He Is Warmer Than Time - C.2014 - : The interview of Gu Nian and Guan Ling

He Is Warmer Than Time

C.2014 - : The interview of Gu Nian and Guan Ling

Chapter 2014: The interview of Gu Nian and Guan Ling

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Jian Xia sighed. don’t mention it. You should know that the news department is looking for an intern. My dad wants me to apply for the position.

“Then you’re the one who ran!”

“I really don’t want to go.” just go for show. Say that you’ve tried your best. If you’re eliminated in the end, your dad can’t do anything to you.

Jian Xia was a little depressed,’do the children have to go into politics just because the parents are in politics? Why can’t they respect my opinion?”

Gu Nian looked at Jian Xia and then at Guan Ling. She sighed in her heart. What she couldn’t have was always in her heart.ll He moved, he was loved so much that he was fearless.

Gu Nian patted her on the shoulder. there will always be a way out. Don’t be discouraged. We will definitely be able to live the life we want. All the best. actually, ” Jian Xia said seriously, ” I’ve saved up quite a bit of money over the years. However, it’s like a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood if you want to use it to open a coffee shop.

“Why don’t I borrow it from my mother?” Gu Nian whispered.

Jian Xia waved her hand. my cousin Xia Shang has money too. If I really need it, I’ll borrow from her first. She’s more open-minded than my parents, so she should lend me some money.

Gu Nian nodded. I think we should open a small dessert shop near our University. The fees are not high and the students can afford it. It’s not a big shop and the investment cost will not be too high. If it really produces some results, your parents might agree to it. What do you think? ”

Jian Xia nodded. this compromise seems to work. My cousin happens to have experience. I’ll talk to her tomorrow.

Investing in a small store to open a dessert shop was just a piece of cake for Xia Shang.

However, Jian Xia couldn’t just borrow a few hundred thousand Yuan from someone casually. If she lost everything, she would really be too ashamed to face anyone.

The next day, the three of them went to the news department in the afternoon.

There were dozens of people gathered in a small hall on the first floor. Gu Nian took a quick glance and realized that they were all students. Clearly, they were here for the interview.

Although he was just a small clerk who printed documents, if he could intern in the news department for a few months and really graduate in the future, it would be a glorious thing to say and would be considered a stroke of glory on his résumé.

Jian Xia went for the interview first. As expected, she didn’t even get in a single round. With her slacking attitude, the news department would be the first to fire her.

When other people failed to be selected, they came out with red eyes. However, when Jian Xia failed to be selected, she rushed out excitedly.

She ran to Gu Nian and the rest and grabbed them.ll”l didn’t pass!”

The male student waiting for the interview glanced at them. What was wrong with them? why were they so excited even though they didn’t pass?

“Go and look for your cousin then,” Gu Nian chuckled.

“Sure, call me and tell me the results after you’re done with the interview.”

“I know.”

Gu Nian and Guan Ling’s interviews were almost guaranteed to be successful.

The two of them were elites of the elite class, and their attitudes were also correct. They definitely didn’t have high standards but low standards.

Therefore, two hours later, Gu Nian waited at the entrance of the news department. Guan Ling smiled as he walked toward her.

She smiled. It was early spring, and the weather was not so cold. The sun was warm, and it made people feel that the future was promising.

The feeling of a promising future was always wonderful.

Guan Ling walked over and held Gu Nian’s arm. “Three rounds in a row. You should be the same.”

“Of course,” Gu Nian raised an eyebrow.

“It’s Friday afternoon for me, what about you?” he asked.

“Wednesday afternoon..”

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