Longevity Clan Starts with the Patriarch’s Marriage - C.132 - 122 Xiang Xiang gives birth to a child 1

Longevity Clan Starts with the Patriarch’s Marriage

C.132 - 122 Xiang Xiang gives birth to a child 1

Chapter 132: Chapter 122 Xiang Xiang gives birth to a child 1

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That evening, Han Li quietly returned to Qingyun Manor in Leizhou with Lu Tianxiang.

Once Lu Tianxiang had arranged everything and dealt with any potential troubles, Han Li returned to the carriage with her.

Now that all kinds of troubles had been solved, Han Mansion’s relocation convoy should continue its journey, and they could enter Jizhou territory tomorrow.

Han Li decided to keep a lower profile and try not to make any move.

Having revealed his cultivation at the God Refining Realm, it was unlikely that any fool would trouble the Han Mansion’s relocation team.

Han Li decided to accelerate certain matters during this time, such as enhancing the aptitude of his many concubines, which naturally required extensive transfer of teachings and fluids.

He had already promised to return the Body-Cultivating Furnace to the

Canghai Sect after ten years, which was ample time for beauties such as Qiu Yueyao and Li Mingmeng to greatly improve their aptitudes.

The production of the Rebirth Pill was imminent, and the Body-Cultivating Furnace would no longer be of much use to him, as the Rebirth Pill could enhance a person’s aptitude to the highest of Fifth Grade with just a few pills.

Although the effects of the Body-Cultivating Furnace were better, capable of enhancing aptitude up to Fourth Grade, it required a great deal of time and would consume a vast amount of high-level spiritual fluid accumulated each time a cultivator’s aptitude was enhanced.

Even if he kept the Body-Cultivating Furnace indefinitely, it was nearly impossible to raise all of his concubines to Fourth Grade aptitude—it would take upwards of a thousand years for the many concubines.

After all, the Body-Cultivating Furnace was only a Heaven Rank Lower Grade magical treasure; its ability to produce such effects was already miraculous, and it was a treasure passed down through generations by the Canghai Sect.

If there were an heir with Fourth Grade aptitude in the current generation, they would use the Body-Cultivating Furnace to elevate their aptitude even further, and the remaining efforts would focus on cultivating a new heir with Fourth Grade aptitude.

If there was no heir with Fourth Grade aptitude in the current generation, they would strive to cultivate a disciple with Fifth Grade aptitude and elevate them to Fourth Grade.

After beauties like Qiu Yueyao and Li Mingmeng took the Rebirth Pill, their aptitudes would increase to Fifth Grade, and their chances of advancing to the Hollow Void Stage would greatly increase, making the Body-Cultivating Furnace unnecessary.

Once Han Li’s cultivation level increased in the future, he could then seek treasures for enhancing aptitudes without rush.

The next day, the relocation convoy set off, crossing the provincial border, and officially entered Jizhou territory.

In the following period, Han Li became busy dividing his time during the day between accompanying Lu Tianxiang and other concubines; at night, he would provide them with personal instruction, transferring the grand Dao to them, enhancing their aptitudes and improving their cultivation. Although it was a bit busy, Han Li found pleasure in it.

In the blink of an eye, several months had passed.

Since Han Li had led the Han Family on their relocation journey from Leizhou, it had been more than a year since they reached the current region.

As the relocation caravan passed through the prefectures of Jizhou, they received the same treatment as they did in Qingzhou.

Facing an Immortal Refining Clan, those small families and minor forces all wished to form good relationships, considering the Han Family would not be settling in Jizhou and wouldn’t encroach upon their resources and spheres of influence. 𝒻𝑟𝑒𝓮𝔀ℯ𝓫𝓃𝑜𝓋𝑒𝘭.𝑐𝓸𝓶

Han Li, of course, turned away none who came to him.

As for the beautiful female cultivators who were sent and had aptitudes lower than Eighth Grade, he let his descendants of lesser aptitudes take them to marry or make concubines, helping the Han Family in their grand plan of expanding their population.

Consequently, the Han Family gained several dozen pregnant women, and the total population of the Han Family further swelled, much to Han Li’s delight.

With these children born, they would bring him decades of cultivation and lifespan… When they grew up and took wives and concubines of their own, they would continue to proliferate offspring, and in this way, the Han Family gradually grew stronger.

In Jizhou, Han Li took two more concubines, one with Eighth Grade aptitude and the other with Seventh Grade. Both women were from the same sect, and they were master and disciple.

Zhang Yuyan was the sect master with Seventh Grade aptitude and Pihai Realm cultivation, and her disciple was named Zhang Lan, an Eighth Grade aptitude with only True Qi Realm cultivation.

According to them, their sect could not continue due to a lack of resources and inability to recruit disciples, which was further exacerbated by suppression from other forces.

Hearing that the Han Family was passing through Jizhou and that there was a famous ancestor within who took concubines, the master and disciple figured they might as well become the concubines of Han ancestor.

An Immortal Refining Clan with sufficient resources could support their continuation of cultivation and advancement to higher realms, without worrying about the future of their sect, and they would have a God Refining Realm ancestor as their support.

Han Li found this reason somewhat amusing yet he still accepted them, for it wouldn’t be right to turn away such potential concubines whose aptitudes surpassed his standard for taking new ones.

Although Zhang Yuyan was quite aged, being in her seventies, she maintained herself well and appeared to be only about thirty, a mature beauty. She claimed that she still retained her virginity.

Age was not an issue for Han Li; after giving Zhang Yuyan a Beauty Preserving Pill, her appearance reverted to look ten years younger, standing beside Zhang Lan, they looked like sisters.

Furthermore, it was an added bonus that Zhang Yuyan and Zhang Lan were master and disciple.

That very night, Han Li personally tested them and was very satisfied; Zhang Yuyan indeed had not lied, she was quite luscious.

Zhang Lan was not bad either, though not as luscious as Zhang Yuyan, she had youthful vigor and was extraordinarily tender.

The master and disciple pair, under Han Li’s diligent efforts, were now three months pregnant.

During these months, it was also a time of gain for Han Li, as his concubines successively gave birth to offspring, and the next generation of his descendants was also born, causing the amount of cultivation he accumulated to skyrocket.

As Han Li was reflecting, a system notification sound reached his ears, and he broke into a smile, giving Lu Tianxiang a kiss.

“Your offspring count has surpassed seven hundred, you’ve gained fifty years of cultivation, you’ve obtained six Sea-Calming Pills, three

Strength-Condensing Pills, and you’ve earned the Intermediate Earth-Level Martial Arts Technique [Divine Desolate Prison Finger]..”