One Planet for Everyone! Building Science and Technology Civilization at the Beginning - C.409


409: Conflict! Kick out Prince Qing! Those who disobey all get out!

Dethroning them was just a matter of words.

“You should have guessed that.”

Lin Youhe said helplessly: “For these powerful existences, school honor, genius competition will not let them look more than once!”

“The only thing that matters is ……”

“Cultivating the next level six planet master!”

“After all …… Level 6 Planet Lord has a long life span, but is ultimately limited!”

For this, Jiang Fan heard Su Jicheng said something vaguely.

This powerful existence of the Bei Dou University had lived for a long, long time!

Few people knew exactly how long.

But everyone could guess ……

It should be like the old age of ordinary people.

There was an urgent need to train a successor as soon as possible.

Once this powerful existence passed away.

There was no other level six planet master to take over then ……

Bei Dou University would instantly fall from the ranks of superlative institutions of learning!

The consequences were not too much to describe with ten thousand calamities!

“This prince is the first great mythical level of our school in nearly ten thousand years, so he became the successor chosen by the one above!”

Lin Youhe whispered: “The resources obtained are different from ours!”

“It is personally carried out to cultivate!”

“Therefore ……”

“That’s why others call him ‘Crown Prince’ and treat him with such respect.”

“Of course.” Lin Youhe glanced at Jiang Fan and said, “You may have questions in your mind, you are also at the Great Mythic level ……”

“Why didn’t this powerful existence look at you?”

“There’s a very important reason involved. I’m not sure about the specifics ……”

“You’ll know when the time comes!”

“Anyway ……”

“Your luck may not be too good!”

“So that’s how it is.”

Jiang Fan nodded slightly, realizing it in a flash.

Then he asked, “Why didn’t you join the Prince’s Party? With your strength and background, I guess others wouldn’t refuse.”


Lin Youhe smiled gently and said, “I heard that the family this crown prince belongs to had a good relationship with the lineage of Prine Qing of the Yong Yang Dynasty back then!”

“Prince Qing is now considered the Crown Prince’s deputy!”

“Wouldn’t I be asking for trouble if I went in!?”

“But you don’t have to worry about it.”

“You are not like us. This powerful being is still fair.”

“Look, Ao Xiong and the others must have a deep hatred for you, but they also had to let you be the captain of the school team!”

As he spoke.

Ao Xiong had also finished announcing all the team members!

Immediately ……

He looked at Jiang Fan.

A hint of helplessness flashed across his eyes.

But still said, “The captain of the school team will be Jiang Fan, and the two vice captains will be Prince Qing and Li Zihao!”

“In the future, the team’s training and tactics will be controlled by you three!”

“Especially Jiang Fan you ……”

Ao Xiong looked at Jiang Fan and his voice changed: “You haven’t experienced a team competition before. So you should learn from Prince Qing and ask for advice!”

“The group competition is for five people, not a single fight. Without teammates, no matter how strong you are, it is useless! So…”

“Cooperation is very important!”

Hearing these words.

Su Jicheng and Lin Youhe and the others all frowned slightly.

He completely aimed this at Jiang Fan.

First, to suppress Jiang Fan!

Who told Jiang Fan to offend Ao Xiong so hard last time?

In full view, the face was almost wiped out.

“Well, each of you first familiarize yourselves with the situation of your respective teammates. What’s the situation with me ……”

Ao Xiong didn’t finish his words.

Jiang Fan directly interrupted it.

Ao Xiong frowned slightly and looked at Jiang Fan and said, “Jiang Fan, what do you have to do?”

Jiang Fan took a step forward, looked at Ao Xiong.

With a faint smile, he asked, “I want to know, what are the criteria for this school team selection?”

At those words.

Ao Xiong faintly froze, then said, “Naturally, it’s based on each person’s planet talent, and then refers to the characteristics of the race they each built.”

“If that’s the case, why are Lin Youhe and Xiang Zhifei a substitute? According to their strength, they are not weak!”

Jiang Fan said.

He came to join the school team.

It was purely for that championship reward.

But once he came up.

Ao Xiong came to dismount several times.

Would there be any good fruits to eat in the future?

Jiang Fan did not fight before, that wasn’t necessary.

But it was different now.

Since the goal was the champion, then ……

It was necessary to first exclude all the unexpected factors.

“Is this your opinion of my selection?”

Ao Xiong stared at Jiang Fan, a trace of coldness flashing in his eyes.

“As the captain of the school team, I must also be responsible for the school’s honor, and I can’t let some troubled people into my team.”

Jiang Fan smiled faintly and said, “For the sake of fairness, I think we should hold a selection tournament, and whoever wins will be the main player!”

At those words, Ao Xiong and the others all frowned slightly.

And Lin Youhe and Su Jicheng were looking at Jiang Fan with some surprise.

Totally unexpected ……

Jiang Fan would actually open his mouth and speak out.

“Jiang Fan, don’t be ridiculous!”

Behind Ao Xiong, a school leader frowned and shouted.

“Don’t think that just because you’ve become the strongest freshman, you can act recklessly. The selection of the school team list was fully considered and deliberated, and it’s not something you alone can question.”

Another school leader also chided.

But the other school team leaders stood aside, watching quitely!

For the inside story of this school team starter list.

They also knew it by heart.

Lin Zihao was okay to say.

But about Wang Yiteng ……

Everyone knew he was certainly not as good as Lin Youhe and Xiang Zhifei!

But no one would offend Ao Xiong for this.

Not to mention ……

Wang Yiteng was also an epic level talent.

Not much worse than Lin Youhe and Xiang Zhifei. 𝓯𝘳𝘦𝑒𝓌𝘦𝘣𝓃ℴ𝘷𝘦𝘭.𝓬𝘰𝑚

Not much of an impact.

This kind of thing happens in every school.

Of course, At least the strength could not be too much worse.

If Wang Yiteng was a king-level talent, it would be very difficult to operate!

“Since as the captain, I also have to make the selection, those who do not meet the qualifications can not enter my team, and ……”

Jiang Fan paused, first glanced at Ao Xiong and the two school leaders, then looked at the others, and said loudly, “As for the team’s coach, I think Mr. Su Jicheng may be more suitable as the coach!”

The words fell.

There was silence in the arena.

All the people turned their attention to Jiang Fan.

A thought came to their minds in unison –

This Jiang Fan is crazy, right?

Not only was he unhappy with the school team selection.

Even ……

He even dared to dictate the position of the head coach?

Who did he think he is?

The one who was almost confirmed to be the successor of the …… prince?

Jiang Fan was not crazy for doing this.

Rather, he wanted to get rid of these guys who were in the way ……

To be directly kicked away!

Anyway, everyone was offended.

It wasn’t that bad.

And in a void of the Bei Dou University.

More than a dozen seniors in the senior group were also paying attention to this school team training.

When they saw that Jiang Fan wanted to change the coach.

Everyone was astonished.

According to the unusual imagination.

Ao Xiong’s suppression.

Jiang Fan would naturally be upset.

But at best they could endure or not cooperate.

But no one could have imagined.

Jiang Fan was so tough!

Directly asked …… to change the coach?