Perfect Pampered Marriage: Good Morning, Hubby - C.621 - : Time Will Give You What You Want

Perfect Pampered Marriage: Good Morning, Hubby

C.621 - : Time Will Give You What You Want

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Hearing Yang Ying’s words, Bai Liuli couldn’t help but glance at her and said mockingly,” A high and mighty young lady like you naturally wouldn’t know how hard others have to work to look like you. But even the simplest thing has to be paid a price you can’t imagine.”

“So you’re not the daughter of a rich family, but you’re pretending to be?”Han Jinchu finally said.

Bai Liuli looked at Han Jinchu coldly.” Yes, so what? Do you want to tell others about me? Tell me, I don’t care!”

Although she said that, her body was trembling.

Han Jinchu was speechless. You should just live your life like a person. Do you think you’re noble by stepping on your pride and doing things you don’t want to do? What you get is just a false appearance. If you really want to live a happy life, then be yourself!!”

“Be yourself? Hehe, like you?” Bai Liuli sneered.” Don’t you feel embarrassed? He was the only pauper among so many rich people, providing them with food and entertainment!”

“At least, I’m not as tired as you. I have to hide myself even in my dreams and wear a mask all day long. Fifteen years old was the age to dream, not to act. You’re so good at singing and dancing. Why don’t you use your talents? When the time comes, I’ll give you all the time you want!”

Bai Liuli was shocked.

“Forget it, Jinchu. Don’t talk nonsense with people like her. She won’t listen.” Yang Ying pulled Han Jinchu back.” Let’s go.”

Han Jinchu’s words echoed in Bai Liuli’s mind.

The sound of their footsteps rang in her ears.

Suddenly, Bai Liuli squatted down and started sobbing, followed by loud sobs.

“I know! I know this life is wrong. I know that this is not happy at all. I know that although my parents are mean, they only want me to give up on the wrong things.”

Han Jinchu and Yang Ying stopped in their tracks.

Bai Liuli continued to cry.

“No one knows how tired I am. I spent several months of my salary on this bag.

If someone wants it, I’ll pretend to be generous and give it to her.”

“But do I feel pain? That’s what I earned with my hard work! But in order to integrate into a group that doesn’t belong to me, I can’t show shabbiness. That way, I’ll have no friends and be isolated.”

“I want to get rid of this kind of life. I want to get rid of poverty. In order to become the best girl in the eyes of others, I became the worst girl. All of this is because I was born into a poor family. Those people who were born into nobility could easily obtain things, but I needed to put in a lot of effort to obtain them.

“I’m not some rich young lady. The brands I wear depend on myself to earn money. I package myself and make myself look hypocritical. If I want to integrate into Imperial High, I want to find a rich young master to marry and get rid of the current situation. I’ve been working hard, haven’t I?”

“But Han Jinchu, ever since you appeared, everything has changed. How can you accept the fact that you’re poor and have the courage to mix with so many rich people? How can you not care about other people’s mockery and insist on being yourself? You make me feel so embarrassed, so pathetic, so hypocritical.”

“What’s even more ridiculous is that so many people like you.”

“How can I…How could I be willing to lose to you like this!”

‘ Laughable??” Yang Ying suddenly interrupted Bai Liuli.” The real Han Jinchu is cuter than anyone else, so isn’t it natural that so many people like him?!”

Bai Liuli’s face was pale and she couldn’t speak for a long time.

Yes, she admitted it.

She admitted it.

Actually, she had wanted to be friends with Han Jinchu from the start. She did not mean to badmouth her in front of others.

It was only because she could not be as honest as her that she was jealous of her bravery.

Han Jinchu saw Bai Liuli stunned. After some thought, she walked up to her and said,””Be yourself. So what if he took off his fake coat and was poor? We can’t choose our origins, but at least we can choose our lives. Living a noble life was truly noble.”

To do what he wanted to do, to be who he wanted to be, to walk the path he wanted to walk, to dream the dreams he wanted to dream, wasn’t that better than now?

Her eyes were so bright, as if she was saying something ordinary.

The things that Bai Liuli struggled to resolve didn’t seem important to her at all. They didn’t even affect her at all.

Actually, she was so envious of Han Jinchu..

Because she could live proudly…

Bai Liuli looked at Han Jinchu and finally gained courage.

She decided to do what she wanted to do and live the life she wanted.

Yes, this way, what’s not good about it??

“Han Jinchu, thank you. I know what to do.” Bai Liuli said to Han Jinchu.

Han Jinchu nodded at her and watched Bai Liuli leave.

Yang Ying stood beside Han Jinchu and looked at Bai Liuli’s back before going shopping with Han Jinchu.

On the other side.

When Bai Liuli returned home, she realized that her parents weren’t asleep yet. Although she didn’t know what method they were using to make her return to reality, she thought that they were actually working hard.

Her parents were shocked when she came back so early for the first time. What was even more surprising was that Bai Liuli actually took the initiative to greet them.

“Dad, Mom, I’m back.”

As she spoke, she left the two shocked people behind and went to her room.

She had washed off her heavy makeup and changed out of the branded items that weighed her down. As long as she threw them away, she would be able to relax a lot.

No matter what other people thought, it was good to be yourself.

She lived for herself, not for others.

The next day.

His mother couldn’t help but ask Bai Liuli,””Liuli, are you going to school wearing this

“Yes.” She responded indifferently.

“Aren’t you worried that your classmates will criticize you?””

“That’s their business. I’m going to school.” After saying that, Bai Liuli carried her schoolbag and left the house.

Her parents didn’t expect Bai Liuli to wear ordinary clothes to school. They were both shocked and happy. Their daughter seemed to have grown up in an instant.

“Oh my god, I’m not dreaming, right? Liuli seems to have changed into a different person today. “his mother said.

‘ She’s finally willing to face her true self.” His father breathed a sigh of relief.” No matter what, it’s great.”

“Yeah, I used to watch him play a role that didn’t suit her every day, trying hard to squeeze into a world that didn’t belong to her. I was really worried for her.” “If only it could be like this forever. After all, he just wanted to make her happy.”

“I will, I definitely will!”

They believed that the real Bai Liuli could live a happier life..

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