I Became A Flashing Genius At The Magic Academy - C.158


The Soul Orb.

It was known to have been bestowed by angels in the distant past, and unless one was at the level of a High Elf Elder, this item couldn��t be touched.

It was a unique treasure in the world which revealed the purity of the wearer's soul.

The more evil deeds one commits, the darker the amulet becomes. While the more virtuous deeds one performs, the brighter it shines.

A murderer's soul was tinted with a deep gray, and dark mages and Divine Slayers became even darker black.

The soul of Baek Yu-Seol, who was both a dark mage and a Divine Slayer, undoubtedly had to shine black.

"Th-this... How...?"

But why does it emit such a dazzling white light?

Even saints couldn��t possess such a color.

Only beings with noble souls like angels and spirits could have such a perfect white.

It's absolutely impossible for humans to emit such a color. However, doubting it was futile. It wasn't a magical trick; it was truly the light emanating from the Soul Orb.

"Ah... You gave it to me as a gift last time, but it was the Soul Orb?"

Baek Yu-Seol said with a dumbfounded expression as he held up the pendant, causing people to start murmuring.

It wasn't formally handed over as the Soul Orb but disguised as a gift?


He wanted to immediately shout out as a hoax, but he couldn't.

Mentioning the Mana Oath would immediately reveal the truth.

By the Magician's Pact, the Mana Oath couldn��t be forced under any circumstances.

Even if the other party was a murderer.

Mana was as vital to a mage as life itself, so forcing the Mana Oath recklessly would provoke the entire Mage Association to intervene.

However... Orenha was currently in a state of committing one of the taboos.

Never brand a mage as a dark mage without evidence.

In the past, there was a history where they burned ordinary women after branding them as witches.

The incident occurred in Aether World, where perfectly innocent mages were falsely branded as dark mages and massacred.

As society became increasingly chaotic as a result, the Association eventually established a taboo against branding mages as dark mages without evidence.

Although the taboo had largely disappeared into modern times, branding a perfectly innocent mage as a dark mage was an act that undermined the other party's honor.

And of all people, it was the Assistant to the Elven King who committed such an act in such an official setting...

As the price for committing the taboo, he could immediately be coerced into the ��Mana Oath,' so telling lies was absolutely impossible.

With clenched fists and a lowered head, Eltwin Eltman returned with a serene expression.

"..... Advisor. Do you realize how big of a mistake you've made diplomatically and as a mage?"


All the races and nobles attending the ceremony looked at Orenha with uncomfortable gazes.

Some were hostile, while others felt he was pitiful.

"I don��t know why he committed such an act... But trying to tarnish the honor of a cadet, who should have been praised in the most glorious way, will never be overlooked."

"Wait a moment...!"

Originally, he should have been the 'hero' here.

But instead, he ended up becoming the 'villain.'

Something was seriously wrong.

'This can't be happening!'

Can a human possess such a pure soul?

Was it reasonable to say that humans harbor the same pure energy as spirits?


That was the only thing which came to mind immediately, so he blurted it out unintentionally, but it was just another verbal slip-up.

"Goodness. Are you... trying to undermine even the most precious and magnificent treasure of the High Elves?"

"That's not...!"

"How do you plan to prove it's deception? Do you want to claim that it's possible to deceive the Soul Orb?"

The Soul Orb was the most precious treasure for the Elves.

If it was deceived by a mere trickster... That would be a problem in itself.

'What have I done....'

One verbal slip-up led to another, and it spun around like a sharp blade, tearing through Orenha��s heart.

Cold sweat trickled down his back.

His head was pounding, but even though his brain seemed to be functioning properly, he couldn't think of anything.

He could only foolishly wish that this situation was just a dream.

The gazes of the people felt heavy.

Each glance felt like it was squeezing his heart and suffocating him.

��How ridiculous they must find me.��

To confidently point out Baek Yu-Seol as a dark mage at the very moment he was receiving an award, only to find out it wasn't true.

As someone who had ruled over others for a lifetime, Orenha found the current situation too shameful and despairing, to the point where he wanted to bite his tongue off right away.

"........ Excuse me."

At that moment, a clear voice echoed, and all eyes in the audience turned towards it.

Was it because the voice was beautiful?

Was it because she spoke out of nowhere in this situation?

No, that wasn't it.

It was like... a magnet.

The moment her voice was heard, an instinct compelled everyone to look towards her as if they had no choice.

No one looked at Orenha anymore.

Elf King Florin.

She, who had been covered in black cloth from head to toe, finally appeared on the official platform after a long time.


Even with thousands of spectators gathered, the sound of her heels echoed more distinctly than anything else in the world.

Even though she wore a dress that showed no flesh at all... Everyone held their breath for even a second longer just to catch a glimpse of her.

Florin stepped out of the barrier that concealed her appearance and walked towards Baek Yu-Seol.

"I know there's no way to repay with just words... but... On behalf of the Chancellor, I apologize."

The king shouldn't easily bow her head.

Therefore, Florin apologized gracefully and with dignity.

However... The act of a tribe's king directly apologizing was the problem itself, so Orenha��s complexion turned pale.

Only then did he realize the mistake he had made.

'Because of me, the king apologized directly to a mere human commoner.��

It was quite shocking to him, causing him to open his mouth wide like a flounder. He was unable to even breathe properly.

