My Lady, To Defeat Scumbags You Must Start Early - C.292 - : If you don’t save Wei Ziming, I will die in front of you!

My Lady, To Defeat Scumbags You Must Start Early

C.292 - : If you don’t save Wei Ziming, I will die in front of you!

Chapter 292: Chapter 292: If you don’t save Wei Ziming, I will die in front of you!

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“Finally, the tables are turning!” Ji Baijian said, his cold voice echoing in the vast space.

He pulled the trigger in his hand.

At that moment, Yi Wenhan suddenly seemed to wake up, as if he understood everything all at once. He looked at Ye Taiting, yelling, “Am I your son?!”

Ye Taiting looked at the black gun pressed to his son’s forehead, watched the man pull the trigger.

He abruptly knelt on the ground, “Don’t kill him! Don’t kill him! I’ll do whatever you want!”

Yi Wenhan watched Ye Taiting’s desperation.

It must be the truth!

He was furious!

Beyond furious!

Yi Wenhan glared at Ye Taiting, “I’m your son, yet you left me to fend for myself! I’m your son, but you’ve never cared about my life or death. Do you know how miserable my life has been?!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I did it for your own good, for your sake!”

“For my sake! For me, you let me get kidnapped, had guns pointed at my head!” Yi Wenhan seethed with anger, “You think you are good to me?!”

“It’s my fault, it’s all my fault…”

“You’re not my father! Shut up! I don’t have a father like you!” Yi Wenhan yelled at Ye Taiting.

Why was it that he had such a significant background, and yet he had no idea!

Why was it that he only found out when he was going to die!

He hadn’t experienced any luxuries, wealth, power, position, he should have had all of it, but now he hadn’t thought of any of it!

His body trembled with hatred.

“Please don’t kill him, I beg you, please don’t kill him.” Ye Taiting knelt on the ground, hitting his head against the floor.

Ji Baijian looked at him indifferently.

What appeared before his eyes was himself, years ago, kneeling before Ye Taiting, begging him for help to rescue his parents.

He had been bleeding from his forehead as he kowtowed, begging desperately, but Ye Taiting had just watched him like it was a joke!

This was the first time he had begged someone so pitifully.

His throat moved.

He tightened his grip.

An eye for an eye would be enough.

He pulled the trigger.

“If you kill him, I’ll kill him!” Qian Guanshu suddenly dragged Wei Ziming forward, pressing the gun against his forehead.

Ji Baijian’s eyes tightened.

Ye Taiting paused for a moment.

He turned to look at Qian Guanshu!

What use could Wei Ziming have!

No one knew who this man was, what threat could Wei Ziming pose!

“Ji Baijian, if Wei Ziming dies, you won’t have a good explanation for Song Zhizhi!” Qian Guanshu said, word by word.

“Ji Baijian?!” Ye Taiting stood up from the ground.

He was too panicked, too panicked to recognize the man before him!

It took Qian Guanshu a while to guess it was Ji Baijian.

After observing the conversation between Ji Baijian and Ye Taiting and checking the surroundings, he noticed that Song Zhizhi’s body was missing; clearly, someone had rescued her earlier.

And the only one who could be connected to Song Zhizhi and wield such power would be none other than Ji Baijian!

Upon realizing the possible identity, Qian Guanshu observed him closely, noticing his physique, voice, and facial features, almost certain it was Ji Baijian!

He regretted it, why hadn’t he thought of Ji Baijian earlier?!

If he had, he would have captured Song Zhizhi immediately, rather than threatening Ji Baijian with someone less significant!

Ji Baijian faced Qian Guanshu’s threat with indifference.

He replied, “You think that’s likely?”

Qian Guanshu stared at Ji Baijian, “Aren’t you afraid Song Zhizhi will never forgive you!”

“I’ve already sent Song Zhizhi away. If I say you killed him, do you think she will doubt me?!”

Qian Guanshu’s face paled.

Song Zhizhi and Luo Xiaolang were hiding nearby, watching everything unfold. Once Ji Baijian seemed to have the upper hand, they quietly crept off the plane and hid in a corner!

