He Is Warmer Than Time - C.1991 - : That’s 59

He Is Warmer Than Time

C.1991 - : That’s 59

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In the past, the capital city was a foreign place to her, but now, she preferred to use the words ‘come back’.

It was her second home.

She dragged her suitcase and jogged. Shen Zhaozheng saw her running over and remembered that she was like this when she was three years old.

However, at that time, she was staggering and swaying as she walked over, wanting to give him her favorite Snow Cake.

At that time, there was a thick coat around his heart, isolating him from all the warmth and softness of the outside world.

Fortunately, after so many years, she did not isolate him and accepted him again.

She ran over and threw herself into his arms. He felt like he was hugging the whole world. He held her in his arms and said in a low voice, I miss you.”

He didn’t easily reveal his inner feelings. The reason he said ‘I miss you’ was because he really couldn’t help himself.

Gu Nian wrapped her arm around his waist and raised her eyