My Lady, To Defeat Scumbags You Must Start Early - C.290 - 270: Kill with a Borrowed Knife (2)

My Lady, To Defeat Scumbags You Must Start Early

C.290 - 270: Kill with a Borrowed Knife (2)

Chapter 290: Chapter 270: Kill with a Borrowed Knife (2)

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The group had been running for quite a distance.

Suddenly, everyone came to a halt!

Many men in black sprang up in front of them, blocking their way.

Meanwhile, the black-clad men behind them quickly caught up, effectively trapping them.

Just how many men had Ye Taiting deployed to kill her?

Song Zhizhi stared intently at the crowd in front of them.

Wei Ziming was also on high alert.

Luo Xiaolang, with Yi Wenhan shackled, was also carefully watching the surrounding people.

The men in black before them were slowly closing in.

Song Zhizhi and her group were stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Song Zhizhi shouted loudly, “If you take one more step, we will kill Yi Wenhan! We will kill him!”

Yi Wenhan was terrified, he yelled at Song Zhizhi, “Song Zhizhi, it’s against the law to kill me, I won’t let you go even if I become a ghost…”

“Stay back!” Song Zhizhi didn’t have time to pay attention to Yi Wenhan. She stared at the increasingly close crowd, “I mean it!”

However, the people in front did not stop advancing.

Song Zhizhi felt a lump in her throat, she uttered fiercely, “Kill Yi Wenhan!”

“Song Zhizhi…” Yi Wenhan was incredibly frightened, he truly believed that Song Zhizhi was serious this time!

Luo Xiaolang squeezed the trigger.

At this moment.

The black-clad men in front suddenly stopped. They were likely testing to see if Song Zhizhi really would kill Yi Wenhan.

Song Zhizhi pulled Luo Xiaolang back, motioning her not to shoot.

This was not the time to decide whether or not to kill Yi Wenhan. If they killed him now, they would undoubtedly die!

They could not allow Yi Wenhan to drag them down to hell with him. He simply wasn’t worth it!

The leading man in black stood not far away, coldly stating, “Even if you kill him, you won’t survive!”

“Even if I don’t kill him, I won’t survive! But I know that if I kill him, not only will Yi Wenhan and I perish, you all will have to join us!”

“You!” The leader was so infuriated by her words that his face contorted hideously.

Song Zhizhi demanded, “Let us go!”

The men in black remained motionless, trapped in a standoff!

Song Zhizhi’s voice rose, sounding rather powerful, “Let us go!”

“We can let you go, but we want a hostage exchange!” The black clothed man suddenly conceded.

“What gives you the right to bargain with us!” Song Zhizhi barked defiantly, “The power is in my hands! You don’t dare let Yi Wenhan die!”

“Indeed, we don’t!” The man sneered, “If he dies, every one of us will die also! But what if you kill Yi Wenhan after you leave? Won’t the outcome be the same?! Why should I place my life in your hands! Don’t think that things will go as smoothly as you wish! As death is inevitable, I’d rather die together now than let you all leave without any assurances. At least it’s better than, you all living and us dying! I won’t rest in peace if it comes to that!” The man’s terrifying voice echoed through the ominously dark night of Jinghe Village.

Song Zhizhi was taken aback.

It was evident that if they didn’t agree to their terms, they would rather everyone dies together.

The opponent had a point.

In essence, they’re all facing death, they absolutely won’t let them walk away that easily, not with Yi Wenhan in their possession!

Song Zhizhi gritted her teeth.

Before she could make a decision, Wei Ziming suddenly spoke up, “I’ll be the hostage!”

“Brother Ziming!” Song Zhizhi yelled.

Wei Ziming continued, “I will be the hostage, Xiaolang, take Zhizhi and leave!”

“Master…” Luo Xiaolang protested, seemingly disagreeing with the proposal.

“Just do it!” Wei Ziming spoke fiercely.

Luo Xiaolang said no more.

Song Zhizhi cried out loudly, “You’re not going!”

Wei Ziming was already walking towards the leader, “I will be the hostage.”

The leader studied Wei Ziming, “We need Song Zhizhi!”

“It’s either me or nobody!” Wei Ziming was relentless.

