I Have Unparalleled Comprehension - C.603 - : Xu Bai, I Can Attack Her Soul (5)

I Have Unparalleled Comprehension

C.603 - : Xu Bai, I Can Attack Her Soul (5)

Chapter 603: Xu Bai, I Can Attack Her Soul (5)

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In the Headmaster’s mind, he had never seen the shadow of the Bloody Slaughterer Swordsman ever since he met Xu Bai. However, today, he realized that the shadow of the Bloody Slaughterer Swordsman had followed Xu Bai like a shadow.

As he spoke, the dean raised his index finger and pointed at Xu Bails forehead.””l’ll be careful, but it’s very painful.”

“Come on,” Xu Bai said with a smile.

In the next moment, a burst of righteous energy burst out from the dean’s fingertips and entered Xu Bai’s mind.

The Headmaster knew his limits. He did not use his full strength, only a trace

of it.

But that was the case. A sharp pain suddenly exploded in Xu Bai’s mind.

The divine soul in his mind was being destroyed by the Noble Spirit, but soon, the effect of the Indestructible Soul Body appeared.

The destroyed divine soul was actually repaired in the blink of an eye. As for the trace of righteous qi, after destroying the divine soul, it was already exhausted and turned into nothingness.

“It does hurt.” Xu Bai forced a smile.” “I’ll increase my strength.’”‘

Xu Bai nodded.

This time, more Noble Spirit entered his mind. Xu Bai’s spirit was like a canoe in the sea, rolling continuously.

However, the recovery power of the undying soul body was repairing his soul at an even faster speed, allowing his soul to remain in a state of equilibrium forever.

Xu Bai guessed that the two attacks on his soul did not cause any reaction from the Goldfinger. It was probably because it did not cause any fatal damage to him. Otherwise, it would have reacted a long time ago like the Bizarre Market. After a moment, the dean retracted his hand and nodded.”There’s a chance.”

After hearing these two simple words, Xu Bai nodded and said,”Then let’s do it.”

“You believe me?” The dean asked in surprise.”

“In today’s world, who wouldn’t believe the Dean’s words? Moreover, even the Dean wouldn’t dare to let me die in the Green Cloud Academy, right?”Xu Bai said with a smile.

He was a King with a different surname, and he had the Emperor and King Sheng You backing him up. Even the Qingyun Academy did not dare to let anything happen to him here, or else he would have to bear the wrath of the Great Chu State.

“You’re smart. Don’t worry, if I say it’ll work, it’ll work.’”‘No one knows Junior Sister better than I do. I know her from head to toe.” The dean said confidently.”

The corner of Xu Bai’s mouth twitched. He felt that the dean was talking about tigers and wolves again.

As expected, the director added another sentence, making this sentence that was originally crooked correct.

“After all, we’re like brother and sister. We grew up together.”

Xu Bai rubbed his forehead. After making sure there was nothing unusual, he said, “”Tomorrow, I will let her go to the temple I mentioned. At that time, it will be time to make a move.”

The dean nodded and said, “I’ll secretly monitor her and make sure that no one else besides her will participate.”‘

Xu Bai replied. Suddenly, he thought of something and reached out his hand. “Give me your power.”

“What?” The dean was stunned.

Xu Bai smiled cunningly.” You see, I’ve helped your Academy get rid of such a great scourge. I should at least show some gratitude, right?””

At this moment, the killing intent on his body disappeared, and the ruthless aura was also gone. In its place was the shrewdness of a businessman.

The dean said helplessly,” But I asked you to come to the Blue Cloud Academy to help you get rid of her. Even if you were outside, you would attract her attention. I’m here to keep you safe.””

“No, no.” Xu Bai waved his hand and said,” You can’t talk about this like that. Actually, I’m the one who takes the bigger share, right? You’re the one who takes the smaller share. If that’s the case, I’ll have to pay more, so I’m still more important. ‘”‘

“Tell me, what do you want?” The dean’s mouth twitched.”

“Why don’t you let me go to the Green Cloud Academy at will and read books everywhere for a year and a half…” Xu Bai probed.

The dean interrupted him.” Stop. This book is another travel book I wrote when

I was young. The books of the Academy are very precious. There are rules,

rules set by the deans of the past generations. I can’t break them. You can take this book.”

When Xu Bai heard this, he also knew that this matter would not succeed, so he could only settle for the next best thing. He received the travel notes and was still very satisfied when he saw the golden progress bar on it.

“Then I’ll be leaving. Remember to act together tomorrow.”

He waved his hand and left, leaving the dean standing there with a dumbfounded expression.

After returning to his room, Xu Bai closed the door again. He did not go out again. Instead, he held the strengthened Body-strengthening Technique in his hand and checked the progress bar again.

As for dealing with the dean’s junior sister, there would naturally be a result after tomorrow.

Xu Bai had to make a move because this guy was an old monster, and a cunning old monster at that.

If he let her escape, she would come back to find Xu Bai after she matured. That would be a big problem.

Xu Bai would usually eliminate the root of trouble, so the old witch had to die.

“Let’s see what you can do tomorrow.”

The next day.

The morning sun shone in earlier than usual. Xu Bai opened his eyes when he heard the knock on the door.

When he arrived at the door and opened it, he saw Liu Xu standing outside the door calmly and could not help but smile.

“Shall we set off now?” Liu Xu asked.’

“Of course.” Xu Bail?s smile deepened..

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