My Lady, To Defeat Scumbags You Must Start Early - C.295 - : The End of Ye Taiting (2) – The Real Cause of Ye Taiting’s Death

My Lady, To Defeat Scumbags You Must Start Early

C.295 - : The End of Ye Taiting (2) – The Real Cause of Ye Taiting’s Death

Chapter 295: Chapter 295: The End of Ye Taiting (2) – The Real Cause of Ye Taiting’s Death

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“Over Jinghe Village.

Ye Taiting, Qian Guanshu, Yi Wenhan, and two members of the Corpse Organization were leaving in a helicopter.

The helicopter hovering in the sky, Ye Taiting coldly looked at Ji Baijian, a cruel smile appearing on his face, “As expected, Ji Baijian is still too naive, a mere Song Zhizhi can threaten him like this. Such soft-heartedness! He can’t seize the opportunity to kill me now. Next time, he won’t stand a chance to kill me! And Ji Baijian is a dead man!”

While uttering that last sentence, a vicious glint shone in his eyes.

Qian Guanshu remained silent.

At that instant, Yi Wenhan was watching Ye Taiting intently, noticing a side of him he had never seen before. He pondered how such an untouchable person, so high and mighty, could be his father? He had always longed for better opportunities, using all means to rise up, but he had never thought, even in his wildest dreams, that he was related to Ye Taiting!

Ye Taiting also felt Yi Wenhan’s gaze.

His expression softened in an instant; finally, he could see his own son so close.

He said, “Wenhan, you’ve had it hard these years.”

Yi Wenhan still found it unbelievable.

He was still reluctant to accept this fact, despite the excitement bubbling in his heart. 𝒻𝓇ℯ𝘦𝘸𝑒𝑏𝓃𝑜𝓿𝘦𝑙.𝑐𝑜𝓶

A moment ago, when he was facing death, he really detested this man.

But now.

Now, thinking of the power and status that he will possess, his bright future, the Bright Road that lay ahead. He wouldn’t need to struggle anymore; he could sit at that supreme position. He couldn’t help but feel thrilled and ecstatic!

He even thought of those who had looked down on him in the past, especially Song Zhizhi, especially her, he could easily squash her without effort!

A smile formed at the corners of his mouth, bit by bit.

He hated Ye Taiting for leaving him alone all these years, but compared to the surprise of knowing his powerful identity, it seemed insignificant!

He had yet to call him “Dad”!

He had yet to acknowledge each other.

His smile suddenly froze, his whole body inhaling sharply. Looking at Qian Guanshu in terror, he abruptly pointed a black pistol at the forehead of the man who claimed to be his father, Ye Taiting.

At that moment, Ye Taiting, whose face held a loving glint while facing his biological son, also turned chilly.

He glared at Qian Guanshu, demanding harshly, “What the hell are you doing?!”

“What do you think?” Qian Guanshu’s finger twitched on the trigger.

Ye Taiting fell silent.

His eyes shifted, gesturing to the two Corpse Organization members beside him.

However, they did not react.

Qian Guanshu sneered and glanced at the two Corpse Organization members.

The Corpse members immediately pulled out their guns and aimed at Ye Taiting.

In Ye Taiting’s heart, a fear took hold.

In an instant, he seemed to understand.

His face turned sinister, he gritted his teeth and spat out, “Qian Guanshu, you’re trying to kill me! You’re aiming for my position!”

“Spot on!” Qian Guanshu’s smile was provocative, triumphant! He said, “Don’t tell me you’ve never considered, even with your age, that it would come to this?! You’ve manipulated everyone your whole life, wound us all around your finger. Did you ever think that one day you’d end up with your own most trusted man gun pointing at your head?!”

“Have you lost your mind? Haven’t I been good to you?!” A look of abject terror was mingling with tremendous anger on Ye Taiting’s face, “Haven’t I treated you well all these years!”

“Has anyone treater you poorly all these years? How did you treat them?!” Qian Guanshu said mockingly, “I was brought up by you, I am your creation. You said that being kind to others meant being cruel to yourself, and you told me to annihilate anyone who is in the way! Now, I’m just following your advice!”

“Since when did you decide to betray me, Qian Guanshu? Since when did you start plotting against me!” Ye Taiting still seemed unable to accept that the man he trusted so much would turn against him like this.

“When?” Qian Guanshu looked at Ye Taiting, “Let me think… probably from the moment you first kept me by your side! Or perhaps it started when you first used your filthy body to do things to me that I could not accept! Your gay dealings, Ye Taiting, in order to keep anyone from knowing about your secret sexual preference, you kept me by your side since childhood. Everyone thought you were cultivating me as your own son, even when my father passed away, you were the one I was forced to show filial respect to. How laughable!”

