Reborn into Young Master Huo’s Little Fairy - C.331 - : She Miscarried


Chapter 331: She Miscarried

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Huo Hannian returned to the car.

He leaned against the back of the chair. His entire person seemed to have been drained of his bone marrow. He was powerless, in pain, and in despair.

They had actually come to this point!

He also deeply understood how he felt when he used that extreme method to force her to break up with him!

Pulling tendons and peeling bones was nothing more than this!

She said that after he left, she lived like a year and would wake up crying every night. He did not suspect that she was lying.

Because now, he had a deep understanding of what it felt like to be said to be cruel, heartless, and vengeful!

If this was her revenge, she had already done it!

Huo Hannian closed his scarlet eyes. When he opened them again, his gaze was pitch-black, cold, and bottomless!

Imperial University’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Cultural Club only recruited three new club members every year.

The members who entered had to be excellent students with excellent character and learning.

If he could enter the Chinese Medical Culture Society, he might be able to enter the National Chinese Medical Research Institute in the future.

Therefore, when the news of the Chinese Medical Culture Society recruiting three new students came out, countless Chinese Medical Academy students signed up.

Muxue took out two registration forms and gave one to Wen Ruan.

“Ruan Ruan, this is a rare opportunity. Hurry up and sign up!”

Wen Ruan nodded.” Alright.”

After filling out the form, Muxue handed it in for Wen Ruan.

After the preliminary examination, there would be a review.

The review had two stages, a written test and an interview.

Wen Ruan was confident in her professional knowledge. She only took 20 minutes to complete the written test.

Wen Ruan went to the lounge next door to wait for her notice. Not long after, Ye Wanwan, who had submitted her paper in advance, also came over.

Ye Wanwan’s eyes were filled with hatred and jealousy when she saw Wen


“Wen Ruan, how can a person like you, who steals someone else’s boyfriend and is a mistress, enter the Chinese Medical Culture Society?”Ye Wanwan rushed to the front of Ruan and questioned her with a livid expression.

Wen Ruan sat on the sofa and didn’t look at Ye Wanwan.” If there’s a problem, go find Jiang Yu.””

Seeing Wen Ruan’s calm expression, Ye Wanwan gritted her teeth.

“Wen Ruan, do you know that I’m pregnant with Jiang Yu’s child?”Ye Wanwan took out the report and handed it to Wen Ruan.

Wen Ruan didn’t even look at her.” Ye Wanwan, you’re pregnant, but Jiang Yu doesn’t want you. I sympathize with you, but why are you looking for me? If you can get Jiang Yu to stop bothering me, I can stay far away from him!” Hearing Wen Ruan’s words, Ye Wanwan flew into a rage.

“Are you reminding me that you’re so charming that Jiang Yu doesn’t want to leave vou?”

Wen Ruan didn’t want to argue with the unreasonable Ye Wanwan. She stood up and said coldly,” Ye Wanwan, I believe you know what kind of person Jiang Yu is. You’re just wasting our time by arguing with me.”

Ye Wanwan didn’t want to argue with Wen Ruan, but Jiang Yu blocked her phone number and refused to see her. He asked his secretary to give her a ticket to clear their relationship.

However, she had feelings for him and was even pregnant. She couldn’t accept this!

Especially when his new love was Wen Ruan, whom she hated to the core!

Seeing that Wen Ruan was about to leave, Ye Wanwan grabbed her wrist.” Can you call Jiang Yu and ask him to come back to me?” Wen Ruan, I’ve never begged you for anything. I’ll kneel down and beg you, alright?”

Ye Wanwan really wanted to kneel down. Wen Ruan furrowed her brows tightly. From the corner of her eyes, she saw someone holding a phone outside the window. Her eyes turned cold. She flung Ye Wanwan’s hand away and walked out.

Ye Wanwan fell to the ground after being flung by Wen Ruan.

When Wen Ruan walked to the door, Ye Wanwan’s pained voice rang out.” Ah, my child, my stomach hurts so much…

Wen Ruan turned around and glanced at Ye Wanwan. A trace of impatience flashed across her delicate brows.” Can you stop pretending?” I didn’t use any strength at all.. ‘

Before she could finish her sentence, she realized that there was blood flowing out from Ye Wanwan’s legs. Her expression changed.

He strode over to Ye Wanwan, held her hand, and took her pulse.

Wen Ruan’s expression immediately turned grave.

She took out her phone and called the emergency number. 𝚏𝚛ee𝐰𝗲𝚋n𝐨𝘃𝗲l.𝐜𝐨m

Ye Wanwan looked at Wen Ruan with a pale face, tears rolling down her face.”

Wen Ruan, if anything happens to my child, I won’t forgive you-”

Wen Ruan looked at Ye Wanwan coldly.” Shut up!”

Ye Wanwan’s lips trembled as she looked at Wen Ruan, who was cold and indifferent.

Ye Wanwan was sent to the ambulance.

Wen Ruan followed behind him.

The two of them didn’t know that Ye Wanwan was covered in blood and had been carried out, causing a huge uproar in the school.

News of Wen Ruan interfering in Ye Wanwan’s relationship with her boyfriend and becoming a mistress quickly spread throughout the school.

The person who was secretly recording the video outside the window posted it on the forum.

Everyone quickly understood the whole story.

It turned out that Wen Ruan had stolen Ye Wanwan’s boyfriend. Ye Wanwan was pregnant and she begged Wen Ruan to return her boyfriend to her. Wen Ruan refused and even pushed Ye Wanwan to have a miscarriage. As soon as the truth was revealed, the forums were filled with comments to boycott and curse Wen Ruan.

She looked like a white lotus flower. To think that the boys still thought that she was an untainted little fairy!

That’s right. She was usually so cold in school, but the boys were still chasing after her. She might even find it fragrant even if she put a p on it!

From time to time, she saw a sports car coming to pick her up. It turned out that she had become someone else’s mistress.

Those men liked little white flowers, but little did they know that they had already been slept with!

[Upstairs, girls are so malicious to girls!]

As long as someone spoke up for Wen Ruan, they would be attacked.

When Wen Ruan received Muxue’s call, he was waiting outside the operating

Lilt-a Leu .

She glanced at the forum and sneered.

It was obvious that someone was leading the way!

During Ye Wanwan’s surgery, Liu Shuying rushed over.

When she saw Wen Ruan, her face turned ashen.” Did Wanwan’s miscarriage have anything to do with you? Wen Ruan, how can you be so vicious? You saw that Wanwan was with Jiang Yu, and you interfered. Now, you want to destroy her child. You’re going to hell if you die!”

Liu Shuying glared at Wen Ruan.” I’ve already called Jiang Yu. I want him to see your true colors, you vicious woman!”

As soon as Liu Shuying finished speaking, Jiang Yu came over.

His hands were in his pockets, looking lazy and indifferent.

” Young Master Jiang, Wanwan lost her child because of Wen Ruan.”

Jiang Yu raised his eyebrows and interrupted Liu Shuying. He looked at Wen Ruan with a half-smile.” If you really dropped it, I’m quite happy. At least it proves that you’re jealous and have me in your heart.’”‘

Jiang Yu raised his hand and lifted Wen Ruan’s chin, but Wen Ruan avoided him the next second.” If you marry Ye Wanwan now, I’ll give you my blessings immediately.’”‘

Jiang Yu’s expression changed.

Liu Shuying’s expression also darkened..” When the doctor comes out and proves that you harmed Wanwan’s child, Wen Ruan, I won’t forgive you!””