generous and decent.

Twenty years of age, just in the prime of life, even if only a shallow robe, but also has a kind of indescribable flavor, not to mention the long outstanding, not like the kind of female Taoist, but like which family carefully cultivated out of the family lady, this a Taoist robe and let her more a few points out of the dust.

It has a different charm!

“Lone to see.” Pei Luoan said grimly, lifting his steps and walking inside.

The Daoist nun consciously retreated to the side and waited for Pei Luoan to enter before following him through the door.

After entering the door, in the middle of the three Qing Taoist statue below, placed the spirit of Ji Hanyue, three incense lit up, smoke curls, there are two bushels on the ground, there is a young Taoist nun kneeling there with her head down.

When he heard the voice, he didn’t open his eyes and remained kneeling on top of the futon.

Pei Luoan did not think so, and took the three sticks of clear incense in the hands of the previous Taoist nun, held them up with both hands, head bowed down, and saluted three times.

The ritual was completed, and the incense was placed in the center censer with a wave of the hand.

The Daoist nun pulled the one on the futon to her feet, and the two men had the good sense to back out and retire to wait outside the door.

Pei Luoan quietly looked at Ji Hanyue’s spirit seat for a good half a second before she moved her stiff feet and turned to walk in the direction.

At the door, two young Taoist nuns saluted and escorted him away …

“Empress Dowager declared you to go to the palace, when you go, you must be careful.” Mrs. Tai instructed Qu Mo Ying to say, just got the words sent by Mrs. Qu, her heart is really not bottom, specially called Qu Mo Ying over to knock some.

The dowager lady is really worried about Qu Mo Ying going to the palace, before Qu Qiu Yan and Qu Mo Ying went to the palace after such a big thing happened, now although it has calmed down, the dowager lady still has a knot in her heart.

If she could, she really didn’t want to let Qu Mo Ying go to the palace.

“Grandmother don’t worry, it’ll be fine, I’ll go to the palace alone, I’ll be even more careful.” Qu Mo Ying pacified Mrs. Tai Dao.

The main reason why things went wrong before was because Qu Qiuyan had started a demon ezi inside.

“That’s good, before because of your things, I also dare not let you enter the palace, this time the Imperial Concubine since declared you to go over, you will send a gift for me to the Imperial Concubine, older, always some body insufficiency, I let you bring into the palace is some medicinal herbs, are in the past days just happen to collect.”

Mrs. Too said.

Good medicinal herbs, not want to buy can buy, but also can not be found, the dowager lady thinking of Qu Tai Fei old, other things do not necessarily need, and even if you send, not necessarily agree with, might as well send some medicinal herbs, put in the evening is also good.

The palace’s Imperial Hospital of course also has medicinal herbs, but that’s for all the nobles in the palace, and Qu Tai Fei, an old Tai Fei, sometimes wants to use it, it may not be so convenient, or even if she uses it, it may not be good.

The dowager lady pulled Qu Mo Ying up and walked over to the bed, pointing to the large portion of herbs placed on it and said, “You’ll bring it over in a moment, and bring it in to the dowager consort along with it tomorrow, and send my regards to the dowager consort for me.”

“Grandmother, I know.” Qu Mo Ying nodded.

The dowager lady pointed to another small pile of herbs and said, “This is what I prepared for you, you are a junior, you don’t need much, just the thought.”

One copy is a token of gratitude expressed by the Dowager Lady on behalf of the Qu Mansion, and the other is prepared for Qu Mo Ying, a salute from the juniors to the elders, which has already been arranged by the Dowager Lady here.

In front of Qu Mo Ying’s face, put in two gift boxes, folded up together and let Qu Mo Ying take away.

The next day in the morning, after Qu Mo Ying asked the Dowager Lady for peace, she took Yu Dong and Sister Yan on the Qu Mansion’s carriage, which went all the way down the official road to the palace gate.

The carriage stopped at the palace gate, Sister Yan got off the carriage first and helped Qu Mo Ying, Yu Dong was the last one to get off the carriage, holding two folded up gift boxes in his hands, and the group traveled towards the palace gate.

The raised swords of the guards guarding the gate stopped them, and Sister Yan took two steps forward, busily explaining her intentions and taking out the token of the palace where Dowager Consort Qu was located.

The guards checked it and released it.

Sister Yan still had things to do, so she went ahead, Qu Mo Ying and Yu Dong stayed behind and slowly passed.

Sister Yan only left, the back of the palace road, actually another person to, Yu Dong curiously looked back, actually is also a pair of master and servant, look like a lady with a maid.

When he saw the eye veil on that young lady’s face, Yu Dong froze for a moment and hurriedly stepped forward, close to Qu Mo Ying and lowered his voice, “Young lady, the one who came over from behind seems to be the young lady from the auxiliary general’s residence.”

Although he had never seen it, but this eye veil looked like it was not something that ordinary people had, except for his own young lady, it was only that Auxiliary General’s young lady.

“Ms. Liu is behind us?” Qu Mo Ying didn’t turn around, but was surprised, this was a real coincidence.

“Yes, it seems like they saw us, miss, they’re walking a bit faster.” Yu Dong said as she looked back again.

From the palace gate outside the main gate, to the palace gate after that, at the two palace gates is a long palace road, with high fences on both sides, and I’ve heard that there are arrows chopping on them.

Walking in such a place can make the path feel extra long.

