One Planet for Everyone! Building Science and Technology Civilization at the Beginning - C.411(Plus)


Chapter 411: Jiang Fan’s Determination! The school’s decision!

The old man in black immediately responded, “Jiang Fan, a student, dares to disobey the teachers and school leaders among them. Does the school discipline of our Bei Dou University not exist?”

“If this thing lets Jiang Fan succeed, then ……”

“What a bad trend will be in the future! The person who started it must be punished.”

“You mean to leave Ao Xiong behind and let Jiang Fan leave the team?”

The old man in gray glanced at the old man in black again and said, “Then who will take over for Jiang Fan? You’ll find another freshman with Great Mythic level talent to come over?”

“At the exchange tournament, people asked why the only Great Mythic level freshman from our school didn’t come? How will you answer?”

The old man in black was stunned for a moment and said, “This is a team competition, not a solo competition, it’s useless for a single person to be strong! Ao Xiong’s importance as a coach is unquestionable!”

“If Ao Xiong hadn’t chosen people carelessly, wouldn’t so many things have happened?” The gray-clothed old man coldly snorted.

Seeing that, the black-clothed elder still wanted to argue further.

The oldest elder opened his mouth and said, “All right, no more arguments! Everyone raise your hands to vote, raise your hands if you agree to Jiang Fan staying!”

Brush, brush, brush ……

Except for the few old men in black.

All the other old men raised their hands!

There was no doubt about it.

Although the black-clothed old man was perking up.

But the crowd was very clear.

In the superpower, there were still many small mythical level talents.

But there were few big mythical level.

Even those top clans and dynasties were the same!

It could be said that Jiang Fan was now the only card of the Bei Dou University!

Ao Xiong was indeed also very critical.

But the harm of the powers was the lesser!

Could only give up Ao Xiong.

What’s more …… For Ao Xiong.

In fact ……

Some elders were also dissatisfied.

These years, because of the representative of the prince’s party, the behavior was a little too much!

Within the arena.

A group of school leaders and teachers soon received the decision of the elders’ group!

The crowd was a little surprised.

But it was easy to understand.

Switching to any school was easy to choose, either.

It must be to choose the Great Mythic level talent students.

All of them looked at Jiang Fan a bit strangely.

They really pinched this aspect to death by Jiang Fan.

“Well, good!”

Ao Xiong’s face was extremely ugly, after saying two words.

Turned around and left!

He also gave a glance at Prince Qing and the others on the side.

Prince Qing, still in a bright yellow robe, walked out and said, “I respect the school’s decision, but I also respect the teacher as a person, I decided to …… withdraw from the school team, Please forgive me!”

“I also choose to withdraw.”

“Me too.”

Beside Prince Qing, Li Zihao and Wang Yiteng stood out one after another.

The three main players on Ao Xiong’s side.

All left the school team.

Followed behind Ao Xiong!

Towards the arena gate!

This scene ……

The people watching looked at each other.

The two school leaders glanced at Jiang Fan, and a sneer flashed in their eyes.

You dared to tear your face?

Ao Xiong would not dare.

Wang Yiteng did not say anything.

Prince Qing and Li Zihao ……

One was a legendary level talent, and one was still a small mythical level talent!

These two main players were missing.

How could you still run this school team?

“This is what you get for supporting Jiang Fan.”

In the void, the black-clothed old man immediately shouted, “Without Prince Qing and Li Zihao, how can the school team still fight with others? This exchange tournament will definitely be at the bottom!”

“Why don’t we persuade Prince Qing and the others?”

An old man frowned slightly and made a suggestion!

“It’s useless.”

The old man in gray said, “Can’t you see that these two parties are not together at all?”

“Should we just let it go? The results are not worth it?” Another old man was also frowning.

“Although this Jiang Fan is also a Great Mythic level talent, ……” The old man in black exclaimed, “It’s completely incomparable to the Crown Prince!”

At those words.

The crowd couldn’t help but feel a moment of silence.

“In the last exchange competition.”

The black-clothed old man continued: “The prince led the team… to the quarter-finals! This is when there is not even a small mythical teammate around.”

This was the reason the crowd was so high on this school team.

Last year there was only one mythical level.

It was able to reach the top eight.

This year ……

There was not only Jiang Fan, A big mythical level.

There’s also Prince Qing, a small mythical level!

According to people’s opinion.

The grades could be better.

But they didn’t expect…

The team had not yet formed.

This hope fizzled out!

“Talent is certainly important, but the heart is also very important, this Jiang Fan …… Destined not to go too far!”

The black-clothed old man made the final decision!


The oldest elder stopped the argument and said, “Since we have made a choice, we don’t need to say more, every great mythical planet master has his own path, others don’t need to judge more!”

Within the arena.

The two school leaders who had been speaking for Ao Xiong.

As well as several other teachers had also left!

Even the few freshmen who were selected for the school team also followed!

Came to the outside of the arena.

Ao Xiong, Prince Qing and others were all waiting here.

“Without Prince Qing and me, let me see what Jiang Fan will do? Where can he find two legendary levels and a small mythical level?”

Li Zihao, who had a distinguished family background, laughed lightly.

“Let him show his prestige for a while! When he fails in the exchange competition and comes back in disarray, let’s see how arrogant he is.”

Wang Yiteng, who was beside him, agreed.

“If you want a person to be destroyed, you must first let them run wild! So what if he’s a Great Mythic level talent? The ones that have fallen in history are still not one after another.”

Li Zihao sneered, “Not to mention ……”

“He is not the only one with Great Mythic talent in our school!”

“Compared to the Crown Prince?”

Wang Yiteng shook his head, a look of disdain flashed in his eyes, and said, “Forget it, this guy is far behind, not to mention, In the Prince’s last tournament, with a teammate like that, he reached the top eight!”

“Just wait and see this guy’s joke this time!”

In the arena.

Waiting for Ao Xiong’s group of people to leave.

Everyone else was a little overwhelmed!

This used to be a good school team.

Now that Prince Qing, Li Zihao, Wang Yiteng and several other current heavyweight freshmen were gone.

There didn’t seem to be much point anymore.

“Jiang Fan ……”

Lin Youhe looked at Jiang Fan, who had a calm face.

He didn’t know what to say.

Although Prince Qing and Li Zihao left.

It freed up the main position for him.

But Lin Youhe wasn’t happy at all.

The people came to join the school team.

But not for this main position.

The main reason was ……

This year, there was a great hope that they could get an excellent result in the exchange tournament!

“It’s okay.”

Jiang Fan’s face was calm as he said, “It’s better for these black sheep to leave on their own, so we can train without fear next!”

“And ……”

Jiang Fan turned around.

Sweeping his eyes at the remaining team members, he said, “Anyone else want to leave?”

No one answered.

The scene just now.

It was also for the crowd to find out ……

Jiang Fan, who had been very low key …… It turned out that he was not easy to mess with!


He erected an unprecedented majesty!

“Since that’s the case, let’s start the official call of the school team.”

Jiang Fan looked at everyone! !

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