Perfect Pampered Marriage: Good Morning, Hubby - C.619 - : I’m Asking You to Stop Acting!

Perfect Pampered Marriage: Good Morning, Hubby

C.619 - : I’m Asking You to Stop Acting!


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Han Jinchu passed by them and heard what Bai Liuli said. Her face turned pale.

Bai Liuli seemed to have misunderstood…

However, it was understandable for her to be angry.

However, feelings could not be forced. Initially, she did not expect MO Yichen to do that…

She really didn’t mean to hurt Bai Liuli.

“She even pretended to be so pitiful, as if I owed her money. No wonder no one likes such a poor girl. Everyone is isolating her. I was wondering why everyone hated her so much before, but now I finally understand…” Bai Liuli spoke to Cheng Anna and the others, not avoiding Han Jinchu at all…

At this moment, Yang Ying finally couldn’t stand it anymore and poured a cup of soy milk on Bai Liuli’s head.

” What are you doing?!” Bai Liuli jumped in fright and glared at Yang Ying.

The other girls were also stunned.

“Are you awake now?” Yang Ying asked coldly. I’m asking you to stop acting.

You won’t die if you don’t!”

Yang Ying, are you crazy?!” Cheng Anna also berated Yang Ying.

Yang Ying continued,” Previously, you guys said that Han Jinchu wanted to become a phoenix. Now, I understand. You guys are the sour grapes.” If you don’t have the ability, then improve yourself. Don’t always blame others for being luckier than you!”

Cheng Anna and the others were speechless.

“Bai Liuli, right?” Yang Ying looked at Bai Liuli. Don’t take advantage of Han Jinchu’s innocent personality anymore. Fake friendship would only make people feel disgusted!”

Bai Liuli was shocked, allowing the soy milk on her head to drip down.

Yang Ying actually helped her?

Han Jinchu’s eyes were filled with disbelief. Then, she felt a hand grab her wrist and pull her away from the scene.

After a long time, Yang Ying finally let go of Han Jinchu’s hand in a relatively quiet place.

“Yang Ying…” Han Jinchu seemed to have yet to recover from the scene just now.

“I’m sorry, Han Jinchu.” Yang Ying said,” I wanted to apologize to you many times before. I misunderstood you back then. I’m really sorry. I listened to Cheng Anna and the others casually and distanced myself from you. However, too many things have happened during this period of time. I understand that you’re not the kind of person they say you are.” “Yang Ying…” Han Jinchu’s eyes sparkled.

“Will you forgive me?” Yang Ying said.

“Yes!” Han Jinchu nodded vigorously.” You’ve helped me many times in the past. Thank you, Yang Ying. You chose to stand on my side when so many people didn’t believe me.”

Yang Ying hugged Han Jinchu and could no longer speak. She was really sorry for him.

Why didn’t she believe in herself back then? Why did she believe what others said about her? Why did that determine what kind of person she was?

Actually, she had seen very clearly during this period of time that Han Jinchu was a very good girl…

The two girls finally let bygones be bygones.

On the other side…

Bai Liuli was in a daze the entire day.

When she returned to the Bai family, everyone ignored her.

His mother was mean.” I thought you could really hook up with a rich second-generation heir after you went to Imperial High. In the end, you only know how to fool around all day.”

“At most, she’ll be played by others. It’s impossible for her to marry into a rich family. He really didn’t understand who was like this. They only knew how to dream unrealistic dreams. “His father sneered.

“How much money do you spend on dressing up every day?”

“Wretched girl, stop being stupid. Do you know how others are laughing at you behind your back??”his father said.

Bai Liuli bit her lip and couldn’t help but say,” I spent all the money I earned myself. I can spend my own money however I want!”

“Wretched girl, what did you say? Say it again if you have the guts!”

Bai Liuli slammed the door and left.

That’s right, this was the real life of Bai Liuli, who pretended to be a rich girl in school.

She was not a rich girl at all. Her life was not much better than Han Jinchu’s, but she was very jealous of Han Jinchu.

This was because Han Jinchu had never thought of hiding the fact that he was a poor girl on his first day in God High School.

As for himself, he was going along with other people’s lives and trying his best to play a role.

Clearly, she had to earn the money to treat her classmates to food, but she pretended not to care about it at all.

She had to spend a lot of time to get something that was worthless in the eyes of her classmates, but she still pretended to be disdainful.

For example, she spent two months of her salary to buy a lipstick and pretended that it was very cheap, so a classmate asked her to give it to her. For the sake of vanity, she had no choice but to give it away.

It was really hard for her to pretend that she didn’t care even though her heart was aching so much.

So she always wanted to get rid of this kind of life as soon as possible. The fastest way for her to truly treat these things as if they did not matter was to date a rich second -generation heir.

The influential figure of Imperial High, MO Yichen, had actually taken a fancy to Han Jinchu!

Bai Liuli seemed to have seen the hope of life.

MO Yichen didn’t mind Han Jinchu’s background, so Bai Liuli had the courage to get close to MO Yichen.

However, she was ruthlessly rejected.

Rather than saying that she was sad that she was rejected, she was more jealous that Han Jinchu was luckier than her.

Yes, he was so lucky.

Bai Liuli took off her school uniform and took out a makeup mirror to dress up her face.

Her charming face was reflected in the mirror.

This face had once driven many people crazy, but she could not find the shore of life. She had long been tired of drifting like this, but no one could become her harbor.

At the bar.

Bai Liuli usually sang in this bar. Sometimes, she would dance with the customers and even drink with them, just to get a little more tips so that she could pretend to be a rich girl during the day.

Today, she sang a few songs and was in a bad mood. When a customer asked her to dance, she rejected him. She drank a cocktail alone at the bar. Immediately after, a hooligan stopped beside her and sat down beside her. It was the man who had been rejected when he asked her to dance.

“Bar singer, what did I say last time? I can play with you as long as I pay you, right? How about a thousand dollars for a kiss?”

Bai Liuli looked at the man sitting next to her, and an inexplicable sense of humiliation came from the bottom of her heart.

During the day, she could live a noble life, but at night, she had to live a humble life.

However, she would not allow herself to really fall. She was a woman who was going to marry into a rich family.

“I’m just selling my skills.” Bai Liuli said.

“What’s wrong? There were still people who didn’t want money? Or do you think it’s too little?”

“Sir, I’m really sorry. This is not within my scope of work.”

“What is your scope of work?” “Sing.” Bai Liuli said.

“I saw you dance with someone.”

“That’s a special case. Today’s time is not the time for the.

“Is that so? I thought it was the wrong person.”The man said,” Then, what about drinking?”


“A glass of wine costs 1,000 yuan.. How many glasses can you drink? Do you want to drink?”

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