I Became A Flashing Genius At The Magic Academy - C.157: Soul Orb (2)


[Survivors 12/100]

As the game approached its climax, a tense survival game began. It could be considered as the finals of a tournament referred to as 'Top 10 Finale.’

The audience cheered loudly to support the top ten players amidst the heated atmosphere, and the players had to respond by demonstrating all their abilities and magic in the tournament...

However, sadly, this year's top ten players were not receiving any attention.

This was because all the audience's focus was on the battle between Baek Yu-Seol and the dark mage.

In fact, even on most screens installed in the stadium, scenes of the battle between Baek Yu-Seol and the dark mage were being broadcasted instead of the top ten players' matches.

Overwhelming viewership.

Has there ever been a battle that received so much attention before?

- Boom!!

Every time black flames exploded on the screen, some sighed and others closed their eyes tightly.

There was no one cheering.

Now everyone knew.

The intense fight unfolding on the stage was real.

For some reason, the game did not stop, and the announcer lost his words.

It was such an unreasonable fight.

The fact that one side could unilaterally inflict damage was possible.

Moreover, it seemed like the dark mage was quite skilled since Baek Yu-Seol was falling behind.

Hope seemed nonexistent.

Baek Yu-Seol, who was gradually falling behind, seemed to be trying to counter using artifacts. However, it was still impossible to land an effective blow.

- Clang! Thud!!

The fierce battle traversed the heaven and earth.

Since dark mages inherently had much better physical abilities compared to humans, agile maneuvers were possible.

While Baek Yu-Seol could freely penetrate the four-dimensional space through Flash...


Although everyone remained silent, they couldn't help but think and speak out.

It was more thrilling and exciting than any game they had ever witnessed.

Surely, battles with powerful spells from other mages were enjoyable.

Undoubtedly, they were enjoyable, but...

The fight between those two was much more exciting.

The two flew through space itself and clashed. They were unrestrained by terrain.

It was a very rare scene which couldn't be seen anywhere else.

Despite the potentially life-threatening situation, it was an strange physiological phenomenon for the audience to reach into the popcorn bucket with hands soaked in sweat.

The two engaged in a highly dimensional battle, and the location kept changing.

Perhaps it was because Baek Yu-Seol could only be attacked unilaterally and had already become exhausted, but there were limits to that as well.

To make matters worse... The destination was the edge of a cliff.


"Damn, what are they doing? Why aren’t they stopping the game right away!"

"Isn't that really dangerous...?"

Around that time, people began to express their dissatisfaction directly.

The players they supported were truly in a life-threatening situation.

The audience threw eggs, popcorn, and trash towards the Stella officials while booing, but the staff couldn't react at all and had to silently endure it.

Amidst all this, suddenly, the noise subsided.

"..... Huh? Wait a minute."

"What's that...?"

Inside the stage, something... like a dazzling white light was spreading across the sky.

Upon closer inspection, it was thunderbolts.

However, it wasn't just one bolt, but hundreds... thousands of thunderbolts striking down.

Although various natural disasters had occurred in each game every year, there had never been an event of cataclysmic proportions like the curse of 'Hailget.'

The audience was overwhelmed by the tremendous scale and overwhelming power.

Even from a distance, the calamity loomed like a nightmare.

Baek Yu-Seol stood amidst the disaster...

At the edge of the cliff, he smiled at the dark mage.



A deafening roar echoed and then silence ensued.

The calamity which occurred on the stage was so immense that it could not be conveyed to the audience, and all that remained was the screen that had turned white like a blank sheet of paper.


Even though it was time for the cheers to erupt after the successful expulsion of the dark mage, no one could open their mouths for a while.


For quite a while.


When it suddenly occurred to him that white had covered the entire world, Berenkal tightly closed his eyes.

It was a kind of instinct.

To protect his corneas from the intensely burning light that seemed to consume the world.

To escape from the downpour of lightning bolts, which possessed the power to tear apart all existence on the ground.

When everything under the sky was covered in white, and when he opened his eyes again.

[You have died.]


He had been sent back to the waiting room where the eliminated players were gathered.

Berenkal looked around with a dazed expression.

"Dark mage Berenkal. You are surrounded."

Dozens of elite Stella magic warriors aimed their staff in his direction, and gazed at him with hostile eyes.

"Oh, this is..."

He hesitated and tried to retreat, but there were also mages behind him.

"Berenkal. You are not given any rights, authority, or voice."

"If you resist, you will die painfully, and if you don't resist, you will die less painfully. The choice is yours, so choose wisely."

"Now, wait a moment.......... There’s a misunderstanding...."

Before becoming a dark mage, Berenkal was actually a student of the elite class.

Despite being blocked by the barrier of the Class 4 and unable to progress further, he always received preferential treatment wherever he went.

He tried to get out of this unfavourable situation by somehow taking advantage of the fact that his academy was prestigious.

"Mistake? I've never seen such a pathetic dark mage. Do you even know what you are right now?"


Only then did Berenkal touch his forehead.

The sharp horns protruding were clear evidence that he had chosen to become a dark mage.

