Medical Master - C.1972 - The Arrival of the Old Master!

Medical Master

C.1972 - The Arrival of the Old Master!

Chapter 1972 The Arrival of the Old Master!


All the netizens who had watched the entire CG animation through the live stream started to express their opinions, some agreeing with the oldest, some agreeing with the youngest, some feeling that this was the reality without any fault, and some sadly believing that both had made the wrong choices.

The vast majority of them are moot.

In this case, there are even people who have listed a question on the Knowledge Network: what exactly is a miracle doctor?

Knowledge network, originally is a with microblogging and posting, with a very large flow of network community, in microblogging topic hot, posting everywhere in the discussion, the major live platform are noisy situation, know the problem on the Internet, but also very quickly caused countless people’s hot discussion and attention.

“What exactly is a miracle doctor?”

“Understood literally, doctors with god-like abilities can be called divine doctors, but understood at a deeper level, doctors with god-like compassion and willingness to give up their own lives to save others can also be called flavored divine doctors, but these two kinds of people are almost impossible to find in the contemporary era, so how should the contemporary divine doctors be defined?”

“I don’t think that Shriner is a class designation, but rather an honorific that comes from the patient’s heart with a bang.”

“Why is it that there are no divine doctors in modern times but there were in ancient times? We can think carefully and compare, for example, the divine doctors in history, Sun Simiao, Hua Tuo and so on who were called divine doctors, were undoubtedly people who made great contributions to Chinese medicine and were doctors who did good things for the people, so everyone thought they were divine doctors.”

“Is there such a person, now?”

“I think, Fang Qiu is not far away from the god doctor, if it is in the ancient times he is already a god doctor, to say for Chinese medicine to make a great contribution, he gave Chinese medicine directly to the world stage, so that all the countries in the world have recognized the Chinese medicine, have accepted the Chinese medicine, this is not considered a great contribution? To say saving lives, although Fang Qiu didn’t save lives every moment, but when he participated in Young Chinese Medicine, he saw more than a thousand patients at one time, and every month, he would have 24 hours non-stop diagnosis and treatment for people all over the country, if there is really a divine doctor, this person must be Fang Qiu!”


Everyone in the Chinese medicine industry is also buzzing about it.

“This CG animation is just too much for the mind.”

“This cartoon, again, evoked my first love of studying medicine.”

“When I first learned medicine, there was always a sense of mission in my heart, and a sense of looking down on everything, and only learning medicine to save people’s lives, but as we grew up and matured, and as we entered the society, these things that should have taken root in our hearts gradually lost their nutrients, and they are almost drying up. Today, this cartoon and these things that have taken root in my heart, once again send out shoots.”

“Now I realize that the most important thing about being a doctor is not the ease, not the money and power, not the thrill of controlling someone’s life and death, but the benevolence of a healer!”

The chatter on all sides has been particularly heated.

In just half an hour, the topic of what is a miracle doctor rushed to the first place on the list of hot topics inside Weibo and posting bars.


The chatter grew louder as well.

The originally quiet Assembly Hall was noisy with people in no time.

The stage, ready for the next part of the prepared lecture.

Half an hour later.

The heated buzz only calmed down a little.

“Time’s up, let’s get back on track.”

Fang Qiu opened his mouth and said.

The words came out.

Immediately, everyone in the Assembly Hall all went silent.

“There’s no denying that this story touched us all.”

A great doctor sighed softly in frustration, then opened his mouth to ask, “But is this story true or not?”

“I can tell every senior with certainty that when I fainted in front of the stone book in the back hall of the Divine Farmer’s Shrine, these were the contents of my dream.”

Fang Qiu replied with a sincere face.

“If you can dream it, can we dream it if we go too?”

Another great physician inquired.

Although Fang Qiu had already made the entire content, all of it, into a CG animation for everyone to see, the great healers still wanted to personally go to that scene to experience it and realize it.

After all, there are many nuances that can only be felt when experienced firsthand.

“I don’t know about that.”

Hearing this great doctor’s inquiry, Fang Qiu shook his head with a bitter smile and said, “However, everyone can go and try it out, and perhaps be as fortunate as I am to dream about it.”


All of the great healers on the scene were all moved.

Even the four Sacred Doctors couldn’t help but be moved.


Without waiting for the other great doctors to continue asking, Fang Qiu was the first to open his mouth and said, “This CG animation has already been played, we are now back on track, although I do not consider myself qualified to lecture for all of you great doctor seniors, but since all of you great doctor seniors have given me this opportunity and asked me to lecture on Human Body Traditional Chinese Medicine, then I will not shirk from my duties. ”

“Next, I’m going to tell you about The Human Body Chinese Medicine!”


Fang Qiu walked to his laptop and clicked on another CG animation.

This was his first CG animation, or meridian CG.

“Since we are going to talk about human TCM, we should start with the meridians.”

As the CG animation kicked in, Fang Qiu immediately began to speak.

