Please Permit Me To Love You Forever - C.2091 - : Mom, don’t you want to praise me?

Please Permit Me To Love You Forever

C.2091 - : Mom, don’t you want to praise me?

Chapter 2091: Mom, don’t you want to praise me?

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natsume slowly closed his eyes and listened to liancheng yazhi’s low, hoarse, and extremely gentle voice. his mind was filled with a lot of random things, and then he was distracted. he only completely woke up when kang yu brought gu hesheng and meowmeow over.

Liancheng Yazhi first took MeowMeow from Gu Hesheng’s hands. The little girl was still wearing her little white rabbit pajamas and only had socks on her feet. She didn’t even put on her shoes. Liancheng Yazhi gently put MeowMeow down beside Rong Yan and lifted the blanket to let her lie down. He said to MeowMeow,”

“Yup, Yingluo, I want to talk to mommy.”

After “Mom, I’m here to see you. I’ll keep my word. I came early today.”

“Mom, it’s not even 8 am yet and I’m already up. Did I wake up very early, Hanhan?”

“mom, i didn’t laze around in bed. don’t you want to praise me, yingluo?” “Mom, can I carry my little brother over? let him lie beside me, we’ll be with you.”

“Mom, don’t worry, little brother is very well-behaved, he doesn’t even cry or make a fuss.”

Liancheng Yazhi asked MeowMeow to talk to Rong Yan, and the little girl kept talking. Even if she was so sleepy that she kept yawning, she didn’t stop in a daze.

this scene made the adults very uncomfortable. “Let’s talk outside,” Kang Yu said to them.

The few of them walked to the door.

Natsume told Gu Hesheng about Rong Yan’s situation, ” that’s probably what happened. She’s been immersed in her own dream and treating it as reality. She hasn’t woken up yet, so I think it’s you family who woke her up. Her situation is a bit like her soul leaving her body.

“Old Mister, do you know anyone who knows metaphysics? can you find a few?” Kang kun asked Gu Hesheng.

Gu Hesheng immediately understood, “you mean you want to give Rong Yan a Kasaya?

natsume nodded. “that’s right. it’s what people used to call ‘soul’.”

Those medical experts really couldn’t find a reasonable explanation for Rong Yan’s condition, so they couldn’t be blamed for being superstitious. It was just that there was no other way at the moment.

Gu Hesheng was a little surprised, because he really did not expect that Rong Yan would actually be in such a situation.

He had wanted to say,”you young people are more superstitious than me.”

However, when he thought of Rong Yan’s condition, he couldn’t say anything. His daughter was lying unconscious and the doctors were at a loss. Now that they had found a solution, it was better than doing nothing.

Gu Hesheng nodded his head. yes, I do. I know many people in this field. I’ll make a few calls and go find them.

Many of the old objects that Gu Hesheng had come into contact with were excavated from the ground, and things that had been sealed underground for hundreds or thousands of years would be a little uncomfortable to place them in the house rashly, and some of them might even lead to many strange things.

Therefore, some people took the objects to some people who were good at metaphysics to do a ritual to remove the bad luck and remove the dirty things on them.

Gu Hesheng naturally knew some of the great metaphysics Masters. Hence, he quickly made a call and found an old friend.

After the call, he said to Liancheng Yazhi, ” that old friend of mine. His legs are not convenient, so he’ll only be here in two hours..

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