Longevity Clan Starts with the Patriarch’s Marriage - C.129 - 121 Hearing of the Imperial Secret_l

Longevity Clan Starts with the Patriarch’s Marriage

C.129 - 121 Hearing of the Imperial Secret_l

Chapter 129: Chapter 121 Hearing of the Imperial Secret_l

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“Can I have the Body-Cultivating Furnace back now?” Jiang Baiye bit her lip, speaking with a hint of subdued grievance.

“Not yet,” Han Li flatly refused.

“You…” Jiang Baiye glared at him, visibly frustrated. Was that bastard Han Li going back on his word?

With an indifferent expression, Han Li spoke directly, “Before that, there are some matters to attend to, and I will still need the Body-Cultivating Furnace for a while.”

It wasn’t that all troubles would be resolved just because Jiang Baiye had agreed; there were still issues that needed his intervention to wrap up.

“What matters? How much longer will you need it?” Jiang Baiye had no choice; given her current predicament, she had little room to maneuver. She only hoped that Han Li wouldn’t go back on his promise.

“First, bring him back to the Sect without revealing anything about me. Pacify your master, then find an excuse to go out for experience and reunite with me later.”

“Although I’m not afraid of trouble, I also don’t want unnecessary complications. You’d better handle it properly so he doesn’t come looking for me again, or else I’ll kill him with a slap.”

“I will need the Body-Cultivating Furnace for a bit longer, ten years at most.

Then it will also benefit you, and once I’m done, it will be returned to the

Canghai Sect.”

“The Canghai Sect is, after all, one of the Ten Great Sects of Daqian. It shouldn’t crumble in the span of ten years, right?”

Han Li laid out the plan he had devised in advance, explaining it in detail.

By doing so, the troubles of the Canghai Sect would be thoroughly resolved, and he would gain a lady favored by the heavens.

Just as he couldn’t unseal Lu Tianxiang’s cultivation now, Han Li couldn’t return the Body-Cultivating Furnace to Jiang Baiye yet. He, his wives, and some of his descendants needed it after moving, and Han Li was also worried that Jiang Baiye might take the furnace and renege on her word, leaving him to regret it deeply.

Jiang Baiye was silent for a while but ultimately agreed, as she once again had little choice.

Seeing her concession, a satisfied look appeared on Han Li’s face as he continued, “I’m only giving you one year. You must reunite with me within that time.”

“You need to swear an oath on your Dao heart not to reveal anything concerning me. If you violate it, you will never advance to the Hollow Void Stage in your life, and both your master and your Sect will be destroyed because of it.”

“Okay,” Jiang Baiye immediately agreed. It wasn’t her first time swearing an oath; last time she didn’t say anything, and this time she wouldn’t either.

Times had changed. Before, she didn’t want to break her oath and affect her own path; now, she didn’t dare. Han Li’s strength was too great, and she dared not harbor any ill intentions, or the Canghai Sect would truly face annihilation.

“I will also need to plant a spiritual seed in your mind. If you show the slightest intention to reveal anything or fail to reunite with me within a year, it will kill you immediately. Then, I will finish off the Canghai Sect.”

Han Li continued to lay out his demands. He saw no need for pleasantries when possessing strength allowed him to speak bluntly.

“No way!” Jiang Baiye’s expression changed, and she rejected the idea.

If someone were to plant a spiritual seed in her mind and there was a significant power disparity, that person could monitor all her thoughts. With just a will, they could control her Divine Spirit or instantly unleash a force capable of eradicating it.

Han Li was a Great Grandmaster of the Myriad Phenomena Realm, while she was only in the God Refining Realm. The gap in the Power of the Divine Spirit was far too vast; even a single spiritual seed would be too much for her to resist.

It wasn’t that she wanted to leak information or break her oath; she just didn’t want Han Li to pry into her thoughts, especially those concerning him. She didn’t want to give him the impression that she had feelings for that bastard.

Looking down at the stunning Fairy in his arms, Han Li said coldly, “You have no room to refuse.”

This was a necessary step, and the most crucial one.

Back in the God Refining Realm, he lacked this method, but now with his Divine Spirit on par with the late stages of the Myriad Phenomena Realm, he naturally mastered this skill.

Previously, he could only trust oaths sworn on the Dao heart, but now he preferred to trust himself. After all, given enough sacrifice, even promises sworn on the Dao heart can be broken.

Once he planted the spiritual seed, with his power, not even the Canghai Sect Leader would notice, let alone resolve it.

If Jiang Baiye ever harbored rebellious thoughts, he would be forced to take action. In the face of risk to his own exposure, he could even forsake a lady favored by the heavens.

Jiang Baiye’s expression fluctuated, and after a deep sigh, she ultimately agreed.

Since she indeed had no such intentions and had already made an agreement with Han Li, she would not break it, as that was her principle and belief.

She just didn’t want Han Li prying into her privacy. At worst, she would spend the next year recalling her last experience.

“Good,” Han Li’s face showed pleasure.

He leaned in close and touched Jiang Baiye’s red lips. Struggling in vain, she had no choice but to let him have his way.

Not until after a long while did Han Li reluctantly part from her.

“We’re not even married yet. Isn’t this a bit too much?” Jiang Baiye gritted her teeth, furious at the constant liberties this bastard was taking.

“You’re now my fiancée, so a kiss is nothing excessive,” Han Li chuckled. “Shameless!”

Jiang Baiye felt that Han Li’s skin was thicker than the walls of the Imperial Capital of the Emperor of Da Qian.

“Can we go now?” Jiang Baiye held back, not saying what she initially intended, and instead asked.

“Yes.” 𝖋𝔯𝔢𝔢𝖜𝖊𝖇𝖓𝔬𝔳𝖊𝔩.𝖈𝖔𝖒

Han Li released the seal within Jiang Baiye’s body.

“Don’t forget the promises you made to me.”

As he finished speaking, Jiang Baiye disappeared with her master, Jian Ziyun, no longer able to face staying there.

She had risked coming to Han Li, only to have the worst happen; Han Li took liberties with her and sucked her into his orbit..