I Have Unparalleled Comprehension - C.624 - : Extraordinary Third Grade, Fusion (1)

I Have Unparalleled Comprehension

C.624 - : Extraordinary Third Grade, Fusion (1)

Chapter 624: Extraordinary Third Grade, Fusion (1)

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Protect No Flower?

At first, Xu Bai thought that he had misheard. After asking again and again, he received an affirmative answer from the abbot of the Titanium Temple.

“What does No Flower have to do with this?”

He was very puzzled. Why did he want to protect No Flower? Looking at the current appearance of the abbot of the Titanium Temple, No Flower seemed to be especially important.

Now, the only way to solve the problem was to unravel the secret of the Holy Buddha’s skeleton. If he could find something from it, he might be able to solve the problem of Buddhism.

But why was it related to No Flower?

The abbot of the Titanium Temple put his palms together and said,” Prince Xu, since you want to solve the problem of the past, there’s a possibility of failure. The problem has existed for so long. The possibility of failure is still very high. ‘”‘

“What I mean is that if the Buddhist Sect falls into eternal damnation in the future, if it’s convenient for Prince Xu, please help Wu Hua.”

“From what the abbot said, No Flower seems to be different from the rest.” Xu Bai muttered.”

Even a fool could hear that. It was obvious that No Flower’s identity was different. It was not as simple as it seemed.

The abbot of the Titanium Temple chanted a Buddhist proclamation and said,””lf all the Buddhist sects are destroyed, as long as Wu Hua is still alive, he will be able to create a brand new Buddhist sect. This is also my guess. After all… His identity cannot be revealed.”

Such an answer was very strange. It was vague and mysterious. In short, it did not give Xu Bai a clear answer, but there was a mysterious feeling in it.

Xu Bai also knew that the abbot of the Titanium Temple did not want to tell him. No one would be willing to be a riddle maker. Such an answer could be considered perfunctory, but it could also be considered as unwilling to tell Xu Bai.

He didn’t have to entangle himself with these people. Everyone had their own secrets, and he also had the right to hide his own secrets. It wouldn’t be good to force them.

Xu Bai brought the topic back. Looking at the Holy Buddha’s skeleton not far away, he said,””Then let’s start from today. I’ll meditate on the Holy Buddha skeleton here.”

The progress bar was right in front of him. If he didn’t hurry up and work hard, Xu Bai would feel that it was too much.

Seeing Xu Bai’s eagerness, the abbot of the Titanium Temple knew that it was time to get down to business, so he didn’t chat much. After confirming that Xu Bai was here and wouldn’t go far, he left.

When he left, the abbot of the Titanium Temple closed the door behind him.

After a loud bang came from the door, Xu Bai turned around and gave the first-grade puppet a look. The puppet slowly walked to the door with a cold gaze and locked the door from the inside.

After doing all this, Xu Bai rubbed his hands together when all the preparations were done. He came to the Holy Buddha’s skeleton and sized it up.

Just as he had guessed, when the two progress bars were combined on the same object, he could see them at a glance and make the two progress bars rise at the same time.

This was also because they had the right time, place, and people. Usually, such a situation had never happened.

This was the first time he had seen it. He had tried it before. Even if two books were stacked together, it was impossible for them to increase at the same time.

Therefore, it should be considered a coincidence. However, whether it was a coincidence or not, it was just a progress bar in Xu Bai’s eyes.

After finding a good seat and sitting down comfortably, Xu Bai began to feel excited.

Time slowly passed.

During this period of time, Xu Bai did not stop. He did not leave the room and kept rushing the progress bar.

While he was feeling bored, his recent deeds had already spread throughout the entire Titanium Temple.

Especially when he had just arrived, he had almost angered the leaders of the medium-sized temples to death. It was even more interesting.

Of course, although Xu Bai was holding the progress bar, he did not shut his eyes and ears. From time to time, a small monk would come to deliver food to him, and he also heard about this news.

Especially when he found out that the old monks who had been angered by him were even more upset after hearing these rumors, he could not help but smile.

“I’m very angry, but I don’t dare to fight. I’m really helpless…” Xu Bai mocked in his heart.

In front of him, the two golden progress bars were moving side by side. There was only one last bit left, but he did not leave. He just sat there quietly, waiting for the last progress bar to be completed.

It seemed like only a trace, but it took a full 15 minutes for the last trace of progress bar to be completed.

Light blue smoke appeared in front of Xu Bai’s eyes, then condensed into new words and appeared in front of him.

[You have studied the annotations and comprehended the Scripture of Suppression Immunity.]

[You studied the Holy Buddha’s skeleton and comprehended the Demon

Absorption Technique.]

“It really is two skills.” Xu Bai smiled.

Just as he had expected, the Scripture of Restraint should be the annotation left behind by the abbot of the Titanium Temple, because the annotation was meant to suppress the skeleton.

As for the other magic absorption skill, it should be something from the Holy Buddha’s skeleton.

With that thought, Xu Bai continued to look at the light blue text. Although the light blue text had disappeared, it did not disappear. Instead, it was condensing again. This was a sign that it was about to fuse.

A moment later, brand new words appeared again.

[Fusion option found. Fusion in progress. ]

[Suppression Immunity + Diamond Holy Demon Body = Diamond Holy Demon Suppression Immunity Body.]

[Demon Absorption Technique + Myriad Forms Heavenly Art = Myriad Forms

Heavenly Attraction Art. ]

[Fusion successful!]

In the next moment, the light blue text in front of him turned into a large amount of information and surged into Xu Bai’s mind..

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