Qian Guanshu laughed horrifically, “How laughable, all the disgusting thing you did to me while keeping me at your side! The way you’ve tormented me all my life, I’ll never forget! Finally, today arrived! Finally, today came when I can turn against you! Nobody will know it was me! Ultimately, I have to thank Ji Baijian. I never expected that he could push you to this point, the man’s capability impressed me, but don’t worry, I’ll kill him after you’re dead. Those who pose a threat to me, I’ll annihilate them all, just like you said, cut off all sources of trouble, leave no potential issues!”

“Qian Guanshu!” Ye Taiting’s body shook with rage, “Even if you don’t like me, even if you can’t stand what I’ve done to you, but all these years, can’t you feel my sincerity? Haven’t I painstakingly cultivated you, lift you above everyone else? Don’t forget your Gu Family didn’t just choose you to become my Secretary-General! Without my helping you kill your brother, would you have a chance to stay by my side and enjoy all this wealth and honor, and attain such absolute power?!”

“I should thank you indeed, for killing my own brother! Do you know how much I hated you back then, Ye Taiting? But now, I don’t hate you anymore. I thank you for letting me watch my brother die with my own eyes, making me so cruel and heartless, turning me into this ruthless man!” Qian Guanshu’s face took on a bloodthirsty expression, the intent to kill was unmistakable, he said, “As for your cultivation of me, you don’t have to make it sound so graceful, you just wanted me to support your son, so I could fully support him after you are gone!”

Ye Taiting glared at Qian Guanshu.

He indeed had his motives, but he did greatly trust Qian Guanshu. He could hardly imagine the dog he raised and considered so loyal, would be turned against on one day!

In his life, he’s actually going to be bitten to death by his own dog!

His face went extremely pate.

Qian Guanshu looking at his state, felt extremely invigorated!

He said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of your son. Haven’t I promised to treat him like my own son?”

Ye Taiting looked at him coldly.

“I will. I’ll treat my son, Yi Wenhan, very well.” Qian Guanshu told him, each word distinct.

My son!

Ye Taiting’s expression changed drastically!

Qian Guanshu laughed wildly, “Surprised, Ye Taiting? You schemed so much, vying for the highest authority for your cherished son, in facts… He’s my son, my son with Nie Wenzhi! Being naturally sterile, how could you just have a successful test-tube baby? You’re too ruthless, too unscrupulous. Even the heavens wouldn’t grant you descendants! You deserve it!”

“Qian Guanshu! What did you say?! What did you say?!” Ye Taiting was incredibly agitated, he was extremely worked up.

Never had he thought, Yi Wenhan was not his son.

When he was held by the head with a gun, he was still trying to save Yi Wenhan’s life.

How pathetic…

So pathetic.

The “son” to whom he dedicated his entire life turned out not to be his.

It turns out to be Qian Guanshu’s!

His body was shaking uncontrollably, shaking violently, he seemed on the verge of total breakdown.

Looking at Qian Guanshu with bloodshot eyes, he wanted nothing more than to kill him, skin him and pull him apart!

“Angry, huh?” Qian Guanshu appeared to appreciate Ye Taiting’s current appearance, displaying a smug smile, “In fact, if you hadn’t killed those who knew Yi Wenhan’s identity, you might have found out Yi Wenhan wasn’t your biological son. Lucky you’re so ruthless to have one and all killed not to let anyone know Yi Wenhan existed! Therefore, nobody knows about the secret dealings between Nie Wenzhi and me, right? Ye Taiting, you really must thank yourself for the nice things you’ve done throughout your life!”

“You!” Ye Taiting’s face rapidly colors.

That moment.

He suddenly coughed up a mouthful of bright fresh blood.

Angina pectoris?!

Seeing Ye Taiting in this state during his lifetime was extremely satisfying.

He had been waiting for this day for many years.

He had waited a long time for this day!

He said, “Ye Taiting, now that you know all the truth, it’s time you die!”

“Qian Guanshu, even as a ghost, I won’t let you go…”

“A ghost?” Qian Guanshu sneered, “You’re not worthy!”

Blood filled Ye Taiting’s eyes.

In this life.

He was manipulated by the person he believed he trusted most.

In this life.

He thought he finally had a descendant, never realizing that the child was raised by a thief!

His eyes were blood red, hideous to the limit.

But Qian Guanshu watched him with cruel indifference.

At that moment he even smiled, a triumphant smile at that.

He watched as Qian Guanshu suddenly took out a knife and heard him say, “To make the crime scene convincing, to make your death seem natural, I will use the knife to stab you in the abdomen. I will tell the world that you were killed by the rioting villagers of Jinghe. I will turn you into a hero, a great man. You should be thanking me you know! For hiding all the evidence of the crimes you committed in your lifetime and not leaving your name stinking for thousands of years!”

With that, Qian Guanshu held out the knife, pressing it against Ye Taiting’s abdomen.

At this moment, Ye Taiting was already on the verge of madness.

If Qian Guanshu did not kill him, he himself would die!

“Before you die, I want to tell you that at your funeral, I will announce to the world the will you wrote bequeathing all your fortunes and status to my son, Yi Wenhan. This way, you can die in peace!” When he finished speaking.