On hearing Ji Baijian’s words, Luo Xiaolang was unnerved.

She was about to rush out.

Song Zhizhi grabbed her, whispering, “Don’t rush.”

Luo Xiaolang looked at Song Zhizhi nervously.

“I believe Ji Baijian won’t casually give up on a life. Let’s wait and see.”


Ji Baijian’s indifference is just for show to the opposition.

Once they realize Wei Ziming is useless, they might let him go!

Of course, Song Zhizhi had gotten carried away.

She doesn’t understand how ruthless Ye Taiting truly is!

For Ye Taiting, even insignificant people can serve as company in death, he wouldn’t let go of any chance.

Ye Taiting directly snatched the handgun from Qian Guanshu’s hand, pointed it at Wei Ziming’s forehead, “Fine, having someone to accompany me in death is not a bad idea.”

“Don’t shoot!” Luo Xiaolang lost control of her emotions.

Song Zhizhi did not hold back Luo Xiaolang at that moment.

If they didn’t step in to stop it, Wei Ziming will undoubtedly die.

Wei Ziming is her family, she would not let him die like this!

She followed Luo Xiaolang out.

Ye Taiting turned his head.

Qian Guanshu also turned his head, his face showing a cold mockery, “Ji Baijian, it appears that Song Zhizhi didn’t leave after all.”

At that moment, Ji Baijian also saw Song Zhizhi and Luo Xiaolang.

His face darkened a bit.

Luo Xiaolang roared, “Let him go, if you dare to kill him, I swear I will make all of you accompany him in death!”

She was on the brink of losing composure.

Luo Xiaolang simply could not accept the fact that Wei Ziming was in danger.

“Xiaolang, stop talking!” Wei Ziming interrupted her.

“You cannot die, you cannot die…” Tears welled up in Luo Xiaolang’s eyes, she even wanted to rush over at that moment.

For Luo Xiaolang, as long as Wei Ziming called her ‘Master’, she would treat him like her own parents.

She absolutely wouldn’t allow Wei Ziming to die.

“Now, what are you going to do?” Ye Taiting sneered, his face smug.

Ji Baijian also smiled, “So, you think they can stop me?”

Ye Taiting’s smirk froze.

Ji Baijian dramatically ripped off the black mask from his face, revealing his strikingly handsome face directly in front of Song Zhizhi. Despite the formidable handsomeness, at that moment, he seemed chillingly cold

He said, “Whether you kill Wei Ziming or not has nothing to do with me, but Yi Wenhan and all of you are as good as dead!”

His grim words deeply etched into Song Zhizhi’s mind.

She bit her lip.

In fact, she understands Ji Baijian.

Such a golden opportunity, it would be a shame to waste it.

For so many years, Ye Taiting has avoided confrontation, always protected. In Jin City, no action could be taken against him.

Finally, the snake was lured out of the hole, finally Ye Taiting was under his gun, finally in this place where evidence can be eradicated, how could he give up this opportunity to obliterate his enemies in one fell swoop!

If he gave up, it would be a betrayal of his ancestors!

She knew, she knew it all.


I’m sorry, Ji Baijian.

Wei Ziming is my family, I know he is interfering with your revenge plan, but faced with a life being snuffed out right under my nose, I cannot be indifferent. I cannot stand by and let Wei Ziming die.

She opened her mouth, said, “Ji Baijian, can my life be exchanged for Wei Ziming’s?”

Ji Baijian turned his head, looking at Song Zhizhi.

Song Zhizhi picked up a pistol dropped by some dead person on the ground.

She knows how to use a gun.

Needs to be loaded, needs a pull of the trigger.

Wei Ziming had taught her before, and she has a good memory.

Song Zhizhi pointed the gun at her own forehead, “If you won’t save Wei Ziming, I will die in front of you!”

Ji Baijian’s solemn gaze stared intensely at Song Zhizhi.

He knew she was a woman of her word.

However, he didn’t back down at that moment.

Because he didn’t want to back down.

He had waited for decades, finally waiting for this one opportunity.

