Patriarch is Taking Concubines Again! - C.169


The Nascent Souls from the Northern Region were gaining valuable experience in this prolonged battle. However, the primary reason the battle had continued for so long was the Black Dragon’s fixation on Li Su. Otherwise, these Nascent Soul cultivators wouldn’t have found it so easy. Li Su’s Nascent Divinity experience still hadn’t been completely absorbed.

After four days of intense battle, the Black Dragon finally grew impatient. It suddenly lunged at the cultivator Jin. Realizing that it wouldn’t be able to resolve Li Su quickly, the Black Dragon seemed to have decided to deal with the smaller threats first. The cultivator Jin quickly activated the Bixia Treasure Mirror, but he couldn’t completely fend off the attack this time. The true energy left by Bi Luo’s father within the mirror had been depleted too much.

The cultivator Jin spat out a mouthful of blood. Although he had been experiencing the power of the Nascent Divinity over the past few days, he had never truly understood it until now. The Black Dragon lunged at him again. Many Nascent Souls joined forces to attack, but they couldn’t stop the Black Dragon.

Just as the Nascent Souls were left in shock, a terrifying aura suddenly surged into the sky from afar. With the emergence of this aura, the Black Dragon, previously fierce and unstoppable, came to an abrupt halt. It turned its head around, its expression filled with uncertainty, and looked in Li Su’s direction.

“Oh no, he’s about to break through!” The sea clan’s Nascent Souls were in shock. “Nascent Divinity, he’s about to break into the Nascent Divinity stage!” The Nascent Souls from the Northern Region were equally surprised. “How could it happen so quickly?” The sect leader’s aunt took a deep breath, her gaze fixed on Li Su. It happened so quickly that many of the Nascent Souls from the Northern Region didn’t even have time to celebrate. Everyone was finding it hard to believe!

The Black Dragon abruptly turned and charged at Li Su, trying to disrupt him. How could it possibly interrupt Li Su’s breakthrough process? Li Su laughed heartily, and his aura quickly grew more powerful. His Nascent Divinity had already taken form. The next moment, the entire surrounding world trembled. All those present felt an incredibly terrifying pressure!

Behind Li Su, a terrifying giant figure that looked exactly like him suddenly appeared. As soon as this giant figure appeared, all living creatures within a thousand miles felt an extreme heart palpitation. This was Li Su’s Nascent Divinity. The Nascent Soul had merged with the Nascent Divinity, and they were now one, forming the Nascent Divinity. The next moment, this Nascent Divinity entered Li Su’s body. Li Su’s aura immediately became unprecedentedly powerful. 𝓯𝓻𝓮𝘦𝘸𝑒𝒷𝘯𝘰𝓿𝑒𝓁.𝒸ℴ𝑚

“Is it successful?” The cultivator Jin stared in disbelief. He couldn’t understand that Li Su had successfully broken through to the Nascent Divinity stage just like that! Everything had fallen perfectly into place without any hitches. Once his cultivation had reached the right level, he had succeeded. This… was there no bottleneck?

Is this what they call Immortal Spiritual Root? The cultivator Jin was lost in thought, imagining that Li Su had an Immortal Spiritual Root or something of the sort. It wasn’t just him. All the Nascent Souls were shocked. Initially, the sect leader’s gaze held a strong element of surprise, but she soon broke into a smile.

Li Su had achieved the Nascent Divinity stage. She was also happy for him. Liu Xinshui and Liu Xinyue’s lovely faces also displayed expressions of joy. Their husband had achieved the Nascent Divinity stage! In the Northern Region, there was only one Nascent Divinity cultivator up until now, and now they have another one.

“Now it’s my turn!” Li Su made a breakthrough and immediately launched a fierce attack on the Black Dragon. This time, the Black Dragon realized that it had gone from having a slight upper hand to being completely unable to contend with Li Su. Li Su’s combat strength had skyrocketed after achieving the Nascent Divinity stage! After only a brief exchange, the Black Dragon was already wounded by Li Su.

“Quick, retreat!” The sea clan’s Nascent Souls realized the situation was unfavorable and withdrew. The Black Dragon’s gaze was filled with unwillingness, but Li Su was now far too powerful for it to contend with. Furthermore, after such an extended battle, its energy had been depleted. If the sect leader of the Bixia Sect were to return now, it might be held accountable for its actions. So, the Black Dragon swiftly turned and fled.

Li Su wasn’t about to let the Black Dragon escape so easily. He pursued it relentlessly, driving the Black Dragon from the Bixia Sect into the North Sea. This formidable group, led by the Nascent Divinity Black Dragon and consisting of over a dozen sea clan Nascent Souls, was chased away by Li Su alone.

As this creature entered the North Sea, Li Su didn’t hesitate and deployed numerous formation flags. The sky became shrouded in dark clouds, and the thunder tribulation was coming. Just as before, Li Su intended to gather the lightning and create the Purple Twilight Divine Thunder. Therefore, Li Su was so hurried to drive away the Black Dragon. He needed to undergo the thunder tribulation!

The thunder tribulation of the Nascent Divinity stage had a greater impact, and the Purple Twilight Divine Thunder created from it was much more powerful. In the distance, many of the Northern Region’s Nascent Souls had just caught up and witnessed the scene of lightning and thunder in the sky. The thunder tribulation was upon them.