Invincible Divine Sword - C.60 - Heavenly Tribulation Thunder Water

Invincible Divine Sword

C.60 - Heavenly Tribulation Thunder Water

Chapter 60: Chapter 60 Heavenly Tribulation Thunder Water

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Su Li and several students from Divine Sea Academy watched as Liu Guodong’s body thunderously fell to the ground, all of them stunned.

They had never imagined such an outcome.

Liu Guodong and his companion, one a four-fold Martial King and the other a three-fold Martial King, were thus slain on the spot.

Yang Xiaotian did not look at the bodies of Liu Guodong and his companion, and walked towards Su Li with his sword in hand.

On Su Li’s youthful face, the color had completely drained away, the smugness from before now completely gone, leaving only terror.

“Yang Xiaotian, what do you intend to do?” Su Li shouted with a feigned tough exterior masking his inner fear, “I am the nephew of the King of Divine Sea Country! My father is the current head of the Su Family!”

“If you dare touch me!”

Just as he was speaking, Yang Xiaotian swung the Heaven-Penetrating Divine Sword in his hand, cutting directly across Su Li’s neck.

Su Li’s head rolled to the ground.

“Nephew of the King of Divine Sea Country?” Yang Xiaotian spoke indifferently, “In my eyes, you are nothing but a dead man.”

The other students from the Divine Sea Academy, seeing Su Li’s head hit the ground, cried out in panic, overcome with fear.

A stench of urine wafted through the air.

One of them had been so scared that they had pissed themselves.

These students from Divine Sea Academy were like Su Li, all born from noble families of Divine Sea Country, usually finding scapegoats to take the blame for their misdeeds.

But unfortunately for them, today they had chosen to pick a fight with Yang Xiaotian.

As Yang Xiaotian looked at the few fear-stricken figures, he gave Luo Qing a nod.

Understanding the cue, Luo Qing swung his broadsword.

In an instant, blood sprayed into the air.

The students quickly fell silent.

“Let’s go,” said Yang Xiaotian, as he and Luo Qing departed.

Not far after leaving, a flame flickered from Yang Xiaotian’s fingertips, landing on the corpses of Su Li, Liu Guodong, and the others.

The ashes scattered with the wind.

After departing, Yang Xiaotian let out a sigh.

Luo Qing spoke up, “Young master, there is no need to feel guilty, they got what they deserved.”

Yang Xiaotian nodded.

The group continued their journey toward Heavenly Tribulation Cave.

Two days later.

The group finally arrived at the Heavenly Tribulation Cave.

Cave is a misnomer; it was actually an enormous pit that opened up in the ground.

In front of them, the earth opened up into an abyss spanning over ten miles, its depths invisible.

Inside the abyss, air currents that made one’s heart tremble drifted about.

Standing at the edge of the Heavenly Tribulation Cave alone was enough to give one a feeling of suffocation.

Could this be the power of Heavenly Tribulation?

Yang Xiaotian watched with amazement at the unfathomable dark hole of Heavenly Tribulation before him.

After so many years, the remnants of Heavenly Tribulation’s power were still so astonishing.

One could only imagine how earth-shattering the intensity of Heavenly Tribulation was when it struck.

After entering the Red Moon Forest, they often encountered masters from various countries and fierce beasts, but around the Heavenly Tribulation Cave, they saw neither person nor beast.

“Have them wait here for you, ” the voice of the Medicine Cauldron suddenly resounded, “I will take you inside.”

Yang Xiaotian nodded, then told Luo Qing and Xiao Jin to wait outside for him.

“You’re going to enter alone, young master?” Luo Qing asked in surprise, shaking his head, “I will go with you, young master.”

Although Luo Qing did not know what Yang Xiaotian was searching for in the Heavenly Tribulation Cave, he knew the place was extremely dangerous and did not feel at ease letting Yang Xiaotian go alone.

“Don’t worry, I will be fine,” Yang Xiaotian said with a smile to Luo Qing and Xiao Jin, “I’m not alone.”

“You two wait here for me, and if I don’t come out after a month, you head back to Divine Sword City first,” he instructed.

