I Beg You All, Please Shut Up - C.299


Chapter 299: Sun Nana dropped out of school


Once again accompanied by a puff of pale white smoke, Mr. Sun thought for a while and said: “You don’t have to play with me like this. I know what you are thinking. You simply don’t want Xiaoya to go out on missions, right? No, but there is a condition.”

“Oh? Old master, what are the conditions?” Chu Tian asked.

“I cannot adjust Xiaoya in the future and let her follow you all the time, as long as you can do one thing, that is when there is a need on the country’s side, you must be on call.”


Hearing Elder Sun’s words, Chu Tian thought about it seriously, “Old Master, your offer is a bit too much. If you call me for trivial matters, I might not even return to Haicheng. I’ll just stay in the capital.”

“That’s impossible,” said Master Sun, “I have a lot of talents here too. I won’t ask you to come over when I don’t need you. Unless it’s difficult, I’ll run into trouble when I ask you to come over. You can’t make excuses when I ask you to come over at that time. You have to come over now. That’s it!”

Chu Tian smiled and said, “Old man, if you say that, then I have no problem.”

“Agreed?” Mr. Sun said with a smile.

“I agree.” Chu Tian said.

“Let’s just say that,” said Elder Sun with a smile, “However, I didn’t ask Xiaoya to stay by your side. You have to rely on your own ability to woo Xiaoya. As for whether you have the ability to woo Xiaoya or not, I won’t be responsible for that.”

“Well, you don’t have to worry about that, old man. I’ll do it myself, won’t I, Xiaoya?”

While speaking, Chu Tian smiled and glanced at Song Xiaoya beside him.

Looking at each other, Song Xiaoya pursed her lips and smiled but said nothing.


Time fled, and it was three days in a blink of an eye.

Two thirty in the afternoon, In front of the Capital Airport, a black Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle stopped.

The car door opened, and after Chu Tian, who was wearing casual sportswear, and Song Xiaoya, who dressed as a secretary, came out, they walked directly into the airport hall.


Five forty-five in the afternoon!

At the departure gate of Haicheng Airport, Chu Tian and Song Xiaoya came out along the crowd, first went to the parking lot of the airport and brought a box of White Horse 1945, a box of Romaine Conti 1990, and a box of 1869 Laffite. After arriving in the trunk of the Bentley, he got into the car and left the airport parking lot.


Six thirty in the afternoon!

In the underground parking lot in the villa, Song Xiaoya had just parked the car when the elevator door opened, and Xiaoqiu and Xiaodong walked over.

Looking at Chu Tian, who got out of the car, Xiaoqiu and Xiaodong smiled and said, “Boss.”

“Yeah,” Chu Tian nodded and said, “Why is the villa so quiet? Xiao Bai and the others aren’t here?”

“Back to the boss.” Xiaodong said, “Miss Bai and the others went to the bar after dinner. They left less than 20 minutes ago.”

Went to the bar?

“Did you eat so early today?” Chu Tian couldn’t help being surprised.

“Today’s Saturday, Miss Xia and Miss Niannian didn’t go to work either. The four ladies played in the villa for a day, and then they had an early dinner and went to the bar to play.”

Oh! Today was Saturday!

Hearing Xiaoqiu’s words, Chu just remembered that today was Saturday.

“Xiao Qiu,” Song Xiaoya stepped on her high heels and said, “There is some wine in the trunk. You and Xiaodong carry it up together, be careful.”

“Understood.” Xiaoqiu nodded her head and then opened the trunk with Xiaodong.

Song Xiaoya got on the elevator with Chu Tian and said, “The 21,000 bottles of red wine that Li Hongxia distributed should have arrived, right?”

“It’s here.” Chu Tian said: “Sister Li Sisi sent me a message the afternoon before yesterday, saying that the wine has arrived, and it must have been put in the wine cellar by now.”

Soon, after Chu Tian and Song Xiaoya took the elevator to the hall, they went directly to the wine cellar together.

Really! With the opening of the wine cellar door, the inside was no longer that empty. There were rows of wine racks, and bottles of original Fa Guo red wine had been neatly placed.

Seeing the wine cellar at this time, Chu Tian nodded in satisfaction and said with a smile, “This is what a wine cellar should look like.”

While talking, Chu Tian took a bottle of red wine from the shelf next to him and said, “Xiaoya, let Xiaochun and the others make something casually, and after dinner, let’s go to the bar to hang out.”



Seven thirty in the evening!

Inside the pure bar, after Chu Tian and Song Xiaoya went in, Chu Tian went straight to the second floor, while Song Xiaoya, as usual, found a random spot in the corner of the bar, then took out her notebook and pen and continued to create.

“Ah, the scumbag is back!”

In the room on the second floor of the bar, Li Sisi, Xia Mo, and Li Niannian were chatting and laughing. Suddenly, when they saw Chu Tian, who opened the door and came in, the three of them all looked over at once.

Looking at the three, Chu Tian smiled and said, “Sister Xia, what are you talking about? So happy?”

“Talking about that, Sun Nana.” Xia Mo smiled, “Why didn’t you say something in advance when you came back today?”

“No.” Chu Tian smiled and sat next to Li Niannian and said, “I planned to come back tomorrow, but Xiaoya was discharged from the hospital early, so I came back today.”

After staying in the capital for the past few days, Chu Tian said that Song Xiaoya suddenly felt uncomfortable in her stomach and needed to be hospitalized for a few days.

“Is Xiaoya really uncomfortable?” Li Niannian looked at Chu Tian teasingly and said, “Could it be someone who made her pretend to be uncomfortable?”

“Really.” Chu Tian smiled and said, “Xiaoya is really uncomfortable, but it’s nothing serious, so I took some medicine and stayed in the hospital for two days to observe. By the way, why did you suddenly chat? Remember that Sun Nana?”

“Sun Nana dropped out of school.” Li Sisi smiled, “Baby said Sun Nana’s parents came here today and then packed up her things and took them away.”