Longevity Clan Starts with the Patriarch’s Marriage - C.138 - 125: Yao Xi and the Empress 1

Longevity Clan Starts with the Patriarch’s Marriage

C.138 - 125: Yao Xi and the Empress 1

Chapter 138: Chapter 125: Yao Xi and the Empress 1

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The migration caravan stopped for a month at Dongchuan Manor for reasons other than travel; they were receiving those forces wishing to forge good relations.

For these forces, Han Li handled them with the same old rules, and these forces were well aware of the practices of the Han Family’s patriarch and did not mind.

After all, they only wanted to establish a good connection. It would be best for them to marry into the Han Family as concubines to the patriarch, but becoming concubines to the distinguished descendants of the Han Family would also be quite satisfactory.

In Dongchuan Manor, Han Li did not take any more concubines, mainly because there were no suitable candidates. He did not even look at those below his standards, leaving his descendants to handle the situation by themselves.

Once everything was settled, the Han Mansion migration team set out again, passing through Dongchuan Pass to enter Yuanzhou, and then followed the predetermined route towards Yonchang Manor.

Upon entering Yuanzhou, they found the treatment far inferior to that in Qingzhou and Jizhou, but Han Li understood the reasons behind this.

The Han Family did not take root in Qingzhou and Jizhou, meaning their influence did not extend to the interests of each force in those territories, but news of the Han Family’s migration to Yuanzhou had spread early on. They were now competing for territory in Yuanzhou and seizing resources from the existing forces there.

The Han Mansion as an Immortal Refining Clan could rank within the top three simply by settling in any manor, and they would be within the top hundred in the whole of Yuanzhou.

For those clans and forces at the Gangyuan Realm and the Pihai Realm or below, the Han Mansion would take a lot of resources that belonged to them, which these forces were not happy about.

The Immortal Refining Clan forces were just a bit wary but realized after some analysis that the Han Family patriarch was good at dealing with people and probably wouldn’t affect their interests.

Some forces in Yuanzhou had already collected information about the Han Family and its patriarch. They hadn’t cared much before because the strength that the Han Familys patriarch had shown was very weak, but now they began to pay more attention to it.

It was just a slight increase in attention, though. When in Leizhou, the Han Family’s patriarch had always resided in a small county town, and for decades, neither he nor his family had actively competed for cultivation resources. It has only been in the past two or three decades that they began selling Spirit Pills and Spiritual Artifacts.

Immortal Refining Clan forces generally do not wage war against each other, as each of such forces is part of the upper layer in a large state. Unless one force is confident that it can quickly annihilate another, a mutually detrimental war would simply benefit other forces.

The Dongxu Stage Forces, being essentially the top echelon of a state, essentially have the Immortal Refining Clan forces under them, nominally within their jurisdiction.

The Dongxu Stage Forces don’t care much, Immortal Refining Clan forces pay some attention, and those at the Gangyuan Realm, Pihai Realm, and below are somewhat in disarray.

After the Han Mansion’s migration team entered Yuanzhou, various small forces became active, constantly keeping an eye on the Han Mansion’s movements, eager to learn exactly which manor the Han Mansion would settle in.

They all knew that the Han Mansion planned to move into Yonchang Manor, but they were unsure if this was a feint, so most small forces would not be at ease until they saw the Han Mansion firmly established in a specific manor.

Although the Immortal Refining Clan forces counted among the upper layer of the state, they could only influence one or two manors. There are twenty or thirty manors within a state, but these are usually occupied by major forces, whether they are Dongxu Stage Forces, Immortal Refining Clans, or occasionally one of the Ten Major Sects.

Once the Han Mansion settles in a manor, it would only be able to influence that manor; the surrounding manors remain under the control of other Immortal Refining Clan forces.

Two months later, the Han Family migration team entered Xuanshi Manor.

Inside a luxurious carriage sat four people: Han Li, Lu Tianxiang, and the sisters Lin Yiwu and Lin Yiyin.

Ever since guiding Lu Tianxiang through an issue, Lin Yiwu became quite close with her, and her sister Lin Yiyin often joined them, leading to Lu Tianxiang becoming familiar with Lin Yiyin as well.

The two sisters maintained appropriate boundaries. Lu Tianxiang was Han Li’s wife, and they were simply his concubines. It was always right to be on good terms with Lu Tianxiang.

Han Li was dressed in blue clothing, Lu Tianxiang wore a red dress, Lin Yiwu was in a white gown, and Lin Yiyin was clad in a blue skirt.

“Husband, come and have some grapes-”

Lin Yiyin was seated to the left of Han Li, holding onto his arm with one hand while offering grapes to his mouth with the other.

Han Li took a grape into his mouth and after chewing a few times, found it quite tasty.

Lin Yiwu sat across from Han Li; after peeling an orange, she stood up and brought it to his mouth, tenderly helping him eat it.

Lu Tianxiang, seated in the innermost section, watched this affectionate display between master and concubines with some distaste in her heart.

That bastard Han Li deliberately brought Lin Yiwu and Lin Yiyin to wait on him, putting on a show to provoke her into compliance.

Yesterday Han Li wanted Lu Tianxiang to feed him a Spirit Energy-filled sweet pomelo, but Lu Tianxiang was reluctant. Today, Han Li brought the two sisters to demonstrate to Lu Tianxiang.

“Hmph- I, the Sect Hierarch, would never stoop to such acts,” Lu Tianxiang thought indignantly feeling the need to reaffirm her status.

After all, she was Han Li’s only wife, though not yet married, so how could she demean herself by serving him like the other concubines?

Wouldn’t the Sect Hierarch lose face?

Lu Tianxiang turned her pretty face away to look out of the window, deciding on an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach to avoid swallowing this dose of ‘dog food.’

She suddenly exclaimed, as Han Li pulled her over, but she did not struggle. Han Li placed her on his lap, took the fruits from Lin Yiwu and Lin Yiyin, and fed them to her personally. Lu Tianxiang’s heart bloomed with happiness, yet she haughtily turned her face away.

Han Li chuckled, whispering in her ear with warm breath, “Xiangxiang, being disobedient might lead to a whipping.”

Lu Tianxiang was momentarily stunned before realizing what he meant; her cheeks immediately flushed a deep red like dawn’s first light, exceptionally charming. 𝗳r𝚎𝐞w𝐞𝚋𝗻𝗼vel.𝗰o𝐦

After dealing with Lu Tianxiang, Han Li gestured for Lin Yiwu to sit to his right, enjoying the embrace of a beauty on each side, and yet another stunning woman on his lap.