I Have Unparalleled Comprehension - C.616 - : Long Black Straight Flowerless (3)

I Have Unparalleled Comprehension

C.616 - : Long Black Straight Flowerless (3)

Chapter 616: Long Black Straight Flowerless (3)

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His bald head was gone, replaced by a head of black hair. Could it be that No Flower was no longer a monk?

No, he was still calling himself a little monk just now. Clearly, he was still a monk.

However, the most important thing was why there was a delicate and pretty girl beside No Flower, and this delicate and pretty girl was even holding No Flower’s arm. This was somewhat unreasonable.

When No Flower heard Xu Bails question, he instantly understood. He quickly took two steps forward and opened the door to his room.”Almsgiver Xu, let’s talk after we enter.”

Xu Bai nodded and followed No Flower into the room. The delicate girl also walked in.

After Wu Hua closed the door, Xu Bai looked over with a puzzled gaze.

No Flower didn’t immediately explain. Instead, he pointed at the delicate girl beside him and smiled.”Almsgiver Xu, let me introduce you. This is Ah Xiu, this little monk’s unmarried wife.”

Although it was only a brief introduction, Xu Bai felt that if he had a cup of tea, he would definitely spit it out because this brief introduction was too explosive.

If it was just introducing a name or something else, then everything would be fine. However, No Flower suddenly asked,” Is this his wife?” What kind of trick was this?

Was he really not afraid of being beaten to death by the host?

Could it be that the Titanium Temple had already opened up to such a state? No Flower saw Xu Bai’s surprised face and slowly explained what had happened.

“It’s like this. Almsgiver Xu, please listen to this little monk…” No Flower’s voice sounded in the room.

As Wu Hua explained, Xu Bai finally understood what had happened.

After everything was revealed, Xu Bai only said one word.

“Six. ”

A single six.

The situation was like this. After leaving the capital, Wu Hua carried out the missions of the Heaven Inspectorate as usual, but he was seriously injured during one of the missions.

At that time, his injuries were so severe that even walking became a problem. Coincidentally, he met the Yin Embroidery Master Ah Xiu and was saved by him.

As for what Yin Embroidery was, Wu Hua did not explain. It was a special profession.

Then, something happened.

The Titanium Temple itself advocated entering the mortal world and then leaving it. No Flower had fallen into it at that time.

Love was something that was extremely unreasonable when it surged, so No Flower couldn’t resist it at all.

He had once taken some time to return to the Titanium Temple and meet the abbot. He had also told all the doubts in his heart to his teacher and abbot.

The host knew that there was no depression in the heart of the flower, and told him that he could do whatever he wanted.

From then on, No Flower grew his long hair. He went from being the outstanding representative disciple of the Titanium Temple to a layman disciple, and he brought Ah Xiu by his side.

No Flower, who had completely let go of the knot in his heart, became stronger and was now half a step into the mortal evolution state.

“That’s about it.” No Flower put his palms together.

This action, coupled with No Flower’s long hair, looked out of place no matter how one looked at it.

“There’s something I don’t know if I should say,” Xu Bai muttered.”

No Flower smiled and said, “Benefactor Xu, with our relationship, we can say anything.’”‘

“Don’t delay the girl.” Xu Bai said bluntly,” The Titanium Temple pays attention to entering the mortal world and leaving it. If you enter the mortal world now and leave it one day, won’t you hurt the girl’s heart?’”‘

Wu Hua shook his head and said, “I have entered the mortal world. What I have entered is love. What I will get in the future will also be love, but it will not hurt

Ah Xiu.”

Xu Bai rubbed his chin, not understanding what he meant.

Wu Hua said,” When love lasts long enough and is strong enough, it will turn into kinship. That’s when this little monk will come out of love and embrace kinship.”

When Ah Xiu heard this, he clenched No Flower’s hand tightly with a sweet expression on his face.

Xu Bai frowned.

He didn’t know if what No Flower said was correct or not. After all, Buddhism was full of twists and turns, and he didn’t know much about it. However, judging from the performance of these two people, it shouldn’t be too bad. He had played a role in reminding them, so it was about time.

“Are you Ah Xiu?” “Is your identity real?” Xu Bai asked Ah Xiu. Or are you hiding anything?”

When he said this, Xu Bai used the power of his soul.

The next moment, Ah Xiu’s expression became dull. He slowly shook his head, indicating that he had nothing to hide, nor did he have any intention of harming No Flower.

No Flower didn’t stop him. He knew what Xu Bai was doing, and he knew Xu Bai was doing it for his own good.

Both of them had experienced life and death, so naturally, there would not be any estrangement because of this matter.

Xu Bai got the information he wanted, so he deactivated his divine soul.

Ah Xiu recovered, and his face was filled with confusion. He looked at Xu Bai with a hint of fear in his eyes. “Your Highness, you…’

She wasn’t from a prestigious family like No Flower, and she wasn’t one of those genius disciples, so her mental endurance was much weaker. At this moment, she was a little afraid.

“It’s nothing. I’m just asking.” Xu Bai said with a smile. “Don’t be afraid, Almsgiver Xu is a good person.’”‘ A good person?

Ah Xiu’s face was filled with question marks.

Although she was not a genius disciple, nor was she from a prestigious family, she had heard all kinds of rumors in the martial arts world.

Bloody Slaughterer Swordsman!

This was the Bloody Butcher, how could he be a good person?

However, when she saw the smile on Xu Bai’s face, she felt confused.

At least from his smile, he looked very gentle..

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