Between the returns, there were just four of them, at a glance.

Yu Dong had already turned back twice and was picking up the pace behind him, Qu Mo Ying sighed and had to slow down.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before the sound of footsteps became clearer, Qu Mo Ying stopped walking and turned back to look over greatly, sure enough, a woman wearing an eye veil came over with a maid, her watery eyes narrowed slightly.

Although she had pretended to be this Ms. Liu, it was really the first time she had seen this one.

Closer, see a little more clearly, see Qu Mo Ying with Yu Dong stopped, Liu Lan Xin’s face also showed a trace of gentle smile, feet but not slow, walked close to the front, before stopping, up and down after measuring Qu Mo Ying a few eyes, smiled and asked,”Are you the Qu fourth miss?”

“Yes!” Qu Mo Ying gave a sideways salute.

Liu Lanxin hurriedly returned the salute, “My father is the Auxiliary General.”

“Ms. Liu?” Qu Mo Ying was silent for a moment, as if she had just remembered her last name.

“Yes, I didn’t expect Fourth Miss Qu to know my father as well.” Liu Lanxin laughed.

“Auxiliary General, the pillar of the country, who in the capital doesn’t know.” Qu Mo Ying smiled slightly and softly said.

Liu Lanxin smiled again and asked gently, “Is Fourth Miss Qu’s eye disease ready? The doctor at my place is still extremely good at looking at eye diseases, and my previous eye disease, which was almost fully healed, was only two or three years old.”

Qu Mo Ying’s eye disease sounds like it’s been dragging on for more than ten years, Liu Lanxin’s eye disease is only two or three years, and look at her now, the eye veil is both directly tied up and not hindered, it should be almost as good as it can be.

Qu Mo Ying’s eye veil was too wide, too large, and the lines sewn up above it bunched up on her forehead, hiding her eyes and nose, and the eye veil was not as light as Liu Lan Xin’s.

Comparing the two, it was indeed Liu Lanxin’s situation that was much better.

“Thank you Ms. Liu, my eye disease is not much of a problem anymore, it’s just a matter of recuperating a little.” Qu Mo Ying thanked with a smile.

“I heard that when Fourth Miss Qu returned to the mansion, she said it was almost done, and several months have passed since then, so why is it still almost done? The medicine used wasn’t quite right?” Liu Lanxin asked with concern.

“No, it’s just that it’s a bit better to keep, and it’s actually possible to take it.” Qu Mo Ying thanked her again for her kindness.

Seeing that she repeatedly pushed back, Liu Lanxin also stopped talking about this topic and looked at the palace road exit in front of her, “Qu fourth young lady came into the palace to see Mrs. Qu?”

“Your Imperial Highness has declared a summons, I dare not disobey.” Qu Mo Ying replied in a disciplined manner.

“I was summoned by the Empress Mother, in that case, let’s go in together.” Liu Lanxin invited.

Two people are going in the same direction, naturally, together.

Along the way, this Liu Lanxin seemed to be especially kind to Qu Mo Ying, and from time to time, she would ask Qu Mo Ying about some things, but every time Qu Mo Ying avoided not answering, she didn’t force to ask questions, and she was very comforting between her speech and behavior.

It was just that Qu Mo Ying said little, it was almost as if Liu Lan Xin asked a few questions before she simply answered a few sentences.

As they spoke, the two arrived at the inner palace gate, two chamberlains guarding the gate, much kinder than the two guards outside, smilingly saluted them before pointing to the two palace sedan chairs on one side.

“Miss Liu, the red palanquin is prepared for you by the Empress, Fourth Miss Qu, the green one is prepared by Dowager Consort Qu.” The chamberlain smiled and pointed to the two palanquins on one side and said.

The red palanquin is obviously a big one, the green one is much smaller, that is, can sit in just, Qu Mo Ying every time to the palace, are sitting in this palanquin, do not feel there is anything wrong.

Nodding to Liu Lanxin, he wanted to go over.

The sleeve was pulled by Liu Lanxin, “Fourth Miss Qu, please wait!”

“What else does Ms. Liu have to do?” Qu Mo Ying politely stopped and pulled her hand back slightly.

Liu Lanxin immediately released her hand, “Fourth Miss Qu, in the heat of the moment, I was rude!”

“There’s nothing in the way!” Qu Mo Ying said.

“Qu fourth young lady’s palace sedan chair is a little smaller, sitting is bound to be uncomfortable, we two change a top, I originally have a good body bone, Qu fourth young lady looks at the body is not very good, right!” Liu Lanxin smiled and said.

“I’m not in the way! Thank you, Ms. Liu.” Qu Mo Ying shook her head and thanked her.

“Fourth Miss Qu might as well sit on this top, this one is a bit bigger, and it’s smooth and spacious inside.” Liu Lanxin said with concern again, then explained, “I didn’t have many friends when I first arrived in the capital, and when I saw Fourth Miss Qu for the first time, I inexplicably felt affinity and wanted to be closer to Fourth Miss Qu.”

“So am I!” Qu Mo Ying smiled faintly and nodded in agreement.

“Then Fourth Miss Qu will change a top with me!” Liu Lanxin didn’t expect Qu Mo Ying to respond, and said excitedly, looking like she was genuinely sincere in wanting to switch over a palace sedan chair with Qu Mo Ying.

The chamberlain at the palace gate skimmed Qu Mo Ying with a meaningful …