I Beg You All, Please Shut Up - C.298


Chapter 298: It’s Yours to Catch Up

Ten minutes later! In the hotel room, Mr. Sun looked at the bottle of 1869 Laffite with a strange expression on his face and said, “Yes, you boy. The current price of this wine is at least 3 million a bottle, right?”

“About that.” Chu Tian said, “In 2010, there was an auction once. At that time, a bottle was sold for 1.5 million. Now it has been 10 years. I estimate that it is not a big problem if this bottle was auctioned for 3 million. However, Li Hongxia got it at a relatively low price of 1.9 million per bottle.”

“Three million a bottle shouldn’t be too much of a problem,” Mr. Sun said as he looked at the bottle. “Oh, three million… this is Didi Gold.”

“Okay, old man.” Chu Tian snatched it over with a smile and said, “Just take a look. This wine can’t be kept for a long time, the temperature changes very sensitively, and human hands have warmth.”

“You kid.” Old Man Sun smiled, lit a cigarette, and said, “These days are really good. Buying red wine cost 2.2 billion. You don’t really care about money anymore.”

“Money.” Chu Tian smiled, “Isn’t it just for spending? What is spent is your own money. What you save doesn’t necessarily belong to anyone, right?”

“Heh,” Old Master Sun smiled and said, “Indeed, money is what is spent. I’ll pay for dinner tonight, and you’ll buy wine. Open two bottles for me.”

Chu Tian curled his lips and said, “Okay, can you open a bottle of Romanee-Conti in 1990 and White Horse in 1957? Those two bottles cost at least 2 million. This is the bottle of Laffite in 1869. No, it’s really just this bottle.”

“Alright.” Old Master Sun said with a smile, “Then open a bottle of each of those two.”

Song Xiaoya smiled and said, “Director, Boss, and then I’ll open the wine to sober up first. For this kind of vintage wine, you have to sober up for an hour before drinking.”

“Go, go.” Chu Tian handed Laffite to Song Xiaoya in pain and said in a low voice, “Hide this bottle well.”

Song Xiaoya smiled, then took the bottle of Laffite and walked to the master bedroom of the presidential suite.

Elder Sun poured a glass of water for Chu Tian and said, “Your business is doing well now. When will the second workshop be built?”

“It will take a month anyway.” Chu Tian said, “The second workshop has just started.”

Elder Sun nodded and said: “I heard from Xiaoya that you have some second-generation officials in the second batch of joining lists. Why are you so unconfident about your background?”

“No.” Chu Tian said with a smile, “I think my sister did it, and she doesn’t know my situation, so let’s do it.”

While talking, Chu Tian took a sip of tea and said, “Old man, have you been free recently?”

“Heh!” Old Master Sun said with a smile, “It’s all about business when you have free time. It just so happens that since you’re here, you should stay in the capital for two days and do some work.”

“What kind of work?” Chu Tian frowned, “It still takes me two days.”

“It’s all about your professional field.” Elder Sun said, “We’ll talk about it tomorrow. Let Xiaoya take you there tomorrow. Don’t worry. You won’t be allowed to stay longer, at most two or three days.”

“It’s fine.” Chu Tian said, “I can accept it in two or three days. By the way, old man, the firewall I wrote is still working, right?”

Elder Sun smiled and said: “It’s really useful. Since I used your firewall, so far, I haven’t been successfully invaded once, but it’s a pity that I can’t guard against you, boy. If I can guard you, I will be better.”

“Then it’s really impossible.” Chu Tian smiled, “I wrote the firewall myself, and I wanted to protect myself, but the problem is, I know all the codes. Since I can write it, I can destroy it. It really can’t prevent me.”



Time flew by, and it was already half past nine in the evening. Elder Sun took a final sip of the red wine in his glass, savored the taste, and remarked, “Ah, it’s delicious. The aftertaste is incredibly fragrant.”

“It’s good to drink.” Chu Tian said, “Old man, I only have a few bottles of really good wine, and I can’t drink it like this at once. I don’t care about money. The problem is that I have money to buy this stuff.”

“Hehe.” Old Master Sun said with a chuckle, “Scare you to death, don’t open it, the three of us drink two bottles, it’s already a lot, enough, you can keep the rest for yourself.”

Chu Tian smiled, looked at Song Xiaoya, who had slightly flushed cheeks beside him, and said strangely: “Why, Xiaoya, are you so bad at drinking? Is it affecting you?”

“She’s not on the top.” Elder Sun said, “Xiaoya can drink, but she looks like she’s incapable of drinking, but in fact, she can finish a whole box of red wine by herself.”

“Oh, it’s good-looking.” Chu Tian nodded understandingly.

“How is it?” Elder Sun lit an after-dinner cigarette and said, “You and Xiaoya get along okay?”

“It’s pretty good.” Chu Tian said, “By the way, old man, I was just about to tell you, you can give me Xiaoya. I like her very much.”

“You bastard.” Old Master Sun said, “Why have you taken a fancy to our Xiaoya?”

“Well, I see it.” 𝑓𝓻ℯ𝑒𝑤𝘦𝑏𝑛ℴ𝓋ℯ𝑙.𝘤𝓸𝓂

“Follow me.” Old Master Sun exhaled a puff of smoke and said, “Can I take care of emotional matters? This is not a feudal society. If you chase yourself, it’s yours. If you can’t catch up, I can’t help it.”

“Then don’t transfer her.” Chu Tian said, “Don’t send her out to perform some mission someday if I catch up with you. Then, if she dies outside, then I won’t be chasing her in vain.”

“Oh, you boy.”

Hearing what Chu Tian said, Mr. Sun immediately understood. To put it bluntly, Chu Tian didn’t want Song Xiaoya to go out to perform tasks. After all, the last time I saw her injury, I must have felt distressed to some extent.