Reborn into Young Master Huo’s Little Fairy - C.332 - : She Has Changed!


Chapter 332: She Has Changed!

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Looking at the aggressive Liu Shuying, Jiang Yu put his arm around Wen Ruan’s slender shoulders and whispered into her ear,” Don’t be afraid. With me around, no one will dare to do anything to you.”

Liu Shuying was about to explode when she saw Jiang Yu patiently coaxing

Wen Ruan.

She wanted Ye Wanwan to marry into the Jiang family, but after Jiang Yu got tired of Wanwan, he didn’t even want to look at her.

Then, she got together with Wen Ruan.

Liu Shuying’s face was livid as she questioned Jiang Yu,” Young Master Jiang, have you forgotten? When your mother was sick, it was Wen Ruan’s father who prescribed her medicine. That’s why she-”

Before Liu Shuying could finish her sentence, Jiang Yu interrupted her with a dark face,” Shut up. It’s our family’s business business. It’s not your place to interrupt!””

Under Jiang Yu’s warning gaze, Liu Shuying trembled and didn’t dare to say another word.

Not long after, the door to the operating theater opened.

Ye Wanwan was pushed out.

Liu Shuying stepped forward with red eyes.” Doctor, how is our Wanwan?”

“The adults are fine, but the children are not safe.”

“How did the child cause a miscarriage?”

The doctor frowned and said,” We found mifepristone tablets in her body.”

Mifepristone tablets were an anti-progestogen drug that had the effects of terminating pregnancy, anti-implant, and inducing menstruation.

Liu Shuying’s expression changed drastically after hearing this. She pointed at

Wen Ruan’s nose and said,” Yes, you’re doing it, right?””

Wen Ruan’s expression was cold as she said,” Ms. Liu, I’ve never interacted with your Wanwan except for a few words in the lounge. How did I harm her?”

“Also, mifepristone tablets have to be taken. Doesn’t she know whether she took it or not?”

Liu Shuying recalled Ye Wanwan crying to her a few days ago, saying that Jiang Yu didn’t want the child. She was so emotional that she wanted to abort the child.

It was only after she persuaded her repeatedly that she stayed.

She felt that even if Jiang Yu didn’t want it now, the Jiang family might accept it after they had a child.

As long as the child was around, it was their biggest bargaining chip.

However, if the Jiang family did not want it, they would definitely do something.

Liu Shuying thought of Jiang Yu’s attitude and her blood turned cold.” Young

Master Jiang, did you order someone to put mifepristone in Wanwan’s food?””

Jiang Yu’s handsome face revealed a mocking smile.” If Ye Wanwan doesn’t listen to me and abort the child, I’m going to have someone take her to the hospital by force. But I’m not that free to give her abortion medicine.”

If it wasn’t Wen Ruan or Jiang Yu, could it really be Wanwan herself?

Liu Shuying looked at Ye Wanwan, who was still under anesthesia and had not woken up. She felt complicated emotions in her heart.

She had treated Ye Wanwan as a tool to pursue fame and fortune. She wanted her to stand out and was too anxious, causing her daughter to end up like this.

After the last fashion show, Wen Jincheng did not like to go home anymore. He was neither warm nor cold to the mother and daughter.

She placed her hopes on Wanwan, thinking that she could catch Jiang Yu. Even if Wen Jincheng didn’t treat them well in the future, she could still rely on the Jiang family.

Now, it seemed that it was all for naught!

After Ye Wanwan was pushed into the ward, she woke up.

When she found out that the child was gone, she lost control of her emotions. Tears streamed down her face and she smashed everything in the ward.

Wen Ruan did not leave. She stood at the door of the ward and frowned slightly when she saw Ye Wanwan’s expression.

Ye Wanwan knew how to act, but she didn’t look like she was acting now.

She was really heartbroken!

From Liu Shuying’s mouth, she learned that she had miscarried because of mifepristone. Her emotions were like a torrential flood that could not be controlled.” It must be Wen Ruan. She wanted to harm my child!””

“It wasn’t me!” Wen Ruan walked into the ward.

When she saw Wen Ruan, Ye Wanwan’s eyes turned red.” Who else could it be if not you?

Now, the matter between Wen Ruan and Ye Wanwan was causing a huge commotion on the school forum.

Both of their written test results were not bad. Logically speaking, they could enter the medical society.

However, after such a thing happened, no one could enter.

“Let’s see who gets into the club in the end.”

The results were out in the afternoon. One of the three spots was Muxue.

When Ye Wanwan saw Muxue’s name, she felt like she had been hit in the head.” It’s her!!!”

Wen Ruan did not want to suspect Muxue, but what Ye Wanwan said next stunned her.

“When I was having breakfast in the cafeteria this morning, I accidentally bumped into her. At that time, I was holding a glass of milk in my hand. She was probably the mifepristone tablet that I put in at that time!”

Wen Ruan looked at Ye Wanwan.” As far as I know, when Xue ‘er woke up, it was her family who looked for you. You were treated as her family’s benefactor.’

“What reason does she have to harm you?”

Ye Wanwan covered her face with both hands, and tears fell from between her fingers.” In the beginning, she was indeed grateful to me. But later, I wanted to use her to deal with you and kept threatening her. She might have hated me!” Wen Ruan frowned slightly and did not speak for a long time.

“Wen Ruan, Muxue has changed. She might have already changed when she encountered that incident! She hates me, but she also hates you. After all, that accident started because of you!”

Wen Ruan looked at Ye Wanwan coldly.” Stop trying to sow discord between

Muxue and me!”

“Wen Ruan, I understand Muxue’s mentality. Who would be willing to be a green leaf and a shadow?”Ye Wanwan sneered.” Muxue is also very outstanding, but when she stands with you, the first person to be noticed will always be you. How can she be mentally balanced? Plus, he used to like Huo Hannian. How could he really treat you as a friend?”

“Enough!” Wen Ruan interrupted Ye Wanwan.” You have a dark heart. Don’t think that everyone is like you!”

Wen Ruan left the hospital.

When she returned to the apartment, she turned on her computer and entered the school forum.

After taking a few deep breaths, he began to hack into the IP of the person who posted it.

A few minutes later, Wen Ruan realized that the person who had posted the message was from Imperial University’s Female Dormitory Room 403.

Among the girls in Room 403, Muxue was the only one who knew her best. The others did not have much interaction with each other in class.

Besides, there were no girls in the medical club this time, except for Muxue.

Wen Ruan crossed her arms and suddenly felt a little cold.

It was a bright and extravagant night.

Mu Xue worked part-time at the Yonghe Club.

“Muxue, Liu ‘er didn’t come to work today. You’re pretty, so go to Room 1 and wait on her.”

Muxue had been working here for half a month. Not only was she pretty, but she was also very smart. She was able to take care of everyone’s emotions in the private room.

There had never been any disputes or complaints in the private room that she was in charge of.

This was also the reason why the manager could quickly bring her to Room 1 to wait on her.

Muxue nodded.” Alright.”

Muxue pushed the wine to Room 1.

A tall figure sat on the sofa in the private room.

Muxue recognized him almost immediately. It was Huo Hannian..