Longevity Clan Starts with the Patriarch’s Marriage - C.137 - 124 Divine Sense! Five New Aliases! 2

Longevity Clan Starts with the Patriarch’s Marriage

C.137 - 124 Divine Sense! Five New Aliases! 2

Chapter 137: Chapter 124 Divine Sense! Five New Aliases! 2

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But he could clearly sense that each aspect of his bodily functions was skyrocketing, his abilities increasing fivefold in an instant.

Standing within this mysterious realm, Han Li looked outward, observing a bird flying past, but its speed seemed to be five times slower than usual.

He frowned slightly, then a look of pleasure appeared on his face. It wasn’t that the bird’s speed had decreased by five times, but rather, standing in this mysterious realm, his own speed had increased.

This mysterious realm seemed to involve time; in his eyes, every motion in the outside world automatically slowed down by a factor of five, giving him ample time to react, dodge, or counterattack.

Beyond that, in this state, his overall strength had soared, his speed had increased fivefold, his attack power had gone up by five times, and his defense had strenghtened by fivefold…

Merely three seconds later, Han Li automatically exited the mysterious realm, feeling a bit mentally fatigued.

Han Li tried to enter the mysterious realm again and succeeded, but the duration was even shorter, lasting only a brief two seconds.

After that, Han Li did not continue to try. He knew he had to hurry back, not Imowing how long the tests would take.

If too much time passed, his beautiful wife and concubines, and his family descendents would start worrying about his safety, and conducting experiments within the migrating group wouldn’t be affected.

Han Li took steps, crossing a distance of sixteen thousand miles in just five steps, less than a single breath’s time, returning to the carriage much faster than when he had left.

After sharing an affectionate moment with Lu Tianxiang, Han Li went to find Lin Yiyin, Li Mingmeng, and the other ladies to chat for a bit before returning to Lu Tianxiang’s side.

Embracing Lu Tianxiang’s soft body, Han Li chatted with her while devoting a part of his mind to continue experimenting.

The dawn light was faint; the sky gradually brightened.

The Han Mansion’s migrating caravan set off from Dongshan Manor of Jizhou towards Dongchuan Manor of Jizhou, one of the two gateways from Jizhou to


After several days of continuous study, Han Li finally finished his experimentation, understanding a part of this mysterious realm.

He named the realm “Divine Sense,” a state he could only enter after enhancing his five senses to a certain level and breaking through a certain shackle.

In the state of Divine Sense, his combat abilities were enhanced fivefold, but the state could only be maintained for a maximum of six seconds.

The first entry lasted three seconds, the second lasted two seconds, and the third one second; after three times, he needed three hours to recover.

If he didn’t enter Divine Sense continuously, he only needed a quarter of an hour’s rest for his divine spirit to recover, allowing him to enter again, but only up to six times. After six times, he still required three hours to recover.

There were pros and cons to each method of using Divine Sense. The first method was like a true man of six seconds, during which Han Li’s strength soared fivefold for six seconds, possessing mid-stage True Martial Realm combat ability, with six hours of “sage time.”

The second method was more suitable for sustained combat, where he could burst with strength six times within five quarters of an hour, each burst lasting three seconds, retaining mid-stage True Martial Realm combat power, and still six hours of sage time.

Understanding all this bolstered Han Li’s confidence. He finally had a significant card up his sleeve for self-preservation.

Moreover, he had just begun to explore the realm of Divine Sense. He believed that as his cultivation further increased, he could delve deeper and perhaps even further amplify his combat ability.

The outside world mostly knew him as a Guru in the God Refining Realm, some of his beautiful concubines knew he was a Grandmaster of the Hollow Void

Stage, and Lu Tianxiang and Jiang Baiye knew he had the combat ability of the

Myriad Phenomena Realm.

But no one knew his strength had surged by dozens or even hundreds of times in a short period, and his ultimate combat power could reach the mid-stage of the True Martial Realm.

