I Have Unparalleled Comprehension - C.582 - : Tremble, Jiangnan Dao (4)

I Have Unparalleled Comprehension

C.582 - : Tremble, Jiangnan Dao (4)

Chapter 582: Tremble, Jiangnan Dao (4)

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Good heavens.

Xu Bai finally heard it clearly. His face was injured, so it was not convenient for him to see anyone.

However…Why did the two of them quarrel over the First Prince?

As Xu Bai thought about it, he recalled what he had heard in court. At that time, the First Prince hadn’t been made king.

Thinking of this, he asked his doubts.

Eunuch Wei sighed.” The First Prince has been suited to military formations since he was born. He’s also the most suitable for the job of a prince. That’s why His Majesty doesn’t intend to let him come back.””

“As you know, half of the royal family died on the battlefield. That half of the people are suitable for military formations and were arranged by His Majesty.”

“His Royal Highness thinks that the army is too dangerous, but His Majesty thinks that other people’s children can en ter the army. Other people’s parents trust Great Chu, so why can’t his children?”

“So, they started fighting.”

Xu Bai fell silent.

After a moment, he said something.

“Your Majesty…Really…”

Halfway through, he felt that he could not continue.

“This is the reason why we are loyal to His Majesty,” Eunuch Wei said.”

“I’m leaving.” Xu Bai didn’t want to talk about this anymore, so he changed the topic.

Eunuch Wei had already known about it, so he handed Xu Bai a token.

This waist token was made with extremely fine workmanship. The jade was mixed with some unknown metal, and there was a huge ‘Xu’ character on it.

Xu Bai took it and knew that this was the token that indicated his identity as Xu Wang. Other than this, there was no other token.

“Prince Xu.” Eunuch Wei suddenly cupped his hands.” It’s a long journey, so I won’t see you off. But I’ve been getting along well with Prince Xu recently. I

have a few words to say to you.””

Xu Bai quickly grabbed Eunuch Wei’s arm and said,””Eunuch Wei, please don’t kill me.”

“This is the rule,” Eunuch Wei insisted.’

He was the most law-abiding person, so law-abiding that even the emperor felt that he was inferior to him.

“Eunuch Wei, please speak.” Xu Bai sighed.

To be honest, he and Eunuch Wei had hit it off during this period of time in the Imperial Palace.

Of course, he also knew Eunuch Wei’s character, especially his character of abiding by the rules.

First,” Eunuch Wei said solemnly,” from now on, Prince Xu will address himself as ‘I’ to the outside world. ‘This is because this represents the face of Great Chu.”

Xu Bai nodded and said,”Of course.’”‘

“Second.” Eunuch Wei continued,” The Great Chu State is only a part of this world. Your Highness, you must be careful of the Great Yue State and the barbarians.’

Xu Bai nodded again.

After that, there was nothing else to do.

Although Eunuch Wei had said that he would not send Xu Bai far away, he still sent Xu Bai to the entrance of the palace before turning around and leaving.

Xu Bai looked at the respectful city guard beside him. He had the Xu token on his waist. He laughed and slowly walked away.

A strong wind blew in the martial world.

This wind carried the news and spread throughout the entire martial world.

First, Xu Bai had entered the capital.

No one in the martial arts world had expected Xu Bai to make it to the capital alive. The news of Xu Bai fighting thousands of people alone had spread like a storm, sweeping through the entire martial arts world.

For a time, the reputation of the Bloody Slaughterer Swordsman gradually spread in Jianghu, and more and more people heard of him.

The younger generation smiled bitterly and didn’t say anything. The previous situation of the younger generation fighting had been suppressed by Xu Bai alone. As for the older generation, their views on Xu Bai were different.

All sorts of ideas were brewing in his mind, and he did not know if they were good or bad.

The second matter was the King of a different surname.

If the first news was only spread in Jianghu, the second news would shake the whole world, especially the Great Yue State and the Barbarian Race. The Great Chu actually had such a move. What was their motive?

The Great Yue and the Barbarians began to guess.

Of course, this matter could not be guessed in a short period of time.

The third matter was related to Xu Bai.

Xu Bai was conferred the title of King, and his name was King Xu. He could even supervise the vassal kings of the world.

This news was more shocking than the previous two combined.

Many Jianghu people could not help but sigh. Other than envy, they were also fascinated.

The admiration and admiration for Xu Bai had taken root in the hearts of many people in the martial arts world.

Xu Bai was born in a humble background. He was just a bodyguard. Now, he was Prince Xu. Even those biographies did not dare to write such a thing.

Therefore, many martial artists were proud of it.

Look, aren’t you looking down on the people of the martial world? Look at Prince Xu, he’s from our Jianghu.

Words like these were constantly circulating in various places.

When the Great Yue State and the Barbarian Race heard the news, they were even more shocked. They began to use it as a basis to think of a way to deal with it.

Xu Bai, who was now famous, did not know that he had caused a storm in the martial arts world. He was sitting in a teahouse and looking at the storyteller in front of him with an awkward expression.

There were already quite a number of Jianghu people gathered in front of the storyteller.

At this moment, the storyteller was narrating in a melodious voice. If he was given a bowl of tea, he would probably be able to narrate for a day. Xu Bai was originally quite happy to hear it, but when he heard the second half of the story, he felt uncomfortable all over.

The storyteller slammed the table in his hand on the table and raised his voice, like a rooster squeaking..

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