He used Song Zhizhi, he manipulated many others, he ultimately lured Ye Taiting here. He had planned this for a very long time!

Right now.

All of it, all blood feuds from past and present lives, could be wrapped up with a beautiful ending right at this moment.

But Song Zhizhi.

Song Zhizhi claimed she would die before his eyes.

He had it all planned out, once he had his revenge on Ye Taiting, he would take her traveling—the honeymoon trip they missed out on, their future children; they still had so many beautiful moments to share, and the leadership of the Ye Family couldn’t compete with his desire to be with Song Zhizhi alone.

He watched Song Zhizhi intensely.

As she pleaded with him, “Save Wei Ziming! Save him!”

Her voice was loud.


Ji Baijian, suppressing his trembling body.

Song Zhizhi said, “Ji Baijian, I can understand you. I can comprehend everything. I know the deep-seated hatred you bear, and I do not blame you for using me as bait…Ji Baijian, you used me as bait, didn’t you?!”

Ji Baijian did not deny it.

“You knew that this project was Ye Taiting’s conspiracy to bring about my end. Not only did you not stop it, but you also guided me to follow Yi Wenhan. You probably guessed I wouldn’t kill him. I can’t bring myself to do it. You merely wanted me to take Yi Wenhan as a hostage in order to lure Ye Taiting here! You know how important Yi Wenhan is to Ye Taiting, hence if Yi Wenhan were in trouble, Ye Taiting would definitely come forward. Every step of your plan was calculated perfectly! You probably arrived much earlier, didn’t you? When the villagers of Jinghe kidnapped me last night, and as I was pursued all the way, you must have been watching from the shadows, just waiting for Ye Taiting to appear and using my life as bait,” said Song Zhizhi, her eyes turning red. “Ji Baijian, I know all this, but I don’t blame you. I am not scared of being used by you, or of you neglecting me in order to get your revenge. Since I chose to love you and marry you, knowing everything about you, I will not hold you accountable for what you’ve done for your deep-seated hatred. But Ji Baijian…”

Song Zhizhi’s eyes were stained red, tears streaming down her face.

She really did not wish to hinder Ji Baijian.

She truly knew the bitterness of losing loved ones, how maddening it was to see one’s family annihilated.


She simply could not bear to let Wei Ziming die in front of her.

She pleaded, “Ji Baijian, you promised me—you swore to protect me and my family for life! Wei Ziming is part of my family. I beg you…save him!”

In that moment, it was almost as if she was begging.

Ji Baijian’s lips pressed into a tight line.

His grim demeanor still appeared as harrowing and terrifying as ever.

Song Zhizhi locked eyes with him.

She really did not want to resort to such drastic measures to threaten him.

She had no other choice.

She said, “Ji Baijian, you know how important family is to me, you know…”

Ji Baijian’s throat bobbed up and down.

He avoided her gaze.

Song Zhizhi bit her lip, struggling to control her emotional turmoil.

“Have you sorted things out?” At that moment, Ye Taiting suddenly adopted a new demeanor; the image of him begging Ji Baijian on his knees vanished. He said, “Either I kill Wei Ziming to accompany the dead, or you let go of Yi Wenhan, and we go our separate ways!”

Ji Baijian clenched his fists.

Everything had been revealed.

His identity.

Yi Wenhan’s identity.

Song Zhizhi’s identity.

Once Ye Taiting managed to escape this peril and return to Jin City, the first thing he would do is turn on them!

They used to work in the shadows.

From now on, they would no longer have the upper hand!

The reason he had never confronted Ye Taiting face-to-face for all these years was because he knew his own capabilities were not enough.

Pushing Ye Taiting to his current predicament was already his limit.

However, now!

He said, “Let go of Wei Ziming.”

Song Zhizhi looked at Ji Baijian. There was a part of her that felt a crushing sense of heartbreak at that moment.

Ji Baijian always appeared like a heroic figure, rescuing her every time she found herself in danger. But she…she couldn’t help him at all.

Her eyes were red with unshed tears.

