My Lady, To Defeat Scumbags You Must Start Early - C.296 - : Tribute to Ye Taiting, The Four Chiefs’ Mysterious Thoughts

My Lady, To Defeat Scumbags You Must Start Early

C.296 - : Tribute to Ye Taiting, The Four Chiefs’ Mysterious Thoughts

Chapter 296: Chapter 296: Tribute to Ye Taiting, The Four Chiefs’ Mysterious Thoughts

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Yi Wenhan lets loose a brutal stare!

He is going to kill Song Zhizhi, he must have her die by his own hands.

He must double return all the humiliation he suffered from her over the years!

“Yes!” says Qian Guanshu, looking at his son suddenly showing a ruthless determination, completely excited, “Our father-son duo will rule Yanshang Country in the future! I’ll position you at the highest point where you can overlook everything here!”

“Dad!” Yi Wenhan suddenly calls out to him.

Qian Guanshu stops in his tracks.

“Dad!” Yi Wenhan calls out loudly again.

He seemed to see his future, a future so supreme, untouchable.

Qian Guanshu listens to his son call him, his eyes turning red.

He tightly grabs his son’s hand, “After we obtain everything, we’ll free your mother from prison. We’ll attempt to treat her with the best medical care. The three of us will reunite! All the wealth, power, and glory will be ours!”

“Yes (Father)!” Yi Wenhan laughs sinisterly.

Finally, there came the day that he, Yi Wenhan, had longed for.

His gaze suddenly shifts.

There are still two members of the Corpse Organization on the plane.

Should he kill them too?

That way, no one else will find out about their conspiracies.

Qian Guanshu seems to grasp his son’s intentions, saying, “Don’t worry, they’re my men.”

“Corpses?” Yi Wenhan is quite clever.

“Yes! The Corpse Organization! It’s currently the largest underground assassin network globally. As for the leader of this organization… I can’t tell you that just yet. But let me assure you, the leader already agreed with my ideas. Ye Taiting always assumed that he stood side by side with the Corpse leader, thinking that their alliance would protect them both. Little does he know, I had colluded with the Corpse leader long ago. Without that, how could they heed my instructions instead of Ye Taiting’s? Relax. Father has paved you the best path. Now, you need to ascend to that supreme position!”

“Thank you, Dad. I will put my best effort into this. I will not disappoint your expectations of me!”

“I believe in you!” Qian Guanshu sounds very pleased.

At that moment, Yi Wenham felt an excitement he never experienced before.

He turns to gaze outside the helicopter, looking at the beautiful landscapes below.

Finally, this day has come!

At that moment, his eyes turned ruthless.

Song Zhizhi, prepare to be tormented by me until you die!

Qian Guanshu returns to Jin City with Yi Wenhan.

At midnight, Qian Guanshu and Yi Wenhan send Ye Taiting directly to the hospital. At that point, Ye Taiting was already dead from severe blood loss. But Qian Guanshu insisted that the doctors resuscitate him. The grief-stricken doctors complied until they finally accepted the truth and announced his death. Immediately, a memorial service was arranged.

Many people attend the funeral.

Qian Guanshu had Yi Wenhan put on a mourning band. After changing out of his bloodstained clothes, he presided over the entire memorial service, announcing everything he previously planned at Ye Taiting’s funeral.

He announced Yi Wenhan as the heir.

Not anymore. Now he’s known as Ye Wenhan.

He thought to himself, Ye Taiting must not be resting in peace at this moment!

But this is his retribution. Even the heavens are punishing him. He lived his whole life without descendants and spent all his life raising someone else’s child!

He watches as Ji Baijian coldly leaves.

Ji Baijian probably can’t believe that Ye Taiting would suddenly die!

And the person he wanted to kill so badly was murdered so easily by him. How resentful he must be?!

At this moment, Ye Wenhan also witnessed Ji Baijian’s retreating figure, and watched as Song Zhizhi followed Ji Baijian… He felt ecstatic inside. He even believed that he could strangle Song Zhizhi at any moment!

Ye Wenhan turns to look at his father.

Qian Guanshu gives him a look, signalling him to be patient.

After all, patience is necessary.

