Please Permit Me To Love You Forever - C.2096 - : It might be difficult to meet again in the future

Please Permit Me To Love You Forever

C.2096 - : It might be difficult to meet again in the future

Chapter 2096: It might be difficult to meet again in the future

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Kang Yu glanced at Liancheng Yazhi. At this time, he must be feeling very uncomfortable. It was really not good for Tang Zong to be so noisy. So, Kang Yu coldly rebuked, “Tang Zong, will it kill you to speak less?”

This sentence made fourth master Xu look at Kang Yu.

Only then did he realize that he was still in the room. When he saw Kang Yu, fourth master Xu was stunned for a moment. Then, he straightened his body and looked at him in disbelief. you Huahua, you Huahua, you Huahua!

Fourth master Xu’s sudden change in expression confused everyone.

“Xu Laosi, what’s wrong with you again?” Gu Hesheng asked.

Fourth master Xu ignored Gu Hesheng and turned to Kang Yu, ” “Young man, can you let me feel your bones?”

Kang Yu frowned and stood still. He didn’t like to be touched.

Gu Hesheng could tell that Xu Sl’s shock towards Kang Yu was extraordinary. Xu Si must have met many extraordinary people in his life, but it was the first time that he was so surprised.

Gu Hesheng said to Kang Zhen, “Kang Zhen, let him touch you. This old man is the best at touching bones. Although I don’t really like him, I used to know him. Everything he said after touching bones came true.

Kang Yu hesitated for a moment before walking over to fourth master Xu.

fourth master xu reached into his bony hands and grabbed kang kun’s left hand, carefully touching all the bones.

“Young man, bend over and let me see your skull,” he said.

Kang Zhen’s frown deepened. But he still bent down and touched Kang Zhen’s face with his thin and rough hand. Finally, his hand stopped on his forehead for a long time.

“Young man, you’ve just survived a disaster,” he said.

Kang Yu was stunned for a moment. He nodded. Yes, sir. You’re right. It’s indeed Xuanji who survived.

Fourth master Xu let go of Kang Yu reluctantly and sighed. “I didn’t expect to meet someone like you. I didn’t come here in vain. I’ve already sworn that I won’t touch your bones. Today is an exception. There are some things that I can’t tell you directly, but you are destined to be extraordinary in your life. It’s only a matter of time before you have sex. However, it’s lonely at the top, shallow marriage, and you’ve killed too many people. It’s destined that your children can’t be wasted.”

Fourth master Xu was almost right. The others were quite surprised and wondered if they should really believe in superstitions sometimes.

kang yu’s expression changed and his lips curled up.”Shallow marriage?”

he paused for a moment and asked, “a shallow marriage doesn’t mean that there is no marriage, right?”

Fourth master Xu nodded. that’s right. If you can grasp it at a critical moment, you will have it. If you can’t, it may be difficult to meet it again in the future.

“Thank you, sir.” Kang Zhen lowered his head.

tang zong couldn’t help but click his tongue as he looked at fourth master xu with increasing admiration.

Everything he said was right. Every one of them was right. Did he have to be so powerful? he didn’t know that there was such a magical person in the world. He was really ignorant.

After waiting for another hour, fourth master Xu’s disciple finally brought everything he wanted.

he took a small incense burner and placed it beside rong yan’s head. then, he lit up an incense pill. soon, the room was filled with a rich fragrance, which made people feel as if they were instantly awake..

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