My system allows me to copy talents - C.416 Training begins


The early morning sun cast long shadows across the training ground as Hiro arrived. Apart from him, nobody had made it to the training ground. And from the looks of it, he appeared to be the first one to reach the pitch.

Yesterday, he fell asleep while thinking about his past and?future. But despite the exhaustion from the match, out of habit, he had awoken quite early in the morning.

There was still plenty of time remaining for the morning training session to begin. But, having nothing better to do, he still decided to leave for the pitch. This act of his would probably affect his relationship with his teammates as they'd think that he was trying to show off by arriving earlier than anyone else.

After all, when an individual sticks out from the herd, they're bound to face some backlash from the other members of the herd. Worst, he might get bullied for his actions.

Even so, he couldn't just stay home and do nothing. So, now having arrived so early, he was the only one present on the pitch. And, it'd be a while before anybody would show up.

"Seems like I'm the only one at the pitch right now," he broke into a subtle chuckle as he wandered his eyes around the pitch.

The grass, still a little damp with dew, glistened under the glowing light. The distant chirps of the birds only made it even more soothing. Relishing this serene atmosphere, he inhaled deeply, feeling the crisp air.

Excited, he then began his warm-up routine. Methodically stretching and jogging around the field, he warmed up his body before picking up the ball.

"I should probably complete those 100 shots first," before proceeding with other training, he thought of completing the requirement given by the system first.

Perspiration trickled down his forehead as he continued to shoot. Since the system didn't mention any specific way of fulfilling the requirement, he could have just proceeded with normal shots from outside the box.

But it didn't sit right with him. So, he intentionally made it even more challenging for him. By visualizing the toughest opponents he had faced up to date, he purposefully made the training even more difficult.

Twisting and turning, he dribbled the ball around the field. Just like this not only did he train his shooting, but he also trained his dribbling too.

And as he continued to train, he noticed the first signs of life stirring at the training ground. The soft hum of a car engine reached his ears, and soon, other players began to trickle in.

Most of their movements were rather slower, and only some looked as if they had rested well. Many made their way to the pitch, complaining about the training.

"Why do we have to train so early in the morning right after a match?"

"Yeah, we could just train in the evening, can't we?"

Then as they walked onto the field, they noticed the sight of Hiro drenched in sweat. Even without asking, they could tell that he had been on the pitch for quite a while by now.

"Woah... look at his training so early in the morning?"

"I wish I could be young again"

As they walked closer, they greeted him. Some even asked him to keep his arrival a secret from the coaches so that they won't pester them to arrive so early in the training too.

If not for his previous performance, he might have gotten a different response. But due to his previous performance, nobody thought negative of his actions. Instead, many joked while many praised his work ethic and professionalism. 𝑓𝓻ℯ𝑒𝑤𝘦𝑏𝑛ℴ𝓋ℯ𝑙.𝘤𝓸𝓂

Some even advised him on his techniques while some taught him new things. And, as more and more players joined him on the field, the once-silent pitch became noisy.

Coach Tatsuya arrived shortly after. Upon his arrival, other players became less noisy as they stopped their idle chatters and complaints. They became more diligent with their drills.

For a while, he let them be as he continued to scan the field. His gaze landed on Hiro who was already deep into his training. A faint smile crossed his lips as he looked at him. Though he might not have been on the field, he knew about Hiro's early arrival.

Having such a dedicated player on his team made him feel quite ecstatic. But he couldn't allow himself to show his ecstasy. So, he maintained a rather solemn look on his face. Although his eyes which were glistening with pride and approval said otherwise.

Most of the young players who experience success so early in their life tend to be rather arrogant. But Hiro's attitude said otherwise. Not only was he talented, but he was also dedicated. Just from his actions alone, he could tell that he was different.

For a while, he continued to observe Hiro.

"Alright, everyone, gather around," Coach Tatsuya called out, his voice firm yet encouraging. "I know yesterday was tough, but today is a new day. We have work to do, and I want to see the same level of effort and commitment that you showed in the match."

No sooner had players heard his voice, than they immediately hurried to the coach. Forming a circle around Coach Tatsuya, they lined up, awaiting his orders. Hiro too stood among them, glimming with a feeling of a sense of pride and responsibility.

It wasn't his first training session with the team. He had already trained once with them. But it was his first time training with them after sharing a moment together on the field. After his previous performance, they no longer looked at him the way they looked at him when he arrived here for the first time.

At first, many of them looked at him with eyes full of suspicion, while many looked at him with mockery. But now he had managed to change those gazes with his performance.

He knew that his actions could inspire his teammates, and he was ready to give his all, both for himself and for the team.