My Trillion-Dollar Assets is Exposed by My Wife's Bragging! - C.341 - : Ensuring Safety


Chapter 341: Chapter 341: Ensuring Safety

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Seeing the children happily eating, Suri Drew and Yigol Novak naturally felt very happy too.

As they ate, they noticed that Suri Drew and Yigol Novak sitting next to them seemed to hardly touch their chopsticks, which made them feel a little embarrassed to stop and look up.

Zara could see that these besties seemed to want to ask something, but because they were not familiar with the brother and sister, they hesitated, finally holding back their words.

So, at this moment, she spoke to the siblings.

“Why aren’t you eating?”

Upon hearing these words, Suri finally realized and smiled, picking up her chopsticks to start eating.

She happily said while picking up some dishes.

“Seeing you all now with us, we are genuinely thrilled. We thought that it might be hard to make this happen.”

Yigol next to her naturally nodded without hesitation, as that was what he was thinking too.

“From now on, you don’t have to continue living those tough days, and of course, we are happy.”

Hearing the siblings speak, they couldn’t help but feel deeply moved.

If they hadn’t met the siblings, they might still be stuck in that place and never be able to escape.

But now things were completely different, and they would definitely obediently listen to the siblings’ words.

They knew clearly that this was a scarce opportunity for them, so they had to hold on to it no matter what.

At this moment, they felt somewhat touched.

“Thank you, and we will definitely take good care of ourselves.”

“Yes, but there is one more thing… ”

Lucy hesitated for a while, as if she was pondering something.

Seeing her like this, Suri naturally turned her attention to Lucy, asking with curiosity.

“What’s wrong? Is there something wrong with yesterday?”

She thought it might be that they were not prepared well enough, making them embarrassed to speak up.

But it took Lucy a while before she finally spoke.

“But we were thinking about it carefully, those people are not ordinary; they are influential people. Brother, sister, can you really handle them well?”

When she gathered the courage to say these words, the other besties also nodded solemnly, with concern in their eyes.

“Yes, we know they wield power and influence. If you encounter any problems trying to save us, we will feel extremely guilty, and we might not be able to do anything for you at that time.”

The main reason was that they didn’t have money or power.

If they were wealthy and powerful, they wouldn’t have fallen into such a situation.

If something happened to the siblings, they might not be able to save them either.

That’s why they discussed this matter for so long last night, hoping to talk with the siblings about it.

If possible, they didn’t want the siblings to fall into trouble because of saving them.

Originally, they thought their sad expressions were because of something else, but it turned out that they were just worried about themselves.

Suri Drew and Yigol Novak looked at each other, feeling quite moved.

Although they were young, they had already understood many things.

It was clear that they had already grown up.

Perhaps because they went through various experiences, they grew quickly.

Because of this, the siblings felt quite heartbroken. If they hadn’t been deceived into coming here and were still inside their home, they wouldn’t have grown so fast.

For a moment, they didn’t know whether this was a good or bad thing.

But it was because they knew that the people who organized these things were utterly despicable, so no matter what, they had to bring them to justice.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t know what mistakes they had made, let alone repent.

“Alright, alright, don’t worry about us. Since he decided to do such things in the first place, then he must have had plans.”

“Yes, we managed to outsmart Tony Tylor, proving that we are more than you imagined. So you don’t need to worry about us. For the time being, stay here and take good care of yourself.”

As soon as the words fell, Suri Drew raised her hand as if remembering something, lightly slapped the back of her head, and spoke with an epiphany.

“I almost forgot.”

Seeing this, everyone’s eyes turned to her, wondering what she meant.

Then, Suri Drew finally smiled and said.

“Today, if Mr. Cooper comes looking for people, we will never hand you over to him. We have to move somewhere else and cannot stay here any longer.”

Upon hearing these words, the girls finally understood.

But to be honest, they were still very worried.

Although Suri Drew made it clear that they could handle these things, their hearts were still not completely at ease.

Yigol Novak, who was beside them, nodded immediately and added.

“Although you have finally escaped hell, you cannot return. So, I have arranged another place for you to stay.”

“We will solve this matter first, and then we will make plans for the future.”

He had already arranged everything.

Having managed to bring these ladies out of Mr. Cooper’s hands, how could he let Mr. Cooper take them back now?

So, no matter what, he had to find a perfect solution.

But if he refused, Mr. Cooper would definitely come looking for his people.

So for now, they needed to disappear for a while until they found enough evidence to bring Mr. Cooper to justice, and only then could they safely come out.

The sisters couldn’t imagine some of their thoughts were so thoughtful.