Han Li was now feeling an impulse to head to Huozhou City and give Prince Wu’an a slap in the face, to vent his frustrations; Prince Wu’an had suffocated him with pressure before.

Currently, his strength was one of the top in the Daqian Empire and Prince Wu’an was no match for him, but it was unknown what level the true power of the hidden True Martial Realm ancestor of the Daqian Empire was.

The thought of acting on impulse vanished as quickly as it came, and Han Li mentally urged himself to stay steady and avoid recklessness—it wasn’t the time to reveal himself.

Leveraging his past experiences, Han Li planned to prepare several more disguises to facilitate his actions, as his identity as the old patriarch of the Han Family restricted him from doing many things.

After careful consideration, Han Li decided to set up five more significant pseudonyms.

One pseudonym would use the Diamond Indestructible Body Protection

Technique and the Dragon Suppressing Palm; another would use the God Wasteland Imprisoning Finger; another would wield the Xuantian Punch and the God Slaying Sword Art; another would use the Five Elements Grand

Handprint; and the last one would employ the Heaven Sealing Sword Canon. 𝖋𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖜𝔢𝔟𝖓𝖔𝔳𝔢𝔩.𝔠𝖔𝔪

The Step Booster Technique would be universal, as long as he was careful, it would be hard for others to detect any clues.

In this way, Han Li would have six identities, including his own, which could also use the Xuantian Punch and the God Slaying Sword Art but to a lesser extent, sufficient for the God Refining Realm level.


Han Li let out a breath, took Lu Tianxiang’s pretty face in his hands and gave her a kiss, which made her feel somewhat helpless as Han Li would take liberties with her whenever he pleased.

Although she was starting to like this feeling, could she admit it?

To admit it would mean admitting she had fallen for Han Li, which would make this shameless rogue look down on her.

“What are you doing?” Lu Tianxiang glared at him, her tone dissatisfied.

“Just happy about something, hehe,” said Han Li with a laugh, though he had no plans to elaborate.

After creating a few new pseudonyms, his future actions would be much more convenient, and each of these five personas had strong combat abilities.

One at the peak of the Myriad Phenomena Realm, two at the first level of the True Martial Realm, one at the second level of the True Martial Realm, and the last one even at the fourth or fifth level of the True Martial Realm.

Han Li had already decided to give both the Zhenjun Sword and the Divine Sense to the pseudonym that used the Heaven Sealing Sword Canon, to cultivate the strongest pseudonym in terms of combat ability.

“Should I go and patch things up with that Devil Princess Yun Miaoyi at the

Yinyang Sect right now?”

This idea suddenly popped up in Han Li’s mind.

As long as he did not use the pseudonym that employed the Dragon Suppressing Palm and the Diamond Indestructible Body Protection Technique, even Yun Miaoyi would not be able to recognize that it was Han Li.

Nobody else would have a clue, either; they would only feel that a True Martial Realm Emperor Wu had suddenly appeared and speculate that it must be the entry of some top-tier power into the shadows.

After all, a mysterious Great Grandmaster had already appeared before. “Forget it, I’ll let her off this time,” Han Li reconsidered and abandoned the idea.

“Forget it, I’ll let her off this time,” Han Li reconsidered and abandoned the idea.

Yun Miaoyi was hidden somewhere, and if she was staying within the Yinyang Sect’s gates, he wouldn’t dare to force his way in – it wasn’t worth the stand-off.

“But in the future, could I potentially become a major power all on my own?” Another thought emerged in Han Li’s mind.

After pondering for a while, he felt this idea was viable.

If he shaped all five pseudonyms to appear from the same power, wouldn’t the outside world get scared upon seeing a power with four True Martial Realm Emperor Wus? They would definitely be extremely wary, not daring to offend disciples of this power. If the four True Martial Realm level practitioners joined forces, who in the Xuan Domain could withstand them?

“Ah, if only I could split myself,” Han Li sighed.

The five pseudonyms he had created couldn’t appear simultaneously; this was a loophole. If he had a way to split himself, he would completely patch this weakness.

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