After giving some instructions, Yang Xiaotian leapt up and descended toward the Heavenly Tribulation Cave.

Soon, the darkness of the Heavenly Tribulation Cave swallowed Yang Xiaotian’s figure.

Seeing Yang Xiaotian enter the Heavenly Tribulation Cave, Luo Qing couldn’t help but worry.

But what puzzled him was what Yang Xiaotian meant by saying he was not alone.

The Heavenly Tribulation Cave was very quiet.

Deeper and larger than Yang Xiaotian had imagined.

Although Yang Xiaotian was now an Innate Grandmaster, he still couldn’t fly, so he had to descend along the cliff face. Fortunately, the cliff wasn’t vertical, and relying on his lightness skill and movements, Yang Xiaotian descended by several hundred meters fairly quickly.

After descending for several hundred meters, the Qi of Heavenly Tribulation grew denser. Under the influence of Heavenly Tribulation Qi, Yang Xiaotian struggled to breathe until the Medicine Cauldron began to gleam and started to absorb the surrounding Qi of Heavenly Tribulation.

Only then did Yang Xiaotian breathe a sigh of relief.

“Although this Qi of Heavenly Tribulation is thin,” said the Medicine Cauldron,

“it is a rare treat for you and can be used for body refining.”

“Body refining with the Qi of Heavenly Tribulation?!” Yang Xiaotian exclaimed in shock.

The Medicine Cauldron hummed in affirmation, “Although you have cultivated the Primordial Dragon Art, your physical body is still too weak. This Qi of Heavenly Tribulation will be just right for refining your body.”

“Don’t worry, when the time comes, I will control the Qi of Heavenly Tribulation to ensure that it is extremely comfortable for you!” the Medicine

Cauldron added.

Hearing the Medicine Cauldron’s wicked voice, Yang Xiaotian shivered involuntarily.

With the Medicine Cauldron constantly absorbing the Qi of Heavenly Tribulation, Yang Xiaotian’s descent became much smoother.

Fortunately, he had the Medicine Cauldron with him; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to penetrate deep into the Heavenly Tribulation Cave.

After descending over a thousand meters more, he finally reached the bottom of the Heavenly Tribulation Cave.

Standing on the ground at the bottom of the Heavenly Tribulation Cave, Yang Xiaotian looked up and could no longer see the outside sky.

Yang Xiaotian was stunned.

A strike from Heavenly Tribulation had blasted over a thousand meters deep into the ground — such immense force.

“This is the weakest form of Heavenly Tribulation,” said the Medicine Cauldron.

Yang Xiaotian’s eyes widened with disbelief, “This is the weakest?”

“Heavenly Tribulation has varying degrees,” explained the Medicine Cauldron. “This is the weakest form. As for the strongest Heavenly Tribulation, you will come to know in time. When you break through to the Martial God Realm, you will face the strongest form of Heavenly Tribulation!”

Yang Xiaotian replied in shock, “Why?!”

“Because you cultivate the strongest cultivation technique in Heaven and Earth — the Primordial Dragon Art. Because your Martial Soul is a twin-born Supreme Martial Spirit with potential to reach the Supreme King level. Because your Martial Dao talent is abnormal, ” the Medicine Cauldron explained in one breath.

Yang Xiaotian was dumbfounded.

“In general, the stronger one is, the stronger the Heavenly Tribulation they will face when ascending to godhood,” the Medicine Cauldron elaborated.

The pair continued to chat as they walked on.

After a while, Yang Xiaotian suddenly saw a small pond.

From a distance, lightning danced across the surface of the small pond, and despite the significant gap, one could still hear the crackling sound of thunder.

The Medicine Cauldron said excitedly, “There really is Tribulation Thunder Water here! ”

“Hurry, take me over there!”

Seeing the Medicine Cauldron so excited, Yang Xiaotian quickly approached the pond’s edge.

“Tribulation Thunder Water is a heaven-sent treasure. Consuming a drop can strengthen organs, cleanse marrows, and invigorate life, ” said the Medicine Cauldron to Yang Xiaotian. “Kid, we’ve struck gold..”