The leader seemed to hesitate for a moment.

He declared, “Fine. Lay down your weapon!”

Wei Ziming threw his weapons and ammunition onto the ground.

The leader nodded, and a black-clad man immediately shackled Wei Ziming.

“Brother Ziming.” Song Zhizhi called out to him.

“I’m fine,” Wei Ziming reassured, “You can let them go now, right?”

“No!” The leader spoke harshly.

“You’re going back on your word!” Wei Ziming’s face turned ashen.

At that moment, Song Zhizhi also fixed her gaze intently on the leader.

Luo Xiaolang’s eyes had transformed, she seemed to harbor an urge to kill.

The leader articulated, “I can’t guarantee that you are absolutely important! What if Song Zhizhi doesn’t care whether you live or die, how can I let them walk away with Yi Wenhan!”

“Then we might as well die here together!” Song Zhizhi laughed coldly.

As she laughed, Luo Xiaolang not only raised her gun, but Song Zhizhi also directed a long knife towards Yi Wenhan’s face.

“Song Zhizhi!” The leader shouted her name harshly, “What I meant is, we will escort you out together, once you feel safe we can exchange hostages!”

At that moment, he seemed somewhat panicked!

Apparently, he did not expect Song Zhizhi to be so tough!

Song Zhizhi’s hand stopped.

The leader coldly asked her, “Can you get out of here on your own?”

She indeed couldn’t.

“Yes!” Song Zhizhi promptly agreed, “But I have a condition!”

“Speak!” The leader hissed through gritted teeth.

“There are so many of you, even if we leave Jinghe Village, we won’t be able to escape! It’s simple, there are three of us, add yourself and only three of you are allowed to escort us out, no one else is allowed to approach!”

The leader seemed to hesitate.

“Unless you still want to kill us all or unless you’re not sincere about making a deal with us, you have to go along with my demands!” Song Zhizhi spoke slowly, emphasizing every word, “I’ll count to three, make up your mind! Three, two…”

“Fine!” The leader agreed.

At that moment, he seemed to be on the verge of exploding with rage.

He had killed countless people, yet today, he was threatened by a girl!

Besides, she was the only one he had ever met who could remain so composed and considerate in a crisis!

“You have 2 minutes to arrange manpower.” Song Zhizhi said sternly.

The leader’s ominous face casually pointed at two people, “You two come with me, everyone else stays put!”


The leader strode away with them.

The group walked on the night road without anyone speaking, everyone was on high alert.

Dawn had already broken.

Now they could see vaguely.

Song Zhizhi stopped walking.

Luo Xiaolang, seeing Song Zhizhi stop, also stopped.

Song Zhizhi said, “This should not be the way out!”

The leader also stopped and turned around, “Indeed, it’s not.”

“So, you’re trying to trick us, are you?” Song Zhizhi sneered.

“Not quite.” The leader said, “I just don’t want you to leave here for now!”

“Is there someone waiting for us?” Song Zhizhi raised an eyebrow.

“You’re really clever, little girl.” The leader praised, “We should be almost there!”

Song Zhizhi frowned.

The leader said, “We’ve been walking most of the night, you must be tired too, why don’t we sit and wait.”

“Or, we can just die together!” Song Zhizhi stated bluntly.

The leader’s face darkened.

“It’s clear you never intended to let me leave alive, so why should I play along with you!” Song Zhizhi addressed the leader, “Xiaolang!”

Luo Xiaolang’s gaze tightened.

“Wait.” The leader panicked for a moment, “Song Zhizhi, don’t be impulsive! As long as Yi Wenhan is alive, there’s still a way out for you!”

“Then tell me now, who is it that wants to see me?!” Song Zhizhi roared.

“Since you are aware that we dare not kill Yi Wenhan, you should also be well aware of who forbids us to kill him! And that person, isn’t he the one who wants to meet you!”

Song Zhizhi’s eyes flickered.

Ye Taiting?!

Ye Taiting was coming here in person to protect Yi Wenhan!

Yes, that’s right.

Yi Wenhan was Ye Taiting’s only child, he would be fearful if Yi Wenhan died. So, he must have instructed his subordinates to control her emotions and ensure Yi Wenhan’s safety while he personally resolved the matter!

