Perfect Pampered Marriage: Good Morning, Hubby - C.633: Have You Thought About How To Explain This To Your Parents?

Perfect Pampered Marriage: Good Morning, Hubby

C.633: Have You Thought About How To Explain This To Your Parents?

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“Why don’t you go and persuade them?” MO Lemon said,” After all, you were the one who suggested it. Your words will be the most effective.”

“Okay, I’ll go.”

Tan Guo ‘er saw that they were going to run another round and quickly went forward to stop them.

“Enough! You don’t have to run anymore. I understand your intentions. Let’s stop here!”

To MO Yichen and Han Jinchu, who had run countless laps, this sentence was like a special pardon.

“Jinchu, did you hear that? It’s done.” MO Yichen knew that Han Jinchu had been struggling since the third lap, but he still managed to make it to the eighth lap. He quickly pulled her back.

Han Jinchu shook his head. He had to do what he had promised! I said ten laps means ten laps. I can’t give a discount just because I’m forgiven.”

She liked MO Yichen’s determination and would never give up halfway for anything. She wanted Guo ‘er to see her determination.

“It’s raining. Stop running.” MO Lemon said.

“All of you go and hide from the rain first. I’ll finish running two more laps.”Han Jinchu continued running after he finished speaking.

MO Yichen called her,” Han Jinchu!”

However, she did not stop, so he chased after her again.

“What is Jinchu doing? I already said I forgive her.”Mo Lemon became anxious.

Tan Guo ‘er became speechless.

She ran slower and slower, and it was obvious that she was exhausted.

Why are you still so insistent?

Was it because she said she would run ten laps to prove her feelings for MO Yichen?

A person’s heart would not be broken because of anything.

Tonight, this stubborn figure that stubbornly ran down the long street suddenly made Tan Guo ‘er understand something.

Her heart was touched and shocked.

What a tenacious girl.

Who could hate Han Jinchu like this?

In the beginning, she really just wanted to play a little prank, but unexpectedly, in the end, Tan Guo ‘er learned the spirit of perseverance.

And, it was the last lap.

Tan Guo ‘er suddenly followed.

“Guo ‘er? What are you doing?” Han Jinchu asked weakly when he saw Tan Guo ‘er run to his side.

Tan Guo ‘er said,” Didn’t you insist on finishing the race? Since you refuse to stop, I have no choice but to follow. Who asked me to come up with this stupid idea?”

“Guo ‘er…” Han Jinchu looked at her in surprise.

She knew that Guo ‘er had truly forgiven her, so she was very touched and grateful.

However, before Han Jinchu could say thank you, Tan Guo ‘er spoke first.” It’s the last lap. Don’t fall so easily.”

If she had known that ten laps would take so long, she would have suggested five laDS.

Tan Guo ‘er said as she ran to the front.

“It won’t!” Han Jinchu smiled lightly and followed. It seemed that the long journey just now was not that difficult to endure now.

“Me too.” MO Lemon also followed and glanced at MO Yichen,””However, running is my forte. Brother, don’t run last.”

“Tsk.” MO Yichen sent a single note in amusement. He caught up with Han Jinchu and stuffed an earpiece into her ear…

Song came from the earpiece.

” The white clouds are kites flying in the blue sky. Youth is us running on the field. We don’t have to worry about getting hurt. We have to bravely charge towards our dreams…

The corners of Han Jinchu’s lips curled up slightly. Even though he was exhausted, he felt that the finish line was no longer so far away.

The four of them didn’t speak anymore. They ran in silence. Everyone seemed to be trying hard to adjust their thoughts.

No one knew what the future held, but at this moment, they knew that their hearts were warm.

There was no need to explain further.

After ten laps, Han Jinchu collapsed from exhaustion. Fortunately, MO Yichen and MO Lemon each held onto her.

Fortunately, the rain did not get heavier in the end. There was still only a little drizzle, and it did not even wet the few of them.

“Are you alright?” MO Yichen quickly asked Han Jinchu.”

“I’m fine.” Han Jinchu said with a pale face.

“You only know how to act tough.” MO Yichen said as he lifted her up.

” Xia Yichen, let me go. You’ve run many laps too…”

“I’m a genius. Running is nothing to me.”Mo Yichen said,”You, on the other hand, shut up.””

“..”Han Jinchu’s face turned red.

Tan Guo ‘er and MO Lemon looked at each other and winked knowingly.

“Aiya, I really envy you guys. Just running ten laps and ten miles of Hongzhuang and you’ve made such great progress. “Mo Lemon said deliberately.

“Lemon!” MO Yichen glared at her.

Han Jinchu was so shy. She was trying to embarrass her by saying such words.

“However, there are more serious things waiting for you now.”Tan Guo ‘er said to MO Yichen, “Have you thought about how to explain this to your parents?’”‘ MO Yichen’s back suddenly stiffened,” I will handle my own matters.””he said.

Tan Guo ‘er shrugged.” It better be so. I wish you success.”

MO Lemon pulled Tan ‘er back.” You really didn’t give him any time to catch his breath. ”

“Who asked him to run ten laps without feeling tired at all! I’ve only run one lap and my bones are about to fall apart.”Tan Guo ‘er said.

MO Lemon covered her lips in amusement.” You really hold a grudge.”” “Of course!” Tan Guo ‘er laughed as she spoke.

It would depend on how Uncle and Auntie would make things difficult for them. However, Jinchu was really exhausted. It was better to resolve this matter tomorrow morning.

“What do you think will happen if your daddy and mommy wake up and find

Jinchu coming out of your brother’s room?” “Don’t! They are still underage!”

“Just let Yi Chen sleep in the guest room.”

“Ha, that’s true. That’s a good suggestion. I’m looking forward to Daddy and

Mommy’s expressions.”

” “Haha, when the time comes, just pretend that you don’t know anything.”

“Just as I thought.”


The two of them secretly high-fived.

MO Lemon walked to MO Yichen’s side first,” Brother, it’s too late now. Why don’t we let Jinchu stay at our house first?””

“Ah?” “This won’t do, I have to go back…” Han Jinchu quickly said.

“The sky is really dark, and I’m so tired.”

“Yeah, I’m tired too. You can’t be so selfish and only think about yourself, right?”Tan Guo ‘er said.

“..”She was speechless.

MO Yichen looked at Han Jinchu. If she went back like this, her family would be worried too, so he said, ‘”‘1’11 call your family.”


“Get in the car!” MO Yichen placed Han Jinchu in the car and dialed the Han family’s number. He said a few words to the other side of the phone before hanging up.

“Who answered the phone?”

“Your stepmother.” MO Yichen said.

“What did she say?”

She seems to be very happy that you’re not coming home tonight…” MO Yichen said, and he was looking forward to you coming home often.”

“..”She should just find a hole and bury herself..

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