I Have Unparalleled Comprehension - C.573 - : 5,000 Years of Culture, Are You Joking?(8000) _5

I Have Unparalleled Comprehension

C.573 - : 5,000 Years of Culture, Are You Joking?(8000) _5

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Prime Minister Wen pondered for a moment and said,” He is talented, and a great talent at that. I can tell from the sentences you brought back. However, his thoughts are contrary to mine. ‘”‘

“For example, Xu Bails good friend, Yun Zihai.”

“He is also a talented young man, but he wants to achieve autonomy.”

“In my opinion, anyone who doesn’t protect the interests of Great Chu is against me.”

“Then why…” Wen Chengshu hesitated.

He didn’t finish his words because he felt that everyone said that his teacher was a pedantic person, and the most pedantic person in the world.

So… Why did his teacher agree again, especially Yun Zihai? Back then, his teacher had strongly opposed it, but in the end, he still agreed.

“Sigh…” Prime Minister Wen sighed and asked,””Even you think I’m a pedantic person?”

“I dare not.” Wen Chengshu quickly lowered his head.

Prime Minister Wen stood up and walked to the window. Looking at the scenery outside, he said slowly.

“As the Prime Minister, how can I not know the benefits of reform?”

“However, there is a price to pay for change.”

“I’m old, and I can’t afford to pay the price. I know that if I continue with my method, even though the great motherland won’t reach the peak of glory, it will definitely continue.”

“His Majesty’s method. Yun Zihai’s self-control and Xu Bai’s following were changes.”

“But I can’t tell whether it will succeed or fail. This is just a small-scale experiment by His Majesty. I agree to the experiment, but I have to control the factors that will lead to success.’

Wen Chengshu nodded, but he knew very well that his teacher would no longer care about Xu Bai’s matters.

However, just like Yun Zihai back then, the teacher still did not like Xu Bai.

Wen Chengshu left, leaving only Prime Minister Wen.

Prime Minister Wen looked at the empty room and sat back down on his chair. He looked exhausted.

“In this world, whether it’s Great Chu, Great Yue, or the Berserkers, they all want to unify it because only by unifying it can they truly enter that place.”

“Then let’s see who can unify it.”

Ever since Xu Bai beat up the Seventh Prince, the Seventh Prince had stopped.

More than ten days had passed since the last time. The one-month deadline was almost up, and there were only less than ten days left.

Xu Bai still had nothing to do, but he had made a huge change.

The puppet of the Fourth Stage had become a puppet of the First Stage, and the black saber at his waist had appeared again.

It was still called Hundred Break, but it was already a first-grade Hundred Break. There was a huge improvement.

It was all thanks to the materials that the Nine Princess had given him. Otherwise, he would not have had so many materials to make it.

Today, Xu Bai carried the Hundred Break on his waist as usual. He first went to the royal treasury to take a look at Ye Zits learning progress.

Ye Zi was learning from the old woman, and her learning progress was very fast. It was as if she had opened the door to a new world, and she was actually faintly stepping into the Second Stage Realm.

After all, the old woman was an expert comparable to Eunuch Wei. It was normal for her to have such an ability to improve.

After touring the royal treasury, he followed the path and ran to the Ninth Princess ‘palace. He teased Qing Xue for a while. After Qing Xue rolled her eyes, he leisurely returned to his residence.

The matter of him beating up the Seventh Prince had also spread throughout the Imperial Family.

As for what the members of the royal family were thinking, Xu Bai was not sure, nor was he interested in knowing.

He had indeed been living comfortably recently. He had been waiting for the Emperor’s reply. Seeing that the time was almost up, Xu Bai was looking forward to it even more.

What kind of reward is it?

According to Eunuch Wei, the reward would definitely satisfy him.

It was as if the grand prize was about to be revealed, but he was still waiting. It was very uncomfortable.

After returning to his residence, Xu Bai leaned back on the chair and rested


“Less than ten days.”

Xu Bai thought to himself as he placed his hands on his head.

The afternoon sun shone through the window. Xu Bai narrowed his eyes and felt a little sleepy.

The first-grade puppet stood guard at the side, seemingly untired.

Just as Xu Bai was about to fall asleep, footsteps came from outside the door.

Eunuch Wei pushed open the door and entered. After seeing Xu Bai’s condition, he smiled and said,””You little brat, you sure are satisfied.”

Xu Bai woke up from his sleep and stood up.””So it’s Eunuch Wei. Please come in. ”

During this period of time, besides wandering around, he would drink with Eunuch Wei every day. He suddenly found that he and Eunuch Wei hit it off. The more they talked, the more they got along.

If the two of them were not old, they would probably take advantage of the time to drink and burn yellow paper to become sworn brothers. freew ebnove l.com

Xu Bai looked at Eunuch Wei’s hand. He was a little disappointed when he didn’t see the wine jar.

“Xu brat, you only know how to drink every day. It seems that I’ve aroused your addiction to alcohol during this period of time. You have to quit. Alcohol can easily delay things.”Eunuch Wei shook his head and walked to Xu Bai. He took out a letter and handed it to Xu Bai.

There was no wine to drink, and another letter was handed over. It seemed that there was something important.

Xu Bai took the letter and opened it. After reading it briefly, his eyes narrowed slightly.

“What does Your Majesty mean?”

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