I Have Unparalleled Comprehension - C.589 - : The Dean Returns

I Have Unparalleled Comprehension

C.589 - : The Dean Returns

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The red light shone through the scroll painting, illuminating the entire room in a bright red color. This red color was blood-red, making people unconsciously feel a sense of horror.

Xu Bai was the first to react. He unsheathed the Hundred Splits at his waist and slashed horizontally.

A light flashed, and the scroll was split into two and fell to the ground. The dagger rolled out and was also split into two.

The red patterns on the dagger were gradually dimming and disappearing.

The moment the red light appeared, Xu Bai felt an inexplicable danger. This danger made him pull out the Hundred Splits.

“Not good!” Liu Xu stood up abruptly and turned to look outside the room.

At this moment, along with the rumbling sound, the sound of soft footsteps came from outside the room. The footsteps gradually grew louder, and soon, there was the sound of discussion, noisy and irritable.

“Let’s go out and take a look.” Xu Bai put away the Hundred Splits, raised his eyebrows, and stepped out of the room.

The first-grade puppet and Liu Xu followed behind, heading in the direction of the voice.

The academies were very big, especially the Qingyun Academy. It was so bold that it made one’s hair stand on end. There were many scholars here, so it took Xu Bai and the others some time to reach the source of the voice.

At this moment, hundreds of scholars were gathered in a square not far away.

Because there were too many people, they could not see what was going on inside.

They could only hear the discussions from the outside world.

“Who did this? Preposterous!”

“He actually dared to do such a thing in the holy land of scholars. It’s simply outrageous!”

“This is the Headmaster’s statue, how could there be such a phenomenon?”

Waves of voices came from within. Some were filled with panic, some with anger, and some with complexity. In short, all kinds of voices intersected, making it seem chaotic.

“How can the Land of Sages be so rude? Leave and don’t watch!”

At this moment, dozens of middle-aged men in standard clothes walked over and quickly dispersed the scholars in front of them.

After these people were dispersed, Xu Bai and Liu Xu finally saw the situation inside.

In the middle of the square stood a huge statue made of stone. It looked like an old man.

The craftsman who carved this statue was extremely skilled. The statue was lifelike and looked like a living person. It had an inexplicable scholarly aura that made people feel at ease at a glance.

However, at this moment, this statue had a different scene. Dense cracks appeared around the statue, and black-red blood surged out from the cracks.

After these black-red bloodstains appeared, they instantly became clumps, as if they would immediately dry up as soon as they came into contact with air.

The dried blood gathered together and formed a strange pattern. The blood-red pattern gave the statue that was originally filled with the aura of a book a strange feeling.

Xu Bai’s heart skipped a beat when he saw these patterns. He felt that the statue seemed to have come alive and was looking at him with an evil gaze.

“This is too strange.” Xu Bai thought to himself.

None of them left with the camera

Liu Xu followed the crowd and saw a familiar figure among the middle-aged men. She hurriedly shouted, “Teacher!”

As she shouted, she walked over quickly.

Seeing this, Xu Bai also followed behind.

He was now very interested in the abnormality of the statue, especially the blood-red patterns that appeared similar to the patterns on the dagger. He felt that there must be a connection between the two sides.

Wang Qingfeng, who was looking at the statue, heard a familiar voice and turned his head. He happened to see Liu Xu walking towards him.

Wang Qingfeng wanted to say something, but his gaze moved away from Liu Xu and saw Xu Bai walking towards him. His eyes narrowed slightly.

“Greetings, Prince Xu.”

Wang Qingfeng cupped his hands and bowed slightly.

Seeing this, the other middle-aged scholars looked at each other and followed Wang Qingfeng’s example. They cupped their hands and bowed to Xu Bai.

Now, Xu Bai was no longer a small Yin Posthouse Chief, but Prince Xu. As long as anyone in Great Chu saw Xu Bai, they had to be polite.

Xu Bai waved his hand and placed his hands behind his back.””There’s no need to be so polite. This king came here this time just to see Liu Xu. I didn’t expect such a thing to happen.”

Before Wang Qingfeng could reply, Liu Xu’s eyes twitched. She looked at Xu Bai, who was putting on an act, and couldn’t help but put her hand on her forehead.

“Xu Bai, this is my teacher, Wang Qingfeng.”Liu Xu introduced.

Before Xu Bai could say anything, Wang Qingfeng spoke first.

Wang Qingfeng glared at Liu Xu and berated, “Liu Xu, don’t be rude. The person in front of you is Prince Xu of Great Chu. If word gets out that you don’t have any manners, won’t the reputation of the Green Cloud Academy be damaged? Moreover, you’re the Si Zheng of the Heaven Inspectorate.”

Liu Xu was speechless.

Suddenly, she felt that there was a huge gap between her and Xu Bails status. Before, the two of them had been on equal footing, but now that she saw her teacher’s cautious expression, she finally remembered that Xu Bai was different from before.

Xu Bai waved his hand and said,” Don’t talk about these formalities during special times. Oh right, Mr. Wang hasn’t told me yet.. Did you find anything?””

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