Master Zhan, Calm Down! - C.2244 - : Pure, little romance (2)

Master Zhan, Calm Down!

C.2244 - : Pure, little romance (2)

Chapter 2244: Pure, little romance (2)

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Inside was a private room with floor-to-ceiling windows and a bed to rest on.

It could be said that it had everything one needed, and more importantly

There was also a small Open-Air Balcony here. Sitting here, one could say that it was the highest and best view on the entire cruise ship. One could see all the scenery in the distance, including the lower deck. One could also enjoy the sea breeze and take in all the scenery.

Chen nianbai placed them there. The little triplets were put down. They looked at Chen nianbai and then at the little monster.

The little monster kept looking at her as if he was possessed.

Chen nianbai looked at the two little ones and sighed slightly. Then, he half-knelt on one knee, looked at the little triplets and asked, ” Shamei, why are you here? Where are your Daddy and Mommy?”

Why did he feel that things were so strange?

Where was she? this was the sea near Singapore. How could she appear here without the company of adults?

However, the little triplets tilted their heads and said adorably, ” uncle, I came by myself.

“what? That’s impossible. Other than Daddy and Mommy, were there any other uncles and aunties who brought you here?”

Chen nianbai thought she had been entrusted to someone.

However, the triplets toot and tugged at their clothes with their small hands. They did not say anything but ran to the balcony and sat on a small chair.

Chen nianbai, “Wanwan.”

Chen nianbai saw that there was no way for him to ask. At this moment, his

phone suddenly rang again. He could only shake his head helplessly and answer the phone.

This call was from his wife, Su Li.

Chen nianbai was in a hurry to hang up earlier on. Now that she was asking him what had happened, he got up and turned to confess to her. Oh, it’s like this. My son and I saw the little triplets when we came back to put them on.

As soon as he said that, the other side fell into a dead silence.

Chen nianbai did not know about his son’s matter because Su Li would not tell him, nor did he tell him that Rong Zhan did not like the little monster to be in contact with his daughter. How was he supposed to tell Rong Zhan about this?

What a sensitive topic!

Chen nianbai would blame himself.

However, what Su Li did not expect the most was that the little che Bao would actually be there. How was this possible?

Just as Chen nianbai opened the door and went out to answer the call, the room suddenly fell silent.

The triplets were in the highest private room on the cruise ship. They were sitting on a bench and enjoying the gentle sea breeze.

He felt like he had done something wrong.

Everyone who saw him would ask him where his Daddy and Mommy were. Was it really wrong of him to do this, Yingluo? but if they appeared here, it was impossible for him to meet the little monster.

Little monster

the little triplets lowered their heads and slowly saw a pair of casual flat shoes that belonged to a little boy appear before their eyes.

She was slightly stunned and slowly raised her small face.

The little boy in front of them had very fair skin. The triplets could not tell what was so good looking about him but he was indeed very good looking. His facial features were all very good looking.

It made her little heart beat wildly.

At this moment, the little monster suddenly raised his hand and touched her little face. The result was that it was a real touch. He immediately retracted his hand, but his ears could not help but heat up.

“What are you doing here?” The little monster looked at her and asked without blinking.

However, his heart was beating like a drum. It had been half a year.

He missed her on the first day he left.

he missed her the second day after he left.

He still missed her even though he had been away for more than half a year.

However, the little triplets looked at him blankly. They blushed and suddenly whispered, ” I, I’m here to find the little monster. [ brother nine: haha, good night.. I’m begging for votes! ]

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