Master Pei's Wife is a Devil Concubine - C.1099 - : It’s for the Show

Master Pei's Wife is a Devil Concubine

C.1099 - : It’s for the Show

Chapter 1099: It’s for the Show

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When Jiang Chu left, his assistant arrived with some steaming tea.

“I’m sorry,” the assistant said pretentiously. “Have some tea before you leave.”

Jiang Chu smiled. “No need.”

The assistant did not try to keep him any longer. After he left, the assistant put down the tea tray and poured a cup for Ms. Lan. His attitude became respectful.

Ms. Lan gestured for him to put it down first.

The assistant glanced in the direction of the door, and the contempt in his tone was obvious. “As a man, he actually dresses like this. What a bad taste. He’s an embarrassment to us men.”

“Don’t waste your attention on meaningless things.” Ms. Lan took the folder from the beginning and opened it. There were a few pages of printed documents that were marked in detail. It was also her hosting draft for the day. “Are all the questions here?”

The assistant was solemn. “They’re all here.”

Ms. Lan nodded, put on the gold-rimmed glasses beside her, and continued reading.

He would make the final preparations before the makeup artist arrived.

In her hands were all the questions that the team had discussed for more than a month and had finally decided on. All of them were sharp questions that could instantly embarrass someone in an interview.

If it was a recording in the past, most of the questions wouldn’t have been left out. Even if she asked them, the artiste would have asked for it to be deleted before the official broadcast. But today, she didn’t have to worry about such questions at all.

Today was a live interview.

Everything would be recorded by millions of netizens and became an established fact.

Therefore, everything today would be under her control!

The recording studio had already been set up. It was the studio dedicated to Tonight’s Warmth. The background wall was printed with intellectual and elegant lines, crisscrossing silver-gray and lilac.

Su Ji and Jiang Chu sat on a beige sofa.

The single-seater opposite was prepared for Ms. Lan.

There were several cameras set up next to them, and they would be shooting from different angles at the same time.

Ms. Lan was still in the dressing room. The staff used this time to make the final adjustments. Someone in the headset was giving them a unified dispatch.

At first, Jiang Chu sat in a seductive posture with his legs crossed, which was the most common among female celebrities.

Although this kind of sitting posture was unique, only people with long and thin legs could do it.

And no matter how short the skirt was, this sitting posture could prevent her from accidentally exposing themselves.

Jiang Chu stared at his legs for a while. For some reason, he suddenly wanted to change his sitting posture.

He first placed his legs together and placed his hands on his knees, but he felt that this sitting posture was too much like a goodie-two-shoes. Then, he spread his legs wide open. This time, even the director who accidentally saw this scene was so shocked that his jaw almost dropped!


How should a person sit? 𝐟reew𝗲b𝐧𝚘𝐯𝐞l.c𝚘m

As he was fretting, he turned his head and noticed Su Ji leaning on the other end of the sofa.

She was chatting with her assistants.

Jiang Chu’s eyes narrowed when he saw her.

Her makeup was very clean, and her eyeliner was very light.

Her long hair was draped over her shoulders and she didn’t do any styling. Because it was an interview program, she was wearing her daily clothes.

It was a very cool female outfit.

She was wearing a slim white T-shirt, loose wide-legged pants, and a casual denim jacket. One of her shoulders was half-exposed.

At this moment, she was leaning against the sofa casually with one arm resting on the armrest of the sofa. She sat with her legs crossed.

She didn’t look sloppy, but she was very casual. Her face was tilted toward the assistant’s side. As Ai Yan and Ai Meng were standing, she looked up.

From the brow bone to the tip of the nose, then to the jawline, the arc of the lines connected together, like a work of art by a manga master.

Jiang Chu was stunned by her sitting posture.

It was only after a while that he noticed what they were talking about.

The reason was that Ai Meng saw a hot news in foreign entertainment and couldn’t help but share it with others.

The protagonist of the news was a foreign actress who had been blackmailed by hackers who had stolen her nude photos from her phone. She was not willing to be threatened, so she chose to post those nude photos on her personal social media homepage and decide who could see them.

This incident caused a heated discussion on the entertainment network. Some people thought that this was a Queen’s move, but of course, there were also people who did not think so.

This was because the female star debuted as a child star. She had an obedient and cute personality and was the type that fans would call their daughter. She was the complete opposite of the few in “Escape Island”.

With such an image, even the fact that there were nude photos on her phone had already made those people’s jaws drop.

Ai Meng asked Su Ji what she thought, and Jiang Chu looked at Su Ji.

The corners of Su Ji’s mouth curled up slightly as she said…

“Hey, hey! Hey, hey!”

Two loud sound checks suddenly exploded at the scene, perfectly covering Su Ji’s voice.

However, Jiang Chu immediately understood what she was saying.

She said “how cool”.

Jiang Chu’s pupils contracted as the lights turned on.

It was a very risky approach, and it was no different from hitting a rock with an egg. It was very likely that he would destroy his future and be hated by everyone.

But so what?

Su Ji agreed, but she felt that it was awesome.

Ms. Lan came out from backstage. Her assistant helped her arrange the wires connecting her collar to various instruments.

Ai Yan and Ai Meng retreated to the stage. Su Ji turned her head and met the gaze that had been staring at the back of her head since the beginning.

This time, Jiang Chu didn’t move away.

Fortunately, Jiang Chu gave her his snacks, so she didn’t go on stage hungry.

Yang Xiaotao had just sent her a WeChat message.

She explained that she had something on and wouldn’t be coming up. She left the delicious food in Jiang Chu’s car and told her to remember to eat it, and to give her feedback once she’s done.

She even sent a few emojis, pretending that nothing had happened and that she was still normal.

However, this couldn’t hide the fact that she had written three wrong words in the first sentence, and there was also an inverted sentence.

Ms. Lan walked over. Her short hair, which was stuck to her jaw, gave off the warm feeling of a female news anchor. Because it was the new year today, she was wearing a red suit that suited the occasion.

“Su Ji, Jiang Mi, on behalf of the production team, I would like to thank you for coming,” she said generously. “It must have been hard for you to come and record the show on New Year’s Eve.”

“No problem.”

“No trouble.”

Their replies were a little perfunctory, but they looked okay.

In any case, they knew that the officials were being polite. It would only be the real killing when the show started later.

When she shook hands with Su Ji, Ms. Lan paused for a while.

She said mysteriously, “I hope my questions won’t make you feel uncomfortable. It’s all for the show.”

Su Ji threw it back with the same sentence. “I hope my answer will satisfy you. It’s all for the show.”