If one was forcibly turned into a dark mage, they could be returned to society through purification magic, but if they choose to become a dark mage by contracting with the underworld, they were sentenced to death no matter what.

"Did you enjoy playing with the students in the Magic Survival game? If so, now..."

The Stella magic warrior thrust his staff against Berenkal’s neck and said.

"How about having some fun with us?"


The chaotic Academy Battle came to an end.

Naturally, Stella faced immense protests.

A dark mage intruding during the match?

This incident shattered Stella's pride into pieces.

The main event of the Academy Battle, which was like the largest festival, was ruined by a dark mage.

Nevertheless, the award ceremony was held separately.

- Magic Survival, 1st place, Raymel.

- Magic Survival, 2nd place, Samaran.

Not only the great mages from the Magic Association but also prominent figures like Stella’s Principal Eltman Eltwin, the Elf King, and the Dwarf Emperor, graced the awards ceremony with their presence.

However, the expressions of the players receiving medals and trophies at the ceremony were not particularly bright.

It was because despite winning, they had received almost no attention.

Not only did Baek Yu-Seol’s one-man show unfold throughout the Magic Survival, but he also defeated the dark mage.

Baek Yu-Seol could have escaped at any moment.

However, knowing that other players would undoubtedly suffer if he did, he persisted to the end and eventually chose to be eliminated together, allowing the other players to finish the game safely.

Despite being the overwhelming favorite for victory, he disregarded everything and fulfilled his duty as a magic warrior.

Just that alone made it clear that Baek Yu-Seol was the true winner of this tournament.

And so, when all the awards ceremonies were over and it was time for the last call, his name was also called.

- Stella Student Baek Yu-Seol, Special Award.

At Eltman Eltwin’s direct call, Baek Yu-Seol raised his head.

Since he had almost no aftereffects immediately after the battle, he appeared quite healthy, but his inner thoughts were not as composed.

*'Ugh, bothersome..........’*

In fact, he was planning to stay in the hospital for about a week as an excuse for this incident.

However, for some reason, perhaps because it happened in a virtual world, he had not a single scratch.

He was discharged immediately for the awards ceremony, and in the end, he received an award he didn't even want.

Originally, the reason Baek Yu-Seol participated in the Magic Survival was because he was tempted by the rewards up to 10th place.

However, unfortunately, the moment he was eliminated at the same time as Berenkal, he was precisely ranked 11th, so the reward for 10th place became nothing more than a dream.

Of course, there was a special award scheduled for him, but... What was the point?

Baek Yu-Seol didn't receive the reward he wanted.


Amidst the gaze of thousands of spectators and hundreds of elves from the thirty-odd prestigious academies, Baek Yu-Seol walked unsteadily up to the podium.

The podium was crafted from transparent magic glass. It was unnecessarily beautiful, contrasting sharply with Baek Yu-Seol’s melancholic mood.

*'But at least many people were saved....'*

Positive mindset.

Positive mindset.

Trying to think positive thoughts as much as possible in his heart, Baek Yu-Seol finally ascended the podium, where Eltman Eltwin was waiting with a slightly melancholic yet welcoming expression.

"Welcome, Baek Yu-Seol. It's fortunate that things didn't turn into a major accident because of you."

"I just did what needed to be done."

At first glance, it seemed like the usual exchange of words, but at least for them, it was sincere.

Baek Yu-Seol truly wished to prevent any harm to other students, and Eltman sincerely felt grateful to him for preventing the incident from spreading further.

It was Eltman who used the audience as an excuse to hastily create a special award.

Of course, the process of creating the special award was not smooth sailing.

Even though Baek Yu-Seol expelled the dark mage, it was something that a magic warrior was expected to do, so the association showed some reluctance.

However, for some reason, Orenha, the aide to the Elf King, actively supported Eltman's opinion, allowing them to award the special prize.

"You're only in first grade, but you're doing even better than I expected. I'm grateful that I met you that day."

What Eltman meant by ‘that day’ was probably the meeting with the Baek Yu-Seol of the past, not the current one.


Memories from back then kept trying to surface in his mind, but he forcibly pushed them away.

He didn't want to dwell on memories of another Baek Yu-Seol who wasn't him.

"I'll be counting on you in the future."

After saying this in a low voice, Eltman then shouted loudly, infusing mana into his voice.

- A dark mage dared to intrude the place where all mages’ pride, glory, and magic are tested! However, our magic warrior did not yield to him and fought resolutely even in unreasonable situations, proving his prowess as a mage!

At that moment, all the spectators rose to their feet, sending cheers and applause.

It was natural for a magic warrior to expel a dark mage according to the association's orders.

However, the situation was special.

In a situation where it was unknown which student would be harmed, Baek Yu-Seol sacrificed himself for the safety of his competitors by voluntarily giving up his match.

Moreover, he was the youngest among the participants in the Magic Survival....

If this wasn't special, what else could be?

- Therefore, I will award a special prize to Stella Student Baek Yu-Seol! Everyone, rise from your seats and welcome him with applause!

The cheers were even more thunderous than during the award ceremony for the winner.

And it was inevitable that the faces of the students receiving medals stiffened like they had eaten poop.

Baek Yu-Seol was surprised by the explosive cheers.

