Reborn to Be A Noble Wife - C.577 - Miss Liu still goes to war?

Reborn to Be A Noble Wife

C.577 - Miss Liu still goes to war?

Chapter 577 Miss Liu still goes to war?

“My daughter accidentally hurt her eyes.” Liu Lanxin said.

“How did it hurt?” Pei Luoan asked in a warm voice, his attitude was cordial, but he was extremely disciplined between behaviors, standing in front of Liu Lanxin with his hands behind his back.

“The subject daughter herself was careless … and had a small accident on the battlefield.” Liu Lanxin smiled bitterly.

“Miss Liu still goes to war?” Pei Luoan was surprised and looked the woman in front of him up and down again, “As delicate as Ms. Liu is, she actually goes to war?”

“Reporting to His Highness the Crown Prince, on the sands, what distinction is there between men and women.” Liu Lanxin softly said.

“Good … good a woman hero, is lone narrowly righteous.” Pei Luoan praised her repeatedly, then his hand supported her in vain, “Ms. Liu is exempt from courtesy, please get up!”

“Many thanks, Your Highness!” Liu Lanxin stood up with the help of the palace maid on the side.

Pei Luoan did not go, seems to be very curious about her, blocked the way Liu Lanxin forward,”Miss Liu and the capital city in the family miss look at all seem different … seems to have more of a they do not have the temperament, the whole person … are …”

Pei Luoan couldn’t seem to find words to describe her, and in the end only said two words, “Very good!”

The light yellow brocade robe slipped in front of Liu Lanxin, and then the footsteps entered the main hall.

“Miss Liu, please follow the slave girl over.” The palace maid said in front of her and continued to walk forward.

Liu Lanxin followed her, while traveling towards the main hall, while secretly thinking, she is the first time to see this Crown Prince, although I had heard that this Crown Prince is a gentle, to the late Crown Princess Ji Hanyue deep love, is a good natured, eye to see, really warm and gentle as jade.

Indeed, it seems to be an excellent temperament, but unfortunately, it is a pity that the position of the main consort has already been taken …

Inside the great hall, the Empress Mother and the Crown Prince were talking, Liu Lanxin went up and knelt down again to perform a great salute.

“Exempt!” The Empress said mildly.

A palace maid came over and helped Liu Lanxin up.

Empress Mother carefully measured her a few eyes, smiled at the Prince said,”Miss Liu looked at and the capital of the other lady is different, this temperament looks more bright and colorful some, the capital of the are too soft, not quite able to afford things.”

“My son just heard Miss Liu say that she also went to the battlefield, this eye is also injured because of the battlefield, it is really a woman’s woman, and those who are raised in the capital in the deep bosom of the world’s young ladies, it is really different.” Pei Luoan’s voice with a few points of warmth, just listening to the voice, really can’t guess that he is the high and mighty Crown Prince.

Compared to Pei Yuanjun, this one was truly as gentle as jade, and it was no wonder that there were rumors saying that this Highness had true feelings for the former Crown Princess.

“Many thanks to Your Highness the Crown Prince for the compliment.” Liu Lanxin said unhurriedly.

Pei Luoan shook his head and looked with interest, “It is not that I am not praising you, it is really so feel, I have been in the capital since I was a child, unlike Uncle Wang who has been at the border to see more, but Ms. Liu … still really gives me a different feeling.”

The appreciation in these words was obvious, repeatedly being praised by the Crown Prince of the dynasty, Liu Lanxin’s face couldn’t help but float up with red clouds, bringing a few points of shyness.

“Your Highness is flattered.”

“Come here, let this palace see clearly what this woman’s daughter at the border is really like. How could it make both the Emperor and the Emperor’s son praise it so much.” The Empress Mother’s attitude was also very good, beckoning to her, Liu Lanxin obediently stepped forward.

After looking her up and down for a few moments, the Empress Mother asked, “Can you remove the eye veil?”

“It’s possible, it’s going to be ready soon.” Liu Lanxin said.

“Can you show this palace?” The Empress asked with a smile.

“Naturally.” Liu Lanxin reached out and removed the eye veil, her eye veil was short and easy to remove, only slightly loosening the knot behind her ear, the eye veil fell down and a delicate face appeared in front of the Empress Dowager and Pei Luoan, with some Ying Qi between her eyes.

Liu Lanxin’s eyes flickered and darted over to the Crown Prince, seeing the hard-to-conceal amazement on the Crown Prince’s face.

“It’s actually such an outstanding set of features, with regards to these features, I’m afraid it’s hard to have a young lady in this capital that can compare to Ms. Liu.” The Empress Mother looked at her with a satisfied smile, reached out and pulled her to sit down on a chair on one side, and after carefully sizing her up twice more, she turned her head to Pei Luoan and casually asked with a smile, “What does the Crown Prince think?”

“Naturally extremely beautiful.” Pei Luoan’s voice is as gentle as ever, falling in people’s ears, there are always a few pulsating meanings, especially this will be his presence is particularly strong, even if Liu Lanxin this will not purposely look at him, but also can sense his gaze affixed to her face.

It became more obvious between the pouting.

“This palace sees that there really isn’t anyone else in this capital full of women who can compare to her.” The Empress Mother once again affirmed.

“What the Empress Mother said is extremely true.” Pei Luoan responded to the Empress Mother, sounding as if she was just being perfunctory, but then again, she seemed to be genuinely sighing, and even a bit rude.

