Lingering Doting Marriage: Big Boss, Little Sweet Heart - C.329 - : Is Jasmine Clark Going to Jail?

Lingering Doting Marriage: Big Boss, Little Sweet Heart

C.329 - : Is Jasmine Clark Going to Jail?

Chapter 329: Chapter 329: Is Jasmine Clark Going to Jail?

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Juliet Jordan was busy defending Jasmine Clark, “Indeed, what’s done is done. Even if Jasmine were to die, it wouldn’t help. What’s most important is how to resolve this issue now.”

Gavin Jordan was also wondering how to resolve the issue. His eyebrows furrowed, he coldly declared, “I’ve instructed the secretary to have the Public Relations suppress the news. But how much could be suppressed, I do not know. ”

Juliet Jordan approached him, gently soothing his back, she softly said, “Actually, Jacob, I think Jasmine said something right. No matter what, this is a family scandal. Everyone knows that it should not be publicised. Enna is of an age where she should understand this. Moreover, your company is about to go public. At such a crucial juncture, for her to hold on to a recording and release it now…”

Jacob Clark was also angry at Enna for pulling such a stunt at this time but he was not one to be easily swayed. He glared at Jasmine, huffed coldly and said, “If she has done no wrong, why would she fear being recorded? There would have been no problem at home, if not for whatever she stirred up. The scandal is of her own making!”

Jasmine was about to object indignantly.

Juliet shot her a stern look and Jasmine quickly silenced herself.

‘We all heard the recording, the part on the internet has the smallest impact. If

Enna releases the rest of the recordings, Jasmine will be done for.”

“She deserves it!”

Jacob had a stern expression.

Upon witnessing Jacob’s lack of fatherly affection, Juliet felt a chill in her heart, but could only softly warn him, “Jasmine may deserve it, but your reputation, and the company’s reputation, could be at stake.”


She had hit Jacob square in his Achilles’ heel. The one thing Jacob cared about most in his life was his reputation. Reminded of it, Jacob’s anger somewhat abated as his brows furrowed yet again in thought. After a moment, he asked, “So what do you suggest?”

“How about this, you call Enna and try to persuade her?” she suggested uncertainly, “Enna and I were never close when she was growing up, if not for that, I would have tried to reason with her myself.” Persuade?

Chances are, Enna would not listen to his persuasion.

Jacob Clark suddenly had the feeling that his daughter, who in his memory, was always docile and almost non-existent, had emerged from the cocoon into a butterfly.

“No,” Jacob drew a long breath, the weight on his heart unfazed by his sigh of relief. He contemplated for a moment and decided, “Take Jasmine to the police station to surrender immediately.”

Jasmine panicked, “Dad, are you crazy? I don’t want to go to jail.”

She tightly grips Juliet’s sleeve as her hands tremble, “Mom, Mom, help me. I’m still young and about to get married. I can’t go to jail, I won’t survive in jail.”

Even though her daughter frustrated her, Juliet’s heart ached as she was the fruit of her own womb. However, she was smarter than Jasmine, knowing that Jacob wouldn’t change his mind once he had made a decision, especially since he was a self-serving and cold-hearted man.

Her lips tightened, and she decided to return to her parental home to seek the help of her brothers.

“When you do something wrong, they you will suffer the consequences! This is decided then. Send her to the police station right away,” Jacob said and suddenly as if struck by a thought, he said, “Wait..”