Is it really that difficult to kill Ji Baijian, someone who must absolutely be killed, here in Yanshang Country?!

With power in their hands now, they could kill Ji Baijian legally and it would only seem just!

He glanced back to see Qin Wenguo, Chu Zhaotian, and Song Shan all approaching him.

Qian Guanshu knew their intentions all too well. He sighed lightly and said, “Follow me.”

With that, he turned around and led the way.

Qian Guanshu ushered them towards the back hall of the Ye family temple, which held memorial tablets of ancestors from ancient times. Every leader of the Ye family had a spot in the center. There were already several dozen!

Surrounding these were the memorial tablets of the Ye family members.

Qian Guanshu’s eyes rested on these memorial tablets. He stated, “Old Ye’s death was too sudden.”

“But wasn’t Old Ye’s health really poor? How could he travel to a far-off place like Jinghe Village?” Song Shan asked.

Qian Guanshu knew what Song Shan was doubting. He said, “I couldn’t talk him out of it. He was determined to go. Who among us could stop Old Ye if he made up his mind? So, I had to accompany him. Who would have ever expected such an outcome?!”

“Why did Old Ye die while you and Yi Wenhan escaped unhurt?” Chu Zhaotian couldn’t help but asked loudly.

“Actually, the rioters were aiming at Wenhan. Old Ye shielded him with his body,” answered Qian Guanshu, as if reliving that painful scene. “I didn’t understand why at the time. If he hadn’t disclosed his secret to me before dying, perhaps like you, I would still be in the dark that Wenhan was his son and that he had left this will.”

Saying this, Qian Guanshu took out the will and handed it over for other chiefs to see.

Qin Wenguo grabbed it and studied the handwriting carefully.

It was unmistakably Ye Taiting’s own handwriting. Galaxies may be imitated, but a will written by Taiting himself? Impossible for anyone to mimic so exactly, even the royal stamp authorized by the government was present.

The will couldn’t be a fraud.

Qin Wenguo angrily handed the will back to Qian Guanshu.

The other two chiefs also confirmed the authenticity of the will.

“Old Ye was cunning indeed! All these years, none of us were his match! Everyone thought they could succeed him, but it turns out we all came up empty. Let’s assist the new leader responsibly and find our own place! Some people should stop daydreaming!” Chu Zhaotian said with blatant sarcasm.

Song Shan watched him.

So did Qin Wenguo.

“Well, I just made an offhand comment! If you want to take it personally, that’s not my problem,” sneered Chu Zhaotian. “I was devastated when I heard that Old Ye had passed away. Especially since my daughter just came out of critical condition. I should really be with her… life is so unpredictable.”

Chu Zhaotian, clearly the least competitive prospect for the succession, felt a smug satisfaction seeing Song Shan and Qin Wenguo out of the running.

If he couldn’t have it, neither could these two old fossils.

Turning to leave, Chu Zhaotian seemed to suddenly remember something. He looked at Song Shan, “Why, with so many commercial management employees killed or injured, was your daughter Song Zhizhi able to appear unscathed at the funeral? How capable is Song Shan? How capable is Song Zhizhi really?”

Song Shan’s face darkened.

He knew exactly why Ye Taiting had gone to Jinghe.

If it hadn’t been for the protection of Wei Ziming and Luo Xiaolang, his daughter would have been long dead!

When Wei Ziming returned in the middle of the night, he knew his daughter was safe. But he hadn’t heard anything about Ye Taiting showing up nor had he anticipated the news of Ye Taiting’s death that morning.

It couldn’t have been Zhizhi…

Unless she fought back in self-defense…


If his daughter had killed Ye Taiting, would Qian Guanshu have blamed it on the mob?

He would’ve certainly pinned all the blame on Zhizhi!

A lot must have happened in between!

His gaze bore into Qian Guanshu.

Qian Guanshu didn’t know exactly what Song Shan knew, but he was certain Zhizhi knew a lot.

But, what could she do even if she knew?!

After all, the entire Song family was destined to die.

This arrangement was just a show for the public!

Qian Guanshu was certain that if he didn’t make a move, Song Shan wouldn’t dare to act rashly.

He just doesn’t have the guts!