Please Permit Me To Love You Forever - C.2062 - : The child is about to be born

Please Permit Me To Love You Forever

C.2062 - : The child is about to be born

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Liancheng Yazhi stood outside the door and glanced at Rong Yan, who was talking to Rong nuo, before taking a few steps out. “Have you found out who gave him the money?”

Secretary Zhou took out a piece of information that had just been faxed over and said, “That person said that the person who gave him the money transferred the money to him through a bank. When the job was done, the person gave him 2000 Yuan, and another 3000 Yuan after the job was done. When he contacted him, he only sent him a text message. I’ve checked the text message number, and it was a mobile phone that was stolen a few thousand years ago. This person is quite capable, but the money was transferred through an ATM machine. I’ve checked the account number, and the owner’s name is Deng meile. I’m still looking into the person’s specific information.”

liancheng yazhi frowned. this person had some tricks up his sleeve. he actually used a stolen phone to send messages, and his anti-detection awareness was quite good.

Hmph, the deeper it was hidden, the more he wanted to dig it out.

Secretary Zhou suddenly said, “Oh, young master ya, that person’s information is out. Let me take a look, Yingluo.”

He suddenly exclaimed, “oh my, young master ya, this person seems to have been in the same school as you. When you were in high school, she was in junior high. I think she even wrote you a love letter. Oh, oh, oh, her recent activities … What’s wrong?

Liancheng Yazhi’s eyebrows twitched fiercely. Why did another f * cking junior come?

A few days ago, he had been troubled by a random junior, and now there was another one. Was she not planning to let him live?

“What’s the matter?” asked Liancheng Yazhi.

“young master ya, she was in the same hospital as the young madam a few days ago. she was just transferred to another hospital,” secretary Zhou quickly replied.

after secretary Zhou said this, liancheng yazhi immediately confirmed that this deng meile was the ‘junior’ who had appeared a few days ago, the woman who had made rong yan jealous.

A strong murderous intent flashed in Liancheng Yazhi’s eyes. If that woman had liked him before, then it made complete sense that she wanted to deal with Rong Yan. Liancheng Yazhi wanted to kill that woman right now.

However, he quickly calmed down. Since that person knew how to use someone else’s stolen phone to send messages, it meant that she was not stupid. She knew that once they found out, they would be able to track her location through the phone.

then she must have understood that bank transfer was also possible.

there could only be two situations for this. one was that he was trying to cover up and was doinz this on purpose.

Second, Deng meile was also a cannon fodder that had been pushed out.

Regardless of the situation, Deng meile had to be controlled for the time being. Liancheng Yazhi said to Secretary Zhou, ” I know. Go and find that woman and arrest her immediately. You go and ask her yourself. You have to pry her mouth open. If she’s the one who did it, Yingluo …

Just as Liancheng Yazhi was about to say something harsh, Xia nuo suddenly shouted, ” “Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, come in quickly! Brother-in-law, come in!”

When Liancheng Yazhi heard Rong nuo’s flustered voice, he did not bother to talk to Secretary Zhou and quickly entered the room. “What’s wrong?”

Inside the room, Wen nuo was holding Rong Yan in a panic. Liancheng Yazhi rushed over and let her lean into his arms.

Rong Yan revealed a pained expression and said, ” ahem, ahem, ahem, ahem, my stomach hurts a little. Maybe I said it when I stood up just now. I’m fine, ahem.

At first, Rong Yan thought it was just a miscarriage, but after a while, the pain became more and more intense, and she couldn’t help but realize a serious thing-the child was coming out.

Hahaha, finally, it’s time to cover the sky.. The second kid’s birthday is the first of October!

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