He Is Warmer Than Time - C.1995 - : He secretly took a photo

He Is Warmer Than Time

C.1995 - : He secretly took a photo

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Among them, Shen Zhaozheng was the fastest to be promoted. He was the director of the 29th Bureau, and he was very impressive.

Seeing that he had come alone, the eyes of the two female students at the table lit up. Li Jun, who was the host of the meal, immediately said, ” “Inspector

Shen, is Zhenzhen still single?”

The female students ‘eyes were immediately filled with apprehension.

Shen Zhaozheng found an empty seat and sat down. He smiled. “I have a girlfriend.”

The two female students were stunned.

Li Jun chuckled. look, those of us who are married or in love have all brought our other halves. Xue Shen also brought Xia Shang. Why didn’t you bring her? ”

Or is inspector Shen using a non-existent person as a pretense to prevent our old classmate from pestering you?”

“There really is one,” Shen Zhaozheng said indifferently. you can’t prove it with your words, ” Li Jun jeered. seriously, I really don’t know how you look like when you’re in love, Shen Zhaozheng.

After all, when he was in high school, Shen Zhaozheng’s desk would be filled with love letters and snacks every day, but he would throw them all into the trash can without even taking a second look.

Shen Zhaozheng suddenly took out his phone. He was using an Apple first-generation smartphone. He opened the phone and flipped through the photo album. Then, he slid the phone from the table to Li Jun’s hand and slid it


“Look, this is my girlfriend.”

With a whoosh, a group of people surrounded him.

It was rare for Shen Zhaozheng to be in a relationship. They wanted to see what the girl who had conquered this handsome man looked like.

On the screen, Gu Nian was staring at the test paper in her hand with her chin in her hand.

He had secretly taken a picture of her when she was fully focused on the questions.

In fact, he had secretly taken a lot of photos when she wasn’t paying attention. Li Jun stared at the person on the screen and teased, ” “She looks quite young.” “A university student, a student from my school,” Xue Shen couldn’t help but


Zheng Yi, who was beside Li Jun, was stunned. Li Jun glanced at her.

Zheng Yi was the one who had begged Li Jun to host the dinner. Zheng Yi had liked Shen Zhaozheng since high school, but she was fat, had bared teeth, had a student’s head, did not know how to dress up, and wore a pair of glasses.

At that time, she had an inferiority complex and thought that Shen Zhaozheng would never like her.

All these years, she had been paying attention to Shen Zhaozheng’s situation. Knowing that he had never been married or in a relationship, she had always had fantasies in her heart.

She had gone overseas to study in University and had gotten her Ph.D.. Now, she was a professor in international public relations.

Not only that, but she also lost weight, corrected her teeth, and learned to wear contact lenses and put on makeup.

When she entered the private room today, she attracted a large group of exclamations from her former male classmates, who asked her if she had undergone plastic surgery.

She was secretly pleased. At least, this showed that she had changed a lot.

She thought that when Shen Zhaozheng came in, his eyes would definitely light up.

However, Wanwan and Shen Zhaozheng didn’t even look at her. Just like more than ten years ago, he didn’t have anyone in his eyes.

She thought that it was good. It was good to be cold. A person like him should just stand there and let others chase after him. She should chase after him.

However, when he said ‘I have a girlfriend’, she fell into the abyss. She still couldn’t get over it.

The girl on the screen only had a side profile, but one could see that her facial features were delicate. She had a bitter expression on her face as she looked at the test paper in her hand seriously.

From this distance and angle, it could be seen that the two of them were very close..

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