Let’s Divorce As Agreed - C.522 - : Envy


Chapter 522: Envy

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Shu Pan picked up the note and read the line written inside, “My dear, surprised? I was worried you might refuse it face-to-face. Have fun and don’t hold back. PS, there’s also a black credit card in the wallet. Feel free to spend as you like, don’t worry about saving for me.”

“Wow, didn’t you already exchange a lot?” Ye Xiaomeng snatched her own new bills back from Shu Pan’s hand, exasperated.

Too much, and here she was claiming she wasn’t prepared.

It was so unfair. Shu Pan had no idea Gu Shaoting would do something like this. She hadn’t been mentally prepared at all, and today’s surprise was truly overwhelming.

“I didn’t exchange any. I had no clue about this,” Shu Pan attempted to explain further, but Ye Xiaomeng had already seen the note in her hand and took it to read.

“Girl, you hit the jackpot! You’ve married a super rich guy, and Gu Shaoting is so generous,” Ye Xiaomeng said enviously. “He did this for you.”

Shu Pan blinked, realizing perhaps only Gu Shaoting would do something like this.

He had always been the one to help her with her luggage and carry her bags at the airport when she was too busy to handle them herself.

Oh no, her heart was practically bursting out of her chest.

Suddenly, Shu Pan didn’t feel like going to Singapore anymore. She wanted to go back now and find Gu Shaoting, give him a warm embrace.

She was truly touched. Usually, he was so quiet and reserved, not one for sweet words. But when it mattered most, he showed how amazing he could be.

He always loved surprising her. Didn’t he know that surprises were the way to a woman’s heart? Especially a woman as easily moved as she was.

Watching Shu Pan’s delighted expression, Ye Xiaomeng let out a long sigh. “I envy you. I was worried you wouldn’t have enough money to spend because you said you didn’t want to use Gu Shaoting’s money, afraid of what people might say. But now, look at this. He’s willingly handed it to you, along with a credit card with no spending limit. My heart can barely handle it.”

Shu Pan nodded in agreement.

“And he’s so thoughtful, exchanging various denominations. With all these new bills, considering your personality, you probably won’t be able to spend them all,” Ye Xiaomeng said, feeling both happy and a bit disappointed. Although He Ming hadn’t done something like this, she usually managed his money, so she couldn’t help but feel a bit envious.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect it either. I thought he was just providing money for your flight and hotel,” Shu Pan’s heart was filled with an indescribable sweetness. Truly, she was overwhelmed with gratitude.

“Alright, let’s not dwell on that. Anyway, this time I’m going to let loose and have a great time,” Shu Pan said. Seeing her in this state was much to Ye Xiaomeng’s amusement.

As soon as they arrived at the airport in Singapore, Shu Pan immediately sent a text to Gu Shaoting, “Hubby, I’ve arrived in Singapore. Don’t worry, were the new bills from you?”

Gu Shaoting, who was just about to finish work, couldn’t help but smile at the word “Hubby.” The little silly finally saw it. He thought it would take her a long time.

“Have fun and stay safe,” Gu Shaoting quickly replied.

After receiving his message, Shu Pan’s lips curled up high. Since he wasn’t around, she mischievously replied, “You’re the most generous hubby in the world.” Followed by a string of flying kisses, kissing emojis…

Shu Pan didn’t care about the amount of money. She wasn’t a shopaholic and wasn’t very keen on shopping, but what mattered was his thoughtfulness.