Master Pei's Wife is a Devil Concubine - C.1096 - : It’s Vulgar to Talk About Money!

Master Pei's Wife is a Devil Concubine

C.1096 - : It’s Vulgar to Talk About Money!

Chapter 1096: It’s Vulgar to Talk About Money!

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Su Ji used her phone app to convert the email into Chinese.

[ “To: Borrow Another 500 years from Heaven.” ]

[ “Hello, dear author. The fan fiction novel, “The President of the Black Gang Fell in Love with Me”, created by you, has received excellent responses in many countries. After discussion, the production team sincerely invites you to become the official authorized author of this drama!” ]

[ “I sincerely hope that you will consider it seriously. The contract commission will definitely satisfy you.” ]

[ “I hope to receive your reply soon!” ]

[ “Manager, Muticha.” ]

Muticha’s name was very unique. Su Ji had an impression of him. He was Kim and Poy’s manager.

It was the manager who had provoked her in the backstage washroom of the awards ceremony.

Su Ji raised her eyebrows.

If it weren’t for the fact that the names were exactly the same, it would have been impossible to tell that they were the same person just by looking at the letter.

He carefully chose the words, using honorifics in many places, humble and sincere.

It was a far cry from the way he was in the bathroom that day.

“Su Ji, try this. It’s their specialty here,” Su Cunyi’s voice came from the other side.

As Su Ji looked up, she caught Pei Huai’s gaze sweeping over her phone.

Before he realized what was going on, Su Ji quietly turned off the phone and placed it on the table.

That was close!

At the same time, she picked up a piece of beef that had been cut into squares and put it into her mouth. As she ate, she responded to Su Cunyi’s words with a calm expression.

He seemed to have seen the title just now?

But he probably didn’t see it clearly…

Su Ji thought so, but he did not show it.

No matter what, she had to be calm.

When she first started writing, she didn’t think that she had to hide it from anyone.

She didn’t say it because she felt that there was no need to say it.

However, ever since the fourth chapter, which was the most popular and also the largest, was updated that day…

She could tell anyone about her identity, but she had to hide it from Pei Huai!

She had already died once when Pei Huai found out about the book she was reading, and this time, she was the one who wrote it!

Moreover, hers was more extreme than the few classic chapters in that book.

T Country’s laws were different from China’s. This was legal there and there were no restrictions. Therefore, she wrote freely.

Pei Huai narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at his wife for a while before retracting his gaze.

Su Ji heaved a sigh of relief and then wanted to reply to the email.

[ “The contract commission will definitely satisfy you.” ]

It was vulgar to mention money when it came to literary creation.

But Su Ji thought that that was possible!

It wasn’t for the commission. She just wanted to see his face when Muticha found out it was her.

After Christmas, the voices of netizens looking forward to the new year grew stronger and stronger.

This would be Su Ji’s second Spring Festival in the modern world, and her due date was also after the new year.

There were many things to look forward to, and this was the first time Su Ji had such an experience.

Although the gender of the baby was still a mystery, she and Pei Huai still insisted on their own diagnosis. Since that was the case, they would wait for the baby to be born.

Su Ji and Muticha exchanged a few emails. Muticha already knew that she was from China, but he still did not know her true identity.

After a few emails, his attitude towards her rose from admiration to worship!

Muticha’s desire to work with her was extremely strong, and one could see the urgency in his words.

He was afraid that she would be signed by other companies.

He had even revealed the range of the commission that his company could offer before the meeting. He was very confident in that beautiful figure.

It was a number that would definitely shock the screenwriter who told Su Ji that it was too difficult to make money with words.

However, Su Ji did not agree directly. In the last email, she replied that they would discuss it after the New Year.

Muticha could understand why Chinese people valued the New Year.

However, when he thought about how many days he had to wait… Su Ji had him completely under control.

If she wanted to negotiate a good commission, she could not be in a hurry. This was also Su Ji’s experience in negotiating with foreign envoys in the past.

With this method, during the few years when Su Ji was in power, the amount of tributes that the neighboring countries paid to the Great Shang was unprecedented.

Not only that, but under her genius negotiation, even the young princesses who were sent to be married were able to marry better than expected.

In those few years, the national treasury was full and the people were rich. Su Ji’s small treasury also increased day by day.

On New Year’s Eve, Su Junye received a message from Henry.

It was a moving picture that he had personally made for Boss. It was very unique to China.

Under the red, yellow, and green background wall, a few large pink peonies competed with each other.

Before their eyes could get used to the gorgeous colors, four colorful three-dimensional artistic characters spun out, “Happy New Year, Su Ji!”

Su Junye didn’t know who this stupid netizen was, but he still forwarded it to his sister.

Although his sister did not lend him any money last time, he had earned money by selling her sister’s private photos…

One had to learn to be grateful!

When Su Ji received the GIF, she knew why Henry Group was so wealthy and had more than ten projects that were very profitable, but only the clothing brand had a mediocre response.

Sense of aestheticism is innate!

A few days later, Su Ji realized that her underling had actually made a series of such greeting cards!

Su Ji received it for the first time on New Year’s Eve, and the second time was today.

Because today was New Year’s Eve.

The greeting card was sent in the morning. When Su Ji received it, she was sitting in the car heading to the television station building.

Tonight’s Warmth specially placed Su Ji and Jiang Chu’s interview on New Year’s Eve and broadcasted it live.

It could be seen that Ms. Lan was indeed very confident in the viewership ratings of this episode.

At this moment, Su Ji, who was sitting in the back of the nanny van, was still wearing her loose daily causal clothes. She had a fisherman’s hat on her head. She was dressed in black and looked very valiant.

The vertical lines on her clothes made her look even more slender. Her chin was exposed under the hat, and her hand holding the phone was extremely fair. Her nails were a healthy pink.

Pei Huai treated his wife very well.

It had been a month since she returned to China. Her stomach was slightly bulging, but her limbs were still as slender as a teenage girl.

The road was rather bumpy, and Ai Yan and Ai Meng, who were sitting opposite them, swayed left and right with the frequency of the car, looking a little flustered.

However, Su Ji was very stable.

She sat there unmoving like a mountain and looked at her phone with a relaxed expression.

A true master.

When she received the Happy New Year’s Eve card, her fair and slender fingers reached out from her black sleeve and tapped on the screen. She exited the chat interface with Su Junye. There was a new message on Madam Xu’s profile picture.

[ President Xu: “The Pei family is hosting us tonight. Pei Huai will pick you up after the filming. Mom should be able to arrive earlier than you.” ]

Su Ji replied first. Then, a second later, her eyes curved into a sly smile. She changed the WeChat name of the cold Madam Xu.

[ “20XX No longer single mom” ]