Please Permit Me To Love You Forever - C.2067 - : The second kid who was born at the right time

Please Permit Me To Love You Forever

C.2067 - : The second kid who was born at the right time

Chapter 2067: The second kid who was born at the right time

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Rong Yan’s voice was like the knife that cut him. Liancheng Yazhi kept turning outside the door, his face so pale that he looked like he was seriously ill. His clothes were already wet, and he dried them with his hands before getting wet again.

However, when it was past eleven o ‘clock in the evening, Rong Yan’s painful moans became clearer and clearer. However, it did not take long for her to gradually weaken as if she had no strength left.

Liancheng Yazhi never knew that time could be so long. It was simply grinding his tolerance.

Liancheng Yazhi was panicking. why is your voice so soft? did something happen? ”

The director looked at the Deputy Director and asked him to explain.

The Associate Hospital director was helpless. He said carefully, no, that’s normal. It’s definitely to save your wife’s energy. From the looks of it, it’s more or less happiness. Mr. Lian, don’t worry about Wanwan.

liancheng yazhi roared in anger, “hurry! hurry! hurry! hurry! hurry! how many times have you said it’s fast?!” But it still hasn’t recovered? if anything happens to my wife, none of you will have an easy time.”

Tang Zong smoothened his anger, “yes, yes, yes, brother-in-law is right. But big sis has always been a blessed person, she will definitely be fine, Zhenzhen.”

gu hesheng also wanted to comfort him, but he did not have the strength to do so, because he wanted to be comforted too.

The old man stood there and listened. It was really painful. His heart ached for his daughter and he was really afraid that something would happen to her.

Time seemed to pass very slowly at this time. It was a torment for everyone. Whether it was now or after the child was born, they would not be able to sleep tonight.

Seeing that it was almost past midnight and the child had not come out, Liancheng Yazhi could no longer hold back.

His face turned cold and fierce. He stood up suddenly and walked out of the room without saying a word.

Tang Zong used a lot of strength to get Liancheng Yazhi to sit down, but he stood up less than ten minutes after he sat down. It looked like he was going to rush into the delivery room. Tang Zong panicked and immediately ran over and hugged Liancheng Yazhi’s arm. “Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, wait a little longer, wait a little longer, it’ll be done very soon, Yingluo!”

Liancheng Yazhi looked at Tang Zong fiercely. “You let go of Yingluo!”

Tang Zong shivered. Liancheng Yazhi’s eyes looked like they were about to kill someone. He drooled. “Brother-in-law, this is a critical moment. Don’t take things too hard.”

Liancheng Yazhi gave him a few punches. “Let go of ran ran.”

If Tang Zong still didn’t let go, he would definitely punch him without a second word.

Tang Zong was on the verge of tears. Even if he were to be beaten up, he would not let go. He stuttered, “sis, brother-in-law, don’t be like this!”

A strong gust of wind blew past. Tang Zong screamed in pain and covered his eyes.

Liancheng Yazhi flung Tang Zong’s hand and was about to push the door open, but the people behind him did not dare to stop him.

Just as Liancheng Yazhi’s hand was on the door and was about to push it open, he suddenly heard a happy voice from inside. “It’s out, it’s out, Yingluo” Then, the baby’s loud cry was clearly transmitted into everyone’s ears.

The cry was like a ray of light that finally shone into the dark night, making everyone’s hearts relax instantly.

The hospital director patted his chest. Oh my God, he’s finally out. Young master ya doesn’t have to rush into the delivery room anymore.

The director looked at the time and couldn’t help but click his tongue. Damn, he’s still the son of the Liancheng family. He was born on time..

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