Perfect Pampered Marriage: Good Morning, Hubby - C.624 - : Don ‘t You Want Me to Give Him an An autograph?

Perfect Pampered Marriage: Good Morning, Hubby

C.624 - : Don ‘t You Want Me to Give Him an An autograph?

Chapter 624: Don ‘t You Want Me to Give Him an An autograph?

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Han Jinchu never dreamed that the MO Family would be so big and scary. Furthermore, there were servants all around.

They lined up neatly on both sides of the hall. When they saw MO Yichen return, they began to greet him respectfully,” Little Young Master, you’re back.”

“Yes.” MO Yichen replied indifferently.

Qi Qi said,” Young Master, please bring your friends inside. Young Miss has been waiting for a long time. The Crown Prince and the Crown Princess have already gotten off the plane. They will be back soon.””

“Yes, I know.” MO Yichen said,” Sister Qiqi, if there’s nothing else, you can go down with the others. My friend might not be used to it.”

He could feel that Han Jinchu had been acting unnatural since she came in.

Qiqi immediately glanced at Han Jinchu. Aiyo, this girl looked as pretty as a crystal doll. Did Little Young Master bring her back to let the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess get to know each other? Their young master really had good taste!

She immediately retreated with the other servants.” Young Master, Miss, if there’s anything you need, just tell me.””

“Her surname is Han.” MO Yichen introduced.

“Miss Han.” Qiqi greeted Han Jinchu.

MO Yichen introduced her to Han Chu, “She is my sister Qiqi. She has been working in our family since I was very young.” If you have any questions, you can ask her.”

“Hello, Sister Qiqi.” Han Jinchu quickly responded.”

“Alright, alright.” Children nowadays were all sweet talkers. Qi Qi happily stepped aside.

MO Yichen then brought Han Jinchu inside.

“Brother, you’re finally back.” MO Lemon heard footsteps and quickly turned around. Before she could finish her sentence, she saw MO Yichen and Han Jinchu enter. Thus, she immediately set her eyes on Han Jinchu.

Then, he said,”This…” Ah, Jinchu? Oh my god, you’re so beautiful!”

Han Jinchu blushed in embarrassment.

Then, MO Lemon winked at MO Yichen slyly,” Brother, what are you doing? Everyone knew what Sima Zhao was thinking.

MO Yichen said to MO Lemon, “Didn’t you ask me to pick Jinchu up? She said she wanted to introduce her friend to Mom and Dad.”

“Me?” MO Lemon paused for a moment and immediately understood.” Yes!

That’s right! I was going to introduce Jinchu to them.”

As she spoke, she looked at MO Yichen,”How many strawberry egg tarts do you owe me this time?” [MO Yichen: You have the final say.]

“That’s more like it.”

MO Lemon walked to Han Jinchu’s side in satisfaction and hooked her hand.””Jinchu, I’ll bring you around first. You haven’t been to my house yet, right? Familiarize yourself with the environment first.

Familiar with the environment? Err…

Although this sentence sounded a little strange, Han Jinchu would not reject it. In fact, she was also very curious about the place where MO Yichen grew up.

“Yes.” Han Jinchu nodded.

“Don’t go too far.” “Dad and Mom will be back soon.””

“I know, I know!” As MO Lemon spoke, she happily held Han Jinchu’s hand.” Jinchu, come, I’ll bring you to see my brother’s childhood photos.”

Han Jinchu glanced at Ink Yichen and then left with MO Lemon.

MO Yichen placed Han Jinchu’s cross-stitch in his room.

On the other side…

MO Lemon showed Han Jinchu a photo of MO Yichen when he was young.

Han Jinchu was entranced.

MO Lemon asked her unintentionally,” Jinchu, my brother wrote you many letters in the past. Why didn’t you reply?”

“What is it? He wrote to me?” Han Jinchu looked at MO Lemon in surprise, as if he couldn’t believe that MO Yichen had written her a letter. He quickly continued, ‘”‘Not long after you left, my family moved, so I didn’t receive any letters from him.”

“I see!” MO Lemon paused and continued,”But after my brother came back, he seemed to have been waiting for someone’s call. Could that person be you?”

“Me? I don’t know. He did give me his number, but after he left that day, I realized that the number was blurred.”When Han Jinchu thought about this, he was still a little upset. It was because she did not Number Privacy Protection well at that time that she missed out on ten years of his life.

MO Lemon was pleasantly surprised.” So, have you thought of calling him?” “Yes.” Han Jinchu nodded.

“It’s actually like this! My brother will be very happy if he knows.”Mo Lemon said with a smile.

Han Jinchu raised his head and looked at MO Lemon strangely. He did not hear her clearly for a moment.”What?”

“It’s nothing.” MO Lemon smiled and shook her head.

Her brother had never made it clear to her, probably because all the letters he had written to her had been thrown into the sea. He had given her his number, but she had never contacted him, so he was afraid that she would not accept him.

If he knew that there was a misunderstanding between them…

It might just happen soon!

MO Lemon paused and asked Han Jinchu,”Then, are you dating any boys? You’ve been very famous in school recently. There must be a lot of boys chasing after you.”

“..?”Han Jinchu asked curiously.

Was she very famous?

Han Jinchu still didn’t know that because of Bai Liuli’s incident, her, Bai Liuli, and Yang Ying’s popularity had skyrocketed. Countless boys were chasing after them.

However, because Yi Chen and Han Jinchu were very close, no boy dared to approach her.

But then again, there seemed to be a boy who had been hitting on her recently. He had handed her a very beautiful envelope and even told her that he admired her.

Han Jinchu told MO Lemon about this.

MO Lemon immediately asked Han Jinchu,”And then?””

“And then?” “So I gave him an autograph,” Han Jinchu said lightly.” . You, what did you say?” MO Lemon suspected that she had heard wrongly.

Wasn’t the boy handing her a love letter??

“He said he admired me and then gave me such a beautiful envelope. Didn’t he want me to sign it for him?”Han Jinchu asked curiously.

“Ha, haha, that’s true.” The corners of MO Lemon’s mouth twitched as she laughed, and she brushed off the topic.

Han Jinchu’s expression was so serious. He did not look like he was joking.

Did she meet someone with a lower EQthan her daddy?

No wonder her brother had not succeeded for so long.

Should she send a message to her brother? Wouldn’t it be better to exchange a secret for more strawberry tarts?

MO Lemon’s smile became even brighter at the thought of this.

At the same time, Han Jinchu was looking down at MO Yichen’s childhood photos.

In fact, she had never forgotten how dazzling and warm the five-year-old MO Yichen was.

He had changed a lot in the past ten years, but he would never change in her heart.

The first touch, the first warmth.

He flipped through the photo album page by page.

He was five years old.

Then, it was his six-year-old self.

He was seven years old.

He was eight years old.

He was fourteen years old.

He was fifteen years old.

She looked at these photos as if she had walked through his life. The things that she had missed, the things that she did not know, the things that she did not know about him, were all presented before her eyes at this moment.

Yi Chen.

Xia Yichen.

It was bright and warm.

The light shone brightly..

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