It’s easy to get carried away with repeated compliments like that to your face.

“Mother, my son still has things to do to find father, so I will leave first.” Liu Lanxin would hear more praise since, and Pei Luoan’s calm voice suddenly came to his ears.

Actually so soon to go? Liu Lanxin although did not raise his head, ears but pay attention to the very, today she is the first day into the palace, the heart is also have fear and anxiety, I did not expect is the Empress Mother and the Crown Prince His Highness are good with the people, on their own is also praised.

But at this time, how could the Crown Prince suddenly leave?

Shouldn’t we see her first enter the palace and ask some more questions about the border and about her father?

“Good, then you go first, there’s nothing much going on here in this palace, it’s just declaring Miss Liu to come into the palace to talk.” Empress Mother smiled.

“That’s naturally the best, mother is alone in the palace, sometimes it’s indeed boring, since Miss Liu has entered the capital, in the future, if there’s nothing to do, she can come into the palace to keep mother company.” Pei Luoan stood up and smiled to Liu Lanxin on the side.

“Yes!” Liu Lanxin also hurriedly stood up and respectfully saluted.

Then I heard the crown prince’s gentle “hmm”, and saw the crown prince’s footsteps turn, the light yellow brocade robe disappeared in her line of sight, inexplicably some regret!

Her eyelashes fluttered twice, and a hint of triumph flashed under her slightly drooping eyes, and her looks, which she had always been confident …

“Mrs. Tai, King Jing’s Mansion has sent someone to deliver a gift!” Sister Wu came in with a smile to report to the dowager lady.

Qu Mo Ying was also there, raising her eyes to look behind Grandma Wu, there were really a few maids from King King’s House, following a granny.

Entering the door first salute, smiling etiquette is very thorough, completely unable to see before the two houses before almost also make trouble.

The dowager lady’s body sat upright, sized up the granny twice, and asked, “It was your prince who asked you to come over.”

“No, it’s our madam, our madam specially sent the slave girl over to give the Qu Mansion a gift to say goodbye.” The granny smiled and said.

“Where does the joy come from?” The Dowager Lady asked in surprise.

The so-called Mrs., even more have not heard of, King King House when there is a Mrs.? Could it be that something has happened in King Jing’s residence? I have discussed with my two sons before, they are not in a position to intervene in the affairs of King Jing’s residence for the time being, but if Qu Caiyue needs support, they will not be as indifferent as they were in the past.

Qu Qiuyan hated the Qu Mansion because of what happened to Yu, and it wouldn’t do them any good, but it was better to wait and see for now.

“The bestowal from the palace has come down, the position of concubine consort is set, and our lady has been raised to become Lady Charging Rong.” The granny smiled and explained.

Qu Mo Ying’s watery eyes raised slightly, she has guessed who this Mrs. Charging Rong is, like King Jing such a prince, the body has the rank of the woman is also a number of, in addition to the main consort, the second side consort is the most honored, the second concubine consort is also barely considered a serious master, under the rank of the inside, there is Charging Rong.

This rank is not high, but it is not comparable to an unsealed aunt, and is considered a proper royal concubine.

Qu Caiyue flipped so quickly, so it was evident that she had really listened to her words.

“Your wife is the moon maiden?” The dowager lady also heard at this time, her face did not see much joy, and asked after a moment of silence.

“Yes, our madam is the second young miss of your house, right now madam is in charge of the affairs of the royal residence, and she also has to take care of our prince and concubine consort.” The granny smiled and said, as soon as she heard this, she knew that she was sent by Qu Cai Yue.

“A joyous occasion indeed.” The dowager lady thought for a moment, smiled, and instructed My Sister to give the reward.

Whether it was for Qu Caiyue or Qu Qiuyan, this matter was a good thing.

Qu Qiuyan is finally considered to be a serious sentence concubine consort, Qu Caiyue is no longer on the stage than a common room maid is worse than the humble concubine.

“The concubine consort’s position has now been set, the palace noble consort originally wanted to let the king a great deal, but this will be the concubine consort’s body is not feeling well, a time can not get up in bed, temporarily also can not do a great deal, but can not not not do, would like to ask the dowager madam your meaning.”

The granny said.

Her purpose in coming here today was certainly more than just to say thank you.

Qu Mo Ying glanced at the granny without any trace, this is a good speaker, and the words were very pleasant, and expressed Qu Cai Yue’s meaning clearly.

If it’s the normal route, of course, there’s going to be a reception.

But now Qu Qiuyan has entered the King’s House, and still in that situation into the, and right now Qu Qiuyan’s position although is considered to be fixed, should also be the palace can not look at it, Qu Qiuyan unexplained and at first said different, for the royal family, is not a thing of face.

A concubine consort is just a concubine consort, it’s really not a big deal to give it away.

Just happened the other day, King Jing will be in a bad mood, Qu Qiuyan is still grounded, how to see are not suitable for the big event. This kind of thing, whether it is King Jing or Qu House, will not be willing to let people know.

Mrs. Tai for a time can not decide, pick up the hand of the tea to drink a mouthful, before slowly put down, do not do the Qu House has no face, do and afraid of others to find out what, but also have to take into account the mood of King Jing, afraid of the reverse of his mind.

Knowing that the dowager lady was in a difficult position, Qu Mo Ying raised her eyes to look at the granny across from her, smiled faintly, and opened her mouth to ask, “What does your prince mean?”