I Have Unparalleled Comprehension - C.596 - : The Old Witch Wants My Body (3)

I Have Unparalleled Comprehension

C.596 - : The Old Witch Wants My Body (3)


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In Xu Bail s opinion, most of these true top experts were very strange people.

In other words, he was cold and aloof.

However, after meeting one after another, it was completely different.

For example, the Chu Emperor was a very sinister old man. First, he killed his eighth son, then he went to kill those traitors hidden in Great Chu. Finally, when Xu Bai was in the Imperial Palace, he killed three birds with one stone.

Another example was King Sheng You, who was more like a reckless person who was rough but meticulous. Although he looked forthright on the surface, he was actually very petty in his heart.

The last one was Eunuch Wei. In Xu Bai’s eyes, Eunuch Wei was the most amiable one.

As for the idiot Liu Qingfeng and the female Abbey Dean, it was not good to comment. After all, one was stupid and the other was crazy.

The old woman was a Heavenly Musician…Well, he was just a disciple.

But now, the dean in front of Xu Bai was more like an old man who was trying his best to keep up with the times and did not want to be abandoned by the times.

“We’re going too far.” The hospital director seemed to feel that he had strayed a little, so he quickly brought the topic back.”Actually, when it comes to me and my junior sister, I’ve always felt that my junior sister is a very scheming person, just like the Nine Winding Corridor.”

“Puff!” Xu Bai couldn’t help but spit it out.

“Sigh.” The dean asked curiously, “Is the description of ‘chaos’?” Don’t you young people often mention the Nine Winding Corridor?”

Nine Winding Corridor.

Xu Bai cursed in his heart. It was not just the Nine Winding Cloister.

To be more precise, it was a single flower, two swallows flying, three pearls playing in the water, four seasons jade vortex, five dragons playing with pearls, six ambushes, seven orifices exquisite, eight winds and rains, nine winding corridors, ten heavens.

Motherf * cker!

If the dean knew what he was talking about, he might really kill him to keep his mouth shut.

Yun Zihai gave Xu Bai a meaningful glance, telling him not to show it.

“Director, let’s continue.” Xu Bai understood immediately.”

The hospital director didn’t get to the bottom of it, but he felt that it wasn’t the time to ask, so he still told her what happened after that.

As the dean explained, Xu Bai finally understood what was going on.

Before the principal was the principal, he had a junior sister. This junior sister was of the same lineage as the principal, and the two of them grew up together.

The similarity was that both of them had a strong talent in reading, but the difference was that their aspirations were different.

The dean wanted to inherit the Qingyun Academy and use it as a foundation to nurture more scholars.

The dean’s junior sister had a completely different idea. She believed that since the Qingyun Academy had nurtured them, they only needed to be good at themselves and work hard to improve their strength. That was the most important thing.

The two different ideologies did not conflict with each other, and they even complemented each other.

However, the problem was that the dean’s junior sister had gone astray one day. To be precise, she had not gone astray, but had created this wrong path.

Since ancient times, scholars had always read the books of sages. However, the dean’s junior sister felt that this speed was too slow, so by chance, she suddenly read an unusual book.

It was also from that time onwards that the scholars were divided. The junior sister of the dean led another group of scholars into that wrong path.

Originally, all of this was nothing much, but unexpectedly, this wrong path could change the minds of scholars, making them more evil and irritable. At the same time, the desires in the depths of their hearts also increased.

When a person became evil and irritable, the more desires he had, the more disaster he would bring. From then on, disasters happened frequently.

In the end, the dean captured his junior sister. However, he did not expect that his junior sister was actually stronger than him.

The two of them fought for three days and three nights in a mountain range. In the end, the dean was slightly inferior and was seriously injured by his junior sister. He escaped at the critical moment.

Junior Sister thought that everything was fine. After all, even the dean did not kill her. Instead, she was beaten until she fled. No one in the world of scholars could stop her.

However, she never expected that there would be an extremely outstanding scholar in her generation.

Wen Xun.

This name might not be familiar, but he had another identity. He was the famous prime minister of Great Chu.

After a few months, Junior Sister continued to strengthen her lineage until one day, Prime Minister Wen and the Headmaster joined forces and killed Junior Sister in a dangerous place.

“Dead?” Xu Bai rubbed his chin and asked curiously,””l don’t think so.”

The Headmaster nodded.” Dead, but not completely dead. After we killed her, we discovered that her soul was actually connected to this bloodline. As long as this bloodline is not severed, her soul will always exist and will continue to circulate in this bloodline.”

Xu Bai muttered, “The ability to control the world is a little strong. It’s the same as being immortal.’”‘

Thinking about it carefully, this ability was really powerful, because it was absolutely impossible for it to be completely extinct.

When something could be obtained through a shortcut, there would always be people who would take that shortcut. As long as it existed, there would always be people.

As for this bloodline, if it continued, this junior sister’s divine soul would never die. At most, her physical body would be destroyed, but her divine soul could continue to circulate.

“You can say that he’s not dead, but it’s no different from being dead. “The dean continued,” Although it can be continuously reversed, the strength of one’s body has already been reduced to nothingness. One can only occupy other people’s bodies. The strength that one possesses belongs to whoever they occupy..”

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