Perfect Pampered Marriage: Good Morning, Hubby - C.649: We’re Married


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A few years later, a world-renowned oil painting shocked the world.

At a charity auction, someone bought this painting at a sky-high price, causing the value of this painting to rise to a shocking level.

Han Jinchu also became famous by virtue of this painting. Later, Han Jinchu held a solo exhibition, and countless people came to admire it.

Of course, this included Han Jinchu’s old friends.

At the art exhibition, many people saw an extremely familiar scene.

“Heavens, am I seeing things? I’m inside!”Yang Ying was overjoyed.” When did

Jinchu draw this painting?!” It’s even more real than real…”

It was as if the scene from back then was right before his eyes.

“There’s actually me and me!” Bai Liuli was also very happy.

The painting depicted the scene when she was exposed as a rich girl. Half of it was an angel in the dark and the other half was a demon in the light.

Angels always appeared in the night, and the brilliance on the surface might hide a demon.

Stripping off the angel’s coat and the devil’s mask, the most real her was inside…

There was also a picture of many people gathered in a tent and chatting. The tent was only a corner of the picture.

In the snow outside the tent stood a young man with his hands in the pockets of his coat. He was wearing a thick scarf as if he was waiting for someone to arrive.

The girl with long hair draped over her shoulders only had a thin back view. She was wearing a red coat, and it complemented the snow-white scenery. It was just a back view, but it was the most difficult scenery to ignore in the entire painting.

Han Jinchu walked towards the painting and MO Yichen followed suit.

The two of them stopped in front of the painting.

Why was there only a red back?

He wouldn’t ask because he knew that she would definitely answer. He had told her before that her long hair was only for him to see… She was the only one left with the most beautiful appearance…

Why were his hands in his pockets?

Because he didn’t want anyone to see the gift he gave her…

Those who were observant would notice that in the following scenes, the girl always wore an aqua blue bracelet on her wrist.

She had fulfilled her promise of seven years!

After seven years, the originally childish girl had become even more slender and elegant. Her fair skin was as translucent as crystal. At this moment, she was wearing a long red dress, and her beauty was beyond compare.

He hung the necklace that she had left with him when she was young on his index finger and showed it to her. “So, you’re here to redeem it?”


I’ll use a Han Jinchu that’s compatible with you to exchange for the necklace that I left with you back then.

Thank you, Xia Yichen. Because of you, I am who I am today!

“The two of you are still dilly-dallying at this time…” Tan Guo ‘er pushed Han Jinchu towards MO Yichen.

Her long dress swayed slightly, and her body leaned forward involuntarily as he held her firmly in his arms.

“Brother, it’s time to treat us to wedding candies!”Mo Lemon smiled evilly.

MO Yichen and Han Jinchu blushed slightly.

“Daddy and Mommy have already started preparing for your wedding. Jinchu, congratulations on fulfilling your promise. They completely approve of your marriage with my brother.”

At this moment, MO Yichen and Han Jinchu finally understood the painstaking efforts of MO Nianchen and Li Shengxia. If it were not for this seven-year promise, they might have been separated by many things.

She thanked them for giving the once small Han Jinchu a chance to grow up.

Because only in this way, her and MO Yichen’s love would last longer.

She was no longer a girl who stood humbly by his side and would be laughed at by others for overestimating herself…

The wedding was held in Country Z and City Y. The grand occasion of the wedding was reported by the whole world.

“Look, look, that’s the young master of the Emperor Inheritance Group, MO

Yichen! He’s getting married today!”

“Oh my god, my dream of being rich is shattered just like that!”

“The bride is the famous painter Han Jinchu.”

“Han Jinchu? Could it be that Han Jinchu who had taken the world-famous painter, Master Fan Xing, as his master?”

“Yes, it’s the woman!”

“Kill me, she looks so powerful! At the age of fifteen, she was chosen by Master

Fan Xing and accepted as his disciple.” “There are even more frustrating things.”

“What’s wrong?”

“She and Young Master Yi Chen met when they were four and were engaged when they were fifteen. Twenty-two years old, their most beautiful age, and they actually got married without thinking!”

‘I !!! Is this even worth living for?!”

“It’s like a fairy tale!”

“So, your first love and your marriage partner are actually the same person?” “It feels like a scene that only appears in television dramas.”

There were so many regrets in reality, but they had perfected it to the extreme.

‘ But, she’s really perfect. There’s nothing to nitpick about. If it were her, it would be acceptable for her to marry Young Master Yi Chen…”

On the television screen…

The emcee held the microphone and said, “”Groom, you may now kiss the bride…

A kiss was a sign of love.

The entire city’s screens were filled with the scene of him and her kissing.

Finally, he could openly announce to the world that she was his one and only, and he was her true love.

Seventeen years is a long time, but because the person I’m waiting for is you, the waiting moments have become the most precious memories…

Below the stage, MO Nianchen and Li Shengxia clasped their fingers together when they saw that MO Yichen and Han Jinchu were finally together.

The little child from back then had now grown up, but some love grew stronger with time.

Li Shengxia remembered that Han Jinchu had looked for her before the wedding.

The girl looked noble and arrogant. She bowed deeply to her and said, ‘Thank you for setting a seven-year promise between Yi Chen and me. Although I didn’t understand it back then, I finally understand your painstaking efforts back then. Actually, you never thought about opposing Yi Chen and me. You just wanted us to last longer.’

Li Shengxia smiled lightly. This girl was smart. She was indeed the girl that Yi Chen liked.

In fact, a person’s birth was not important. What was important was whether she could not lose herself in adversity. Even if she was favored by the prince, she would still remember that she was Cinderella.

Cinderella could marry the prince, but the reality was that Cinderella had to work hard to become Snow White in order to be with the prince forever.

She was not complacent because of the prince’s favor, but she was trying her best to be called a princess worthy of him.

Such a girl was destined to have true happiness.

It was a busy day.

MO Yichen and Han Jinchu could finally be quiet for a while.

On the huge bed, he and she were lying on their sides, looking at each other’s cheeks and their fingers interlocked.

“Xia Yichen.”


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