Eltman Eltwin also showed a slightly surprised expression as he didn't expect Florin to apologize directly.

Knowing well that she was reluctant to reveal herself in such a situation due to an unknown curse, one could guess how determined she must have been to step forward herself.

"... It was not the Elf King's duty to apologize directly, but Stella will accept it."

"Yes, I hope the anger has subsided."

For the king to step forward herself could lead to a rather subtle turn of events, but it was the most certain way to calm the current friction.

Otherwise, it could have escalated into a diplomatic issue between humans and elves, but Florin clearly put an end to it.


Baek Yu-Seol also looked at Florin with a strange look.

It was known that she was almost a recluse in settings, afraid to come out and reveal herself, but to step forward like that.

He had planned to thoroughly trample Orenha, but now it didn't matter anymore.

After all, Florin��s act of apologizing directly would be the most fatal blow to Orenha.

Due to this incident, Florin lost faith in Orenha.

This was quite a big gain for Baek Yu-Seol.

Florin was also a character who often ended up with a bad ending route in the original game, and most of the reasons were because of Orenha.

If Orenha could have been removed from her side early on, the likelihood of ending up in an unhappy route would have significantly decreased.

"At the prestigious awards ceremony, I showed an unfavorable appearance. Although it's a bit embarrassing to say this myself, it was truly a tumultuous event. Since the Academy Battle awards ceremony will conclude with this, I hope everyone enjoys the remaining festivities."

Eltman quickly handled and summarized the situation, and the socialite who received his eye contact swiftly took the microphone and spoke.

"Then, next up is the Magical Fireworks show by the Stella Isle Rock Performance Troupe. Ladies and gentlemen in the audience...!!"

As soon as the awards ceremony ended, opaque barriers formed, blocking off the outside and isolating the stage.

Thanks to this, Florin was now able to escape the scrutiny of others, and weakly sank into her seat.

"........ Your Majesty, I have something to say."

Orenha approached Florin to apologize, but she spoke without turning her head.


"Yes, Your Majesty."

"To me... You know what it means to be a Divine Slayer."

"........ I know."

"But you tried to exploit him politically..."


From the beginning, she wanted to have a quiet conversation alone with Baek Yu-Seol.

But ignoring all of that, Orenha insulted the face of the elves in front of all the races gathered here.

Florin trusted Orenha.

No, she had trusted him.

She could forgive him for any mistake.

But... This time, he crossed the line firmly.

Not only did he act on his own using the Divine Slayer, which remained the biggest scar in her heart, but he also tried to bury a student like Baek Yu-Seol, who might be a benefactor who saved Celestia, in an official position.

"Your Majesty, that was...!"

It was for the eternal well-being of the elves.

Although he tried to justify it like that.

"Enough, stop it. I don't want to hear any more... justifications. Please go back and rest first."

Then, she asked Eltman.

"Thank you for your consideration earlier. I know it's rude, but... could I speak separately with studnet Baek Yu-Seol?"

"I don't mind, but let's ask for his consent."

Even as other award recipients were leaving, Baek Yu-Seol had been standing awkwardly, trying to read the atmosphere. He widened his eyes as the arrow turned back to him.

Florin smiled weakly at him and said, "Personally... I have something I really want to discuss with you."

Florin left to have a private conversation with Baek Yu-Seol.

Although the king instructed him not to wait for her, Orenha stayed, waiting for her return.

"Damn it...."

The guest waiting room.

Standing in a corner of the empty room, he bowed deeply, gripping his hair with both hands.

There were no mistakes.

Deduction, calculation, evidence��all were perfect.

But... Why did such a bright light burst from Baek Yu-Seol��s soul?

"It's a deception!"

Although there was no evidence, he was convinced.

Baek Yu-Seol was undoubtedly a Divine Slayer and a dark mage, but he was hiding his identity with some unknown technique.

"Her Majesty didn't even know...!" 𝚏𝚛ee𝐰𝗲𝚋n𝐨𝘃𝗲l.𝐜𝐨m

Her Majesty, who didn't even look at him, was cruel.

He had worked so hard for her, tirelessly!

To treat him so coldly just because of one mistake.

Moreover, Florin��s gaze toward Baek Yu-Seol was strangely warm... It disgusted him.

What right does a filthy human like him, who met her for the first time today, have to receive such a gaze?

"Baek Yu-Seol...."

Surely, he had employed some dirty and despicable means to deceive innocent Queen Florin.

"I have to save her."

His fingertips trembled.

The gazes of people still lingered.

The glances filled with disgust and contempt fell upon him, the noblest and most noble of the High Elves.

They dared to gaze at him like this.

And Florin��s cold gaze.

Everything must be regained.

He had to regain her trust.


He was an elite.

He had always handled everything perfectly, never allowing even a single failure.

So there was no need to panic just because he experienced his first failure.

Even monkeys fall from trees sometimes; there were days like this occasionally.

What should he do to undo everything?


The first thing that came to mind was, of course, Baek Yu-Seol.

The fundamental cause of Orenha��s fall into such degradation.

He didn't entertain the stupid option of killing him.

He had to cunningly expose Baek Yu-Seol��s true identity and bring about his downfall.

Then all the dishonor he had received would be restored.

As he contemplated, suddenly, he thought of the girl who had planned this with him from the beginning.

"Jeliel. I have to meet that woman..."