Please Permit Me To Love You Forever - C.2082 - : Mommy will wake up soon

Please Permit Me To Love You Forever

C.2082 - : Mommy will wake up soon

Chapter 2082: Mommy will wake up soon

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However, MeowMeow was still young. Even if she felt that something was wrong, she could not tell what it was.

She only felt that she was very disappointed that her mother did not wake up to

kiss her and hug her She only wondered why her father did not look at her when he was talking to her today. He didn’t smile.

Rong nuo looked at

Meowmeowmeowmeowmeow hesitated for a moment before she leaned over the bed and kissed Rong Yan on the cheek. She then said in a low voice, ” “Mom, wake up quickly. Let’s go see little brother. He’s so cute, Yingluo.? After saying that, MeowMeow left With Rong nuo.

After they left, MeowMeOwIay in Rong nuO’S arms and asked, “auntie, mom will wake up soon, right?”

Rong nuo nodded, ?yes , mother will wake up soon , Yingluo.? Logically speaking, even if she was exhausted, she shouldn’t have slept for so long. Besides, the doctor said that there wasn’t much Of a problem With Rong Yan’s body, Which was really puzzling.

Rong nuo could only hope that Rong Yan would wake up today, so that everyone could be at ease.

However, this hope was gradually destroyed as time passed.

At three O ‘clock in the afternoon, Rong Yan still did not wake up.

The doctor was also a little scared and quickly performed various physical tests on Hong Yan. However, the symptoms were normal, but the indicators on her

brain-blood flow diagram were higher than ordinary people. She seemed to be doing high- intensity brain activities. Her heart rate showed signs Of accelerating and decreasing for a period of time, but it was overall balanced.

after all the tests, the doctor still couldn’t find the cause. the only reason was that rong yan was in a deep sleep. her body might not have recovered yet, so she couldn’t wake up for the time being.

Secretary Zhou arrived at the hospital at four in the afternoon.

Firstly, he couldn’t wait to see the little master of the Lian Cheng family, and secondly, he wanted to report the matter to Liancheng Yazhi.

However, after he arrived he realized that the situation was not good

Liancheng Yazhi ignored everyone, so how could he have the time and energy to deal With this matter?

Gu Hesheng had no choice but to tell Secretary Zhou, ” let’s put this matter aside for now. We’ll talk about it after Rong Yan wakes up. But don’t let the Suspect escape. Keep an eye on him first.

secretary Zhou sighed. when he saw liancheng yazhi’s appearance just now , he was really shocked.

Even after Rong Yan left that year, young master ya had never been so dejected Secretary Zhou felt a little sad to see Liancheng Yazhi.

“Alright, I understand, ? he nodded.

you can continue to look after the company. Ran ran will probably be fine after a while.

yes, don’t worry. There are no problems with the company’s operations.

Secretary Zhou didn’t stay for long. He left after seeing the nameless little guy. atmosphere in the hospital was too depressing. He didn’t dare to think about what would happen to their young master ya if the young Madam really fell asleep.

At the thought of this, Secretary Zhou quickly spat and smacked his head. I’m just making things up. Of course, nothing will happen to young Madam. I’d better hurry and prepare for the young master’s one -month birthday gift.

Gu Hesheng had been waiting in the hospital all the way until 8 pm. From last night until now, he had been in a very bad mood.

from joy to anxiety to worry at this moment, he felt as if he had gone through several layers of ice and fire.

I can only say that it’s fictional.. It’s a story about a reborn girl, just like what a girl said about reincarnating-the aftermath!

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