Qian Guanshu suddenly exerted strength.

The knife went right through Ye Taiting’s abdomen.

Yi Wenhan, who stood aside, was terrified and turned pale.

He watched the blood spouting out from Ye Taiting’s body, so much blood, covering the entire helicopter red in an instant.

He saw the hideous expression in Ye Taiting’s eyes. Ye Taiting opened his mouth but after a few seconds, he could no longer speak.

Ye Taiting glared at Qian Guanshu with bloodshot eyes!

With eyes wide open, he refused to close them even in death.

With eyes wide open, he refused to close them even in death!

But Qian Guanshu had not a single trace of emotion on his face.

He impassively pulled the knife out from Ye Taiting’s belly.

His hands and body were drenched in blood, but he did not react. He even leisurely pulled out a napkin and began wiping off the bloody knife, bit by bit.

Yi Wenhan was so frightened that he was at a loss for words.

He dumbly stared at Qian Guanshu.

Everything that happened on this day was more than he had experienced in his entire life.

He was taken hostage and almost died on multiple occasions.

He suddenly became Ye Taiting’s son.

Now Ye Taiting was bleeding out right before his eyes.

And the man before him, who could kill without batting an eye, had become his father.

Who was he really?!

He stared at Qian Guanshu in fear, not knowing whom to trust anymore!

He just watched Qian Guanshu, watched as he cleaned the blade, which gleamed incredibly bright.

After Qian Guanshu had done all this, he methodically set the knife aside.

At that moment, Yi Wenhan felt that he did not kill a human being, but an unthinking animal. He had no sense of guilt, appearing so indifferent.

He said, “Yi Wenhan, from now on, you will be called Ye Wenhan!”

Yi Wenhan’s body was trembling.

He was scared of the man before him; he was really scared.

“But you are not of the Ye family, you are my son, Qian Guanshu’s son!” Qian Guanshu said, “Your mother, Nie Wenzhi, is one of the members of the most secretive underground organization — Corpse Organization! She is outstanding in many ways, and that’s why Ye Taiting wanted her to bear his children. However, Ye Taiting’s ability to conceive was practically zero. But he endlessly had in-vitro fertilisation procedures performed on your mother right from the time she came of age. You cannot possibly imagine the kind of torment your mother went through!”

At this point.

Qian Guanshu’s expression darkened further.

“Our feelings for each other back then, felt just like how I was being coerced by Ye Taiting. So, in our constant interactions, we developed feelings for each other, and we made a daring decision – I got your mother pregnant! Ye Taiting never suspected me. During the entire process, it was only I who was in contact with Nie Wenzhi, and a bunch of doctors and nurses who were locked up. He entrusted everything to me. And the imprisoned doctors, anxious to return home, helped cover up the lie. And because of Ye Taiting’s ruthlessness, how could he possibly allow more people in the world to know his secret? So, when the doctors and nurses were sent away, they were killed off halfway! From then on, other than you and your mother, no one else knew that you were my son!”

Yi Wenhan stared intently at Qian Guanshu.

He watched him continue to speak, “I guessed that Ye Taiting wouldn’t make you known to the world, but what I didn’t expect was for him to send you to an orphanage, and even arranging for your mother to marry another man! What enraged me was that I couldn’t dare to kill him directly! And your mother, due to her identity being exposed, has now ended up like this!”

“Now, our family’s revenge has been avenged, but that’s not enough! We must seize the Commercial Management institution from Ye Taiting’s hands completely. This is what we deserve. After all, Ye Taiting’s father had seized the rights from someone else. His current predicament is merely karma. After all the torment we’ve endured from him, we deserve to get our reward!” Qian Guanshu declared decisively, “Wenhan, you must continue this journey, even if it means becoming ruthless. I made you watch me kill someone to tell you, in the future, there will be many such incidents where anyone who threatens our interests should be annihilated. That’s the law of survival. Now do you know who we should deal with next?”

At that moment, Yi Wenhan was so frightened that he was almost out of his mind.

Upon hearing all that Qian Guanshu had to say, he could only listen, as if he had lost all capacity to think.

But at this moment, Qian Guanshu didn’t care and continued to indoctrinate him, saying, “The person we should deal with now is Ji Baijian!”

The moment he heard Ji Baijian’s name.

It seemed as though Yi Wenhan suddenly regained his senses.

Qian Guanshu said, “I now realize that I’ve underestimated Ji Baijian! Who is Ji Baijian? That doesn’t matter! But Ji Baijian must die! Since he has the ability to drive Ye Taiting to a corner, he definitely has the ability to drive us to a dead end. But, fortunately, he is softhearted. He gave up a promising future for a woman. Regardless of his motives, he indeed chose to give up for a woman named Song Zhizhi. Since we now know that he is a threat, he must die without a doubt!”

Yi Wenhan nodded.

He nodded his head firmly.