Please Permit Me To Love You Forever - C.2065 - : Ensure the safety of the mother and child

Please Permit Me To Love You Forever

C.2065 - : Ensure the safety of the mother and child

Chapter 2065: Ensure the safety of the mother and child

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“Alright, I’ll go out first. Call me if Xuxu is in pain,” he said to Rong Yan.

Rong Yan said, “yes, Zhenzhen.”

Liancheng Yazhi stood up and slowly let go of Rong Yan’s hand. He walked out of the delivery room, looking back three times with each step.

As he walked out of the door, he glanced at the doctor and nurses. The cold chill and warning in his eyes made people shiver.

don’t worry, Mr. Lian, ” the doctor said. we will ensure the safety of your wife and her child.

When Liancheng Yazhi finally walked out of the delivery room, Rong nuo finallv heaved a sigh of relief.

As for those doctors, they were afraid that Liancheng Yazhi would come in again and immediately closed the door of the delivery room.

The hospital director and the Deputy Director stood outside the delivery room to accompany Liancheng Yazhi.

The director hesitated for a while before saying to Liancheng Yazhi, ” “Mr. Lian, you don’t have to worry too much. Your wife and young master will be safe.”

liancheng yazhi kept walking back and forth, not having the time or the mood to listen to the director’s words.

Rong nuo ran to call home to inform her family. She was originally going to leave, but Liancheng Yazhi just happened to answer Secretary Zhou’s call.

Therefore, Rong nuo thought that she would accompany Rong Yan for a while longer and leave after her brother-in-law finished his call. She didn’t expect that Rong Yan would suddenly start.

It was so sudden that no one had time to prepare.

In any case, she was definitely not going to leave tonight.

Rong nuo was very nervous. As soon as the call went through, she immediately said, Butler, quickly tell the old master that my sister is about to give birth. Yingluo, quickly get the kitchen to make some ginseng chicken soup or something. It needs to be very nourishing anyway, so quickly send it over. My sister has just started, and it will take a few hours. She needs to eat something to have more strength later.

also, get me a change of clothes and something to wash up. Be quick. After the Butler heard this, he quickly said,”oh oh oh, Okay, okay, right away, right away.”

After hanging up the phone, the Butler was excited and ran to Gu Hesheng, old master, old master, young Madam is about to give birth. Ran ran is being pushed into the delivery room.

Gu Hesheng was stunned for a moment, and the magnifying glass in his hand fell to the ground with a “pa” sound, which woke him up.

He quickly exploded. Aiyo, what should I do now, Yingying? I should go to the hospital quickly. I should go to the hospital to take a walk. please wait a moment. The kitchen is boiling some chicken soup for young Madam. You’ll have to bring it over to young Madam later.

“Okay, okay, hurry up, Yingluo.”

The kitchen had been cooking all kinds of soup for Rong Yan, simmering it with a very small fire. Now that she was going to use it, she only needed to increase the fire and cook it for a while.

After twenty minutes, Gu Hesheng changed into a very festive Tang suit and was about to go out with chicken soup.

Before they got into the car, Tang Zong ran over.

“What are you doing here? you stay here and look after the house,” Gu Hesheng said.

“In this situation, how can I not go?” Tang Zong bent down and got into the car.

I’ll definitely go with you.”

“Old man Gu, don’t you want to see your grandson? stop dawdling.”

Gu Hesheng thought for a moment and agreed. Whatever, rushing to the hospital was the most important thing.

When the two of them arrived at the hospital, they happened to see Liancheng Yazhi grabbing the director’s collar with a murderous look, his eyes fierce. Gu Hesheng quickly walked over, “what’s wrong? this is Qianqian?” rong nuo glared at tang zong, who had followed behind, and said, it’s nothing. Just now, the director told brother-in-law that it’s nine in the evening. By the time Hanhan gets out, it’ll probably be past midnight. Then, brother-in-law

got angry..

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