Ye Taiting said, “Deal. Now, let go of Yi Wenhan.”

Ji Baijian nodded.

Ye Taiting sported a triumphant grin and directed Qian Guanshu, “Prepare the helicopter.”

“Yes.” Qian Guanshu immediately withdrew to ready the helicopter.

Ye Taiting, personally holding Wei Ziming hostage, along with his remaining men, headed towards the helicopter.

Ji Baijian watched them icily.

“Now, we will release each other’s people at the same time.” Ye Taiting instructed, threatening, “Don’t be deceitful, Ji Baijian!”

Ji Baijian did not respond.

He just stared at him with icy eyes.

Ye Taiting ordered his men to release Wei Ziming, but kept a gun aimed at him the entire time, ready to blow his brains out at the slightest sign of a false move.

At that moment, Song Zhizhi was also nervous.

Watching Ji Baijian nervously, she could see he was holding back.

She saw him set Yi Wenhan free, looked as Wenhan took each risky step towards Ye Taiting’s position.

Wei Ziming and Yi Wenhan crossed paths, and then Wenhan headed towards the helicopter, while Ziming returned to their side.

Ye Taiting yanked Yi Wenhan into the helicopter and several gunshots echoed.

The shots weren’t aimed to kill, but to create chaos and aid in Ye Taiting’s escape by helicopter.

Everyone left behind instinctively ducked for cover as bullets rained down on the already ascending helicopter.

“Master.” Luo Xiaolang turned to Wei Ziming in excitement, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Wei Ziming replied bluntly.

His gaze was fixed on Song Zhizhi at that moment.

Having already put down her own gun, Song Zhizhi felt his gaze, turned her head and looked back at him.

Wei Ziming had a somber look on his face.

Song Zhizhi flashed a small smile.

There was nothing more important than life, let alone the life of a loved one.

Several more helicopters sat idle on the vast heliport.

Song Zhizhi watched as Ji Baijian strode towards one of them and instructed his men to climb aboard.

No need to fear the helicopters – they weren’t rigged with explosives or mechanically unsafe.

She watched quietly as Ji Baijian climbed into the cockpit; his black-clad men already seated, two of the helicopters had already taken off and left.

Ji Baijian’s helicopter started hovering.

What was left were Song Zhizhi, Wei Ziming, and Luo Xiaolang standing still on the field. She thought Ji Baijian might not even take her with him.

Suddenly, she saw Ji Baijian climb down from the cockpit and head straight towards her.

Song Zhizhi watched him approach.

Their eyes met.

She wanted to say something.

But Ji Baijian had already reached out and pulled her towards the helicopter.

Wei Ziming and Luo Xiaolang climbed aboard as well.

The ride was filled with silence.

An oppressive silence.

The helicopter did not return directly to Jin City, but switched to a car midway. After an eight-hour long drive, everyone arrived back in Jin City.

Back in the Jin City that Song Zhizhi knew so well.

By then it was already night – there was no darkness like in Jinghe Village, instead every corner was dazzlingly illuminated.

The car pulled into a residential garage.

Only Ji Baijian, Song Zhizhi, Luo Xiaolang, and Wei Ziming remained.

The car had been driven by Ji Baijian.

He didn’t let anyone replace him as the driver at any point along the way.

He drove all the way back to Jin City without taking a break.

He said “Luo Xiaolang, you take Song Zhizhi back first.”

Song Zhizhi was taken aback.

Luo Xiaolang looked at Ji Baijian and said, “You can’t beat up my master.”

“I won’t.” Ji Baijian assured her solemnly.

But Luo Xiaolang was still concerned.

Even she could see that Ji Baijian seemed to have given up something important for her master’s sake this time.

Wei Ziming saw Luo Xiaolang was not planning to get off so he said, “Xiaolang, you take Zhizhi and get off first.”

Only after hearing Wei Ziming’s command did Luo Xiaolang get off the car.

Song Zhizhi also got out of the car.

There was nothing to worry about, if Ji Baijian had wanted to kill Wei Ziming, he wouldn’t have decided to rescue him.