This is what Song Zhizhi was thinking.

Suddenly, the sound of helicopters came from above.

Song Zhizhi’s eyes narrowed.

Several helicopters, from a distance, began to descend and land on the ground. The surroundings were filled with dust kicked up by the propellers, causing brown dirt to fly about.

After a while.

The dust in front of her settled.

A group of people came down from the helicopter.

Ye Taiting was the last to disembark from the helicopter.

Qian Guanshu was by his side, and the people protecting him stood on either side.

Song Zhizhi was somewhat nervous, trying her best to hide it.

She shot Luo Xiaolang a look, signaling her to be ready.

Luo Xiaolang nodded, and in that moment, she pointed her gun straight at Yi Wen’s temple.

Yi Wenhan was in a state of terror, his body trembling non-stop, his face pale as he looked at Ye Taiting, still completely stupefied.

Ye Taiting, seeing Luo Xiaolang’s move, his face turned cold.

He turned his gaze to Song Zhizhi, standing not far from him. He said, “Song Zhizhi, you sure do know a lot!”

“If you don’t want others to know, you mustn’t do it!”

“Fair enough!” Ye Taiting even laughed at that moment, showing no panic due to the current situation. Compared to Yi Wenhan, who was almost scared to death, it didn’t seem like he was his biological son!

Song Zhizhi said, “I just want to leave here alive!”

“Granted.” Ye Taiting agreed in one breath, “But you’ve got to give me Yi Wenhan back!” 𝔣𝖗𝔢𝖊𝔴𝖊𝔟𝔫𝔬𝖛𝔢𝖑.𝔠𝔬𝔪

“Once I return him to you, can I still live? With such a grand display, I’m afraid you never intended to let me leave.”

“But you’re smarter than I thought, knowing how to use Yi Wenhan to threaten me! Killing you really isn’t easy!”

“I’ve done nothing to you, why do you want to kill me! Why are you treating me and my family like this? Ye Taiting, don’t you think you’re being too cruel?”

“I admit I am very cruel, but that’s because your family provoked me! Your father Song Shan is no better!”

“You’re lying!” Song Zhizhi rebutted!

“Would I have needed to target him if he hadn’t been after my power?”

“That’s because you said you didn’t have an heir, that’s why my father wanted that position. If you had an heir, how could my father covet the position of the heir! You think everything you do is foolproof, you think your actions can clear the obstacle for your son! Ye Taiting, you’re delusional! Other than causing everyone in Commercial Management who is loyal to you to tear each other apart, you’re not gaining any advantage at all!”

“How do you know my secret?” Ye Taiting didn’t respond to Song Zhizhi’s words, but asked her back at that moment.

He was genuinely puzzled.

How did Song Zhizhi know so much!

He thought that Song Zhizhi agreeing to go on this inspection trip might have suspected it was his intentional arrangement, Song Zhizhi probably wanted to get hold of his criminal evidence through this trip. Therefore, she used herself as bait. But he didn’t expect Song Zhizhi to know Yi Wenhan’s identity. If he had known, he would never have let Yi Wenhan go on the trip with Song Zhizhi!

At that moment, he even speculated, did Song Zhizhi come here with the intention of killing Yi Wenhan!

Ye Taiting’s face turned noticeably darker.

Song Zhizhi did not answer Ye Taiting.

She wanted to choke him.

Even if she were to die today, she would make Ye Taiting live in fear, not knowing who was plotting against him behind his back!

“No more talk, I’m giving you a helicopter now, you and your people go!” Ye Taiting seemed not to want to waste time on Song Zhizhi any longer.

Song Zhizhi looked at the helicopter.

“What, afraid to go?” Ye Taiting asked.

“How do I know if you’ve planted a bomb on it!” Song Zhizhi asked.

Ye Taiting’s face was frightening. He issued a warning rather than a compliment, word by word, “You really are unexpectedly clever!”

Song Zhizhi managed to keep her cool, “I won’t let go of Yi Wenhan until my absolute safety is assured!”

“What exactly do you want?!”

“Let’s return to Jin City together!” Song Zhizhi made it very clear.

Without returning to Jin City, she didn’t feel safe!