And offstage.

All of the great healers, one after another, took out their notebooks to start recording some of what Fang Qiu said.

Although the CG animation of the Divine Doctor that was played out before was really shocking, the purpose of everyone coming to this Chinese Medicine Medical Exchange Conference was to wait for this moment.

After all, every great doctor has a dream of a holy doctor in his heart.

Especially after Xu Miaolin’s breakthrough to become a holy doctor because of The Human Chinese Medicine, the dream of a holy doctor in everyone’s heart was even hotter.

Now that they were finally able to hear Fang Qiu personally explain Human Body Chinese Medicine, all the great doctors immediately put everything they had just seen behind them and began to devote themselves to listening carefully to the lecture.

On stage.

Fang Qiu’s speech was also particularly detailed, mentioning almost all of the key nodes in the entire book of Human Chinese Medicine.

On the way of the explanation, there were constantly great doctors who emerged with a look of enlightenment, as if they had been opened up.

A twist.

And the time came to six o’clock in the afternoon.

“I’m done talking.”

Finally, after the time exceeded three minutes, Fang Qiu finished the whole book in its entirety.

“Snap ……”

As Fang Qiu dropped these last words, the entire room applauded.

All the great doctors.

After jotting down notes as if they were students, they were all applauded enthusiastically, each with a look of seeming enlightenment.

Three days.

The four holy doctors and Fang Qiu, all of them have finished speaking.

The great doctors in the room, each with their own notebook position, one by one, they all treat the notebook they carry as a treasure, they are carefully guarded.

For, what was written in the notebook was what they had gained from this conference.

When they go back, these bibendums will definitely help them get a bigger boost.

Leaving the General Assembly Hall.

Fifty great doctors, gathered in twos and threes to talk to each other.

“I didn’t expect that this Chinese Medicine Conference would have so many unexpected states of affairs, when it really is a bit overwhelming.”

“Who would have thought that, it’s only in the blink of an eye that three days have gone by.”

“Yes, the lectures of the four holy doctors have all benefited us greatly, as well as the animation of the Divine Physician shown by Fang Qiu, and his explanation of The Human Body Chinese Medicine, which really opened my eyes.”

“Now it looks like this Chinese Medicine Conference is really so worthwhile to attend.”

“What’s the delay if I had known it was going to be like this, it should have been opened a long time ago.”

“Even though these three days of sessions have passed, tomorrow is the real highlight, ah, tomorrow is the day when we all gather to discuss.”

“I am now looking forward to tomorrow in particular, and the discussion of all the people coming together will certainly benefit us as well.”

“If we don’t get it today, we can all ask for advice in person tomorrow… It’s a very big boost for all of us.”


This way.

After leaving the General Assembly Hall.

Fang Qiu went straight back to his hotel room.

Even dinner did not even go to eat, just directly sitting inside the room, released the divine sense, the entire Bozhou City all shrouded up, waiting to welcome the arrival of the old master.

According to what Li Ji had said before, the old man’s arrival should be today.

That’s all.

Wait inside the hotel until the color of the sky goes into liquid.

It was Fang Qiu who finally was familiar with the energy aura that appeared on the outskirts of Bozhou City District.


The moment he felt this familiar energy scent, Fang Qiu immediately snapped his eyes open, and then filled with surprise, without the slightest hesitation, his body moved and directly broke the window, taking advantage of the color of the night to quickly rush towards the direction where the old master’s scent was located.

Not for a while.

Fang Qiu then arrived outside Bozhou City, in the middle of a wild mountain forest.

Pursuing the old man’s scent, he quickly came to a valley deep within this wild mountain forest.

Just arrived at the mouth of the valley.

Fang Qiu then clearly saw the incomparably familiar, hand-carrying figure in the innermost part of the valley, under the foot of the mountain.

A height of about one meter seven, a slim back, and a pair of palms as transparent as jade, and a familiar scent that had been welling up in his nose since he was a child.

These seemingly particularly minute details made Fang Qiu instantly sour his nose and redden his eyes.

“Sr. ……”

Fang Qiu could not hold back his excitement and was about to kneel down at the mouth of the valley.


Before he could cry out.

The get figure in the depths of the valley quietly flickered and instantly appeared in front of him.

A right hand.

“Shoo ……”

A soft wind chime.

There wasn’t any wide open momentum, the old man’s palm, which was as transparent as jade, swept directly towards Fang Qiu’s chest, like a piece of swimming silk, lightly sweeping over.

Fang Qiu’s figure moved and immediately drew back.

The old man’s attack was no joke, even if his strength was a few points stronger, Fang Qiu was not confident that he could take one of the old man’s moves.

While quickly retreating, Fang Qiu also understood.

After so many years of not meeting, the first time we meet, obviously the old master has the intention to test, he can not stay, must be all out, otherwise not recognized by the old master words, the old master turned to leave their own can not stay!