Even though he received the award with an expression devoid of any excitement, he didn't expect such a strong reaction.

For someone who had lived a normal life, such a reaction was quite unfamiliar and awkward.

*'Hmm... Well, good is good. This reception itself didn't feel bad.'*

As a gesture of gratitude, he waved his hand once to the audience and the cheers grew louder.

Eventually, just as Eltman was about to hang the medal around his neck.

"Wait a moment."

Someone who had somehow come to Eltman's side obstructed it.

It was Orenha, the aide to the Elf King.

After confirming his face, Eltman Eltwin stopped his hand with a stern expression, and as the situation began to unfold strangely, the cheers gradually subsided.

Orenha swept his gaze across the audience for a moment, then turned his gaze back to Baek Yu-Seol.

And then, he suddenly spoke.

"Today, we can certainly say that Stella Student Baek Yu-Seol’s achievements were outstanding. Despite his young age, he demonstrated exemplary wizardry, which made me once again admire Stella's excellent educational policy."

He paused for a moment, then continued, addressing Eltwin.

"However, we, the elves, will raise questions about his identity."

The moment those words were spoken, most mages anticipated what would come out of Orenha’s mouth.

But Eltman remained as calm as possible.

"..... Question? Did you say it was a question?"

"That's right! The question is why mages don’t question his identity? Because from him...."

As Orenha flicked his fingers, a shimmer formed in the air, and small, translucent fairies emerged, swirling around in the sky.

The fairies sprinkled white powder on Baek Yu-Seol, and the powder that touched his body turned into a golden color, shining brightly.

At first glance, it looked like fireworks for blessings, but the shine signified the 'aura of familiars.'

Some mages who finally understood Orenha’s meaning opened their mouths in shock.

"Wh- What...?"

"If it's an aura of familiars so dense..."

"A Divine Slayer...?"

Humans could never possess an aura of familiars so dense.

Even if they made a contract with higher-level familiars, they couldn’t emit the unique magical scent of humans.

But there was one way.

'Consuming the heart of a spirit.'

In exchange for that, they received the curse of being a Divine Slayer...

But the mages who consume the heart gained tremendous longevity and the abilities of the spirit.


Eltman exclaimed with an embarrassed expression.

"Stop! There's still no evidence! How could a Divine Slayer, who harbors a murky soul and a similar aura to a dark mage, not be exposed!"

Then Orenha chuckled.

"That... Haven't you seen it, Principal? Dark mages can now conceal their magic power, and their skills are enough to deceive even you."


Eltman was struck by the realization and widened his eyes.

He stared at Orenha with his magic, but he couldn't stop here.

Otherwise, the controversy surrounding Baek Yu-Seol would only escalate.

Orenha subtly turned his head, and gazed at his king.


Florin seemed extremely flustered. She covered her mouth with both hands while looking at this place.

This might not have been the development she wanted, but it couldn't be helped.

They needed to assert their authority at least once due to political issues.


Orenha didn't like Eltwin either.

It disgusted him that an arrogant human dared to approach his lady with friendly diplomacy and frequently held private meetings.

*'Elves are sufficient on their own. It would be good if we could sever ties with humans altogether, reconcile with the fairies in the forest, and live peacefully once again.'*

"Really? Baek Yu-Seol is a Divine Slayer?"


"But doesn't it seem a bit strange?"

"Yeah. He has too many achievements at such a young age. It's like an old person trying to act young..."

"I personally think it makes sense. It's about time his identity is revealed."

As the audience and mages began to murmur, Orenha paused for a moment.

It was to sow doubt among them.

And when it reached its peak, Eltman urgently spoke.

"There's nothing good about this. Like I said earlier, not being able to discern dark magic is not just me, but also the elves. What evidence do you have to brand a student as a dark mage?"

Baselessly accusing a mage of being a dark mage was strictly prohibited as it greatly tarnished the individual's honor.

Therefore, Eltman saw no justification for Orenha’s arbitrary behavior.

In that moment, something flashed through his mind.

*'Could it be...!'*

And as if confirming that 'could it be,' Orenha smirked and shouted.

"Evidence. You told a good story. Unlike human mages, the elves have a special ability to discern the souls of individuals. And we have implanted the treasure 'Soul Orb' into Baek Yu-Seol’s body."

Eltman couldn't say anything more at that point.

Even as he continued to gaze at Baek Yu-Seol, who remained silent and unflinched, Orenha spoke.

"Now. If you are innocent as Principal Eltman claims... The Soul Orb will emit a clear light, right? Conversely, if it's a corrupt soul, it would be dyed dark."

He pointed at Baek Yu-Seol’s chest with his index finger.

"Why don't you... take it out? The pendant you're wearing around your neck."

... Baek Yu-Seol silently lowered his head, removed the necklace, and opened it up, revealing what was inside with a click!

"That's right! You are indeed a dark mage... huh?"

Orenha, who was about to speak with an arrogant expression, stopped speaking momentarily as a burst of light erupted.

Ordinary people would have to shield their eyes from the dazzling burst of light.

It... was also evidence that Baek Yu-Seol had a soul as pure and white as a spirit or an angel.