Patriarch is Taking Concubines Again! - C.170


Chapter 170

“Boom, boom, boom~”

A fearsome thunderstorm descended upon Li Su, and he unleashed a barrage of attacks to disperse these thunderbolts of tribulation. The thunder was so formidable that it seemed his entire body was engulfed in a lightning storm.

These tribulation thunderbolts are suitable for fortifying the body and refining the Nascent Soul, but one must carefully control the process. A single misstep could lead to self-injury, Li Su pondered. While he shattered some tribulation thunderbolts, he intentionally left some to strengthen his body and refine his Nascent Soul.

Many adept body cultivators preferred using thunder, flames, frigid power, hurricane force, and more to fortify their physical forms. Body cultivators possessed robust bodies and formidable defenses, which these methods could enhance, allowing them to withstand future attacks better.

As for the Nascent Soul, caution was necessary. It was highly vulnerable to lightning. The Nascent Soul wasn’t just the soul. It was the fusion of the Nascent Infant and the soul, serving as the central hub for the body’s energy. It could harness the full spectrum of one’s powers, including true essence and soul force. Therefore, the Nascent Soul should not be separated from the body until it grows strong enough.

Currently, Li Su harnessed some of the tribulation lightning’s energy to refine his Nascent Soul. This unique energy promised profound benefits if even a force could be absorbed.

The sect leader of the Wind Thunder Sect observed Li Su’s terrifying tribulation with awe. As the weakest sect leader among the immortal sects, he had only reached the second level of the Nascent Soul stage. His limited aptitude had driven him to seek the position of sect leader for the sake of freedom. Consequently, his address to Li Su had grown casual over time.

Nonetheless, as the leader of an immortal sect, maintaining dignity was paramount. Though Li Su’s cultivation had long surpassed his, they used to be on the same Nascent Soul stage, and he had addressed Li Su as “Fellow Taoist.” Now, he respectfully referred to him as “Senior,” recognizing the importance of strength in the immortal cultivation world.

The other Nascent Soul cultivators couldn’t help but envy Li Su’s achievements. “Transcending the Deity” was the goal they aspired to reach, but many were still far from advancing to the late Nascent Soul stage. Li Su’s rapid progression left them shocked.

Li Su’s age, a little over 250 years old, as a Nascent Soul stage cultivator, was truly remarkable. While they had heard of exceptional talents achieving Nascent Soul stage at a hundred years and Transcendence around two hundred, it had been hearsay. Limited to the Northern Region, they had rarely ventured beyond its borders.

Joining formidable immortal sects was an option for them, but their spiritual roots were inherently constrained. Their prospects were clear, at most attaining positions as external affairs elders, offering them resources but not high regard. Establishing a sect in a more prosperous region was unrealistic, as the Northern Territory was their home, and competition was challenging.

Additionally, the Northern Territory was steadily thriving. Witnessing Li Su’s ascent to the Nascent Soul stage made the Foundation Establishment cultivators realize that genuine prodigies were exceptional. In their minds, Li Su was a remarkable spiritual genius, possibly even possessing Immortal Spirit Roots.

The gaze of Sect Leader Shangguan Xue, who possessed true Immortal Spirit Roots, lingered on Li Su. With her foundation restored, achieving the Nascent Soul stage held no difficulty for her. She felt genuine happiness for Li Su.

Although Li Su had once again surpassed her significantly, her previous self had an unstable foundation and a limited rate of progress.

Her current self was no match for her past version.


The Heavenly Tribulation continued.

This Heavenly Tribulation had also attracted many immortal cultivators who had come to the Northern Sea to hunt sea creatures.

There were many types of sea creatures, some raised by the aquatic clans, while others were not.

Some sea creatures, by chance, consumed precious treasures from the sea and became stronger. To them, whether it was humans, aquatic clans, or other sea creatures, they were all seen as potential food sources.

The rules in the sea were a straightforward reflection of the laws of survival in the natural world.

Predators prey on smaller creatures, and smaller creatures consume even smaller ones.

Survival is uncompromising. No one would condemn a whale for devouring several tons of fish in one meal.

“It’s so terrifying.”

“Those are all senior Nascent Soul cultivators from the Northern Territory.”

“Yes, I saw several sect leaders among them. Are they here to protect the senior cultivators going through the tribulation?”

“The power of this Heavenly Tribulation is astonishing. It’s even more frightening than the Nascent Soul trials I’ve witnessed. What kind of Heavenly Tribulation is this?”


From a distance, a large assembly of cultivators had gathered and discussed it.

Most were at the Foundation Establishment stage, with a few at the Golden Core stage. f𝐫𝗲eweb𝗻o𝐯el.𝚌o𝗺

Regarding Qi Refinement, if any were present, they were likely in the later stages or at their peak. Otherwise, embarking on a sea expedition would be a dangerous endeavor.

Due to the abundance of lightning enveloping Li Su, no one had recognized him, but some had identified the Nascent Soul cultivators from the Northern Territory.

These cultivators were entranced by the aura of the Nascent Soul cultivators and dared not approach recklessly. They all regarded them with deep respect. The Heavenly Tribulation had persisted for several hours.

Li Su overcame the final thunderous ordeal and let out a long roar. His roar pierced the skies, and the thick cloud cover in the high sky was instantly swept away.

The Heavenly Tribulation had concluded, and Nascent Soul had been attained!

Although the world remained the same, in Li Su’s eyes, this world had transformed once again. The world now appeared incredibly vast.

It was not that the world had changed, but rather, his standing in this world had ascended to another level. It was like ascending a pyramid – the higher he climbed, the broader and more magnificent his view of the world became.

Just as distant mountains seemed taller as he traveled farther, so did one’s perspective expand when reaching a higher level.

With the achievement of Nascent Soul, the natural world seemed even more extensive and grand.

“It’s Li Senior! Li Senior!”

“Why is Li Senior undergoing tribulation again? Didn’t he just attain Nascent Soul a few decades ago?”

“Could it be the Nascent Soul tribulation?”

“Wow, Li Senior has broken through to Nascent Soul? This Heavenly Tribulation is genuinely fearsome. It’s conceivable!”

At this moment, the cultivators, drawn by the Heavenly Tribulation, recognized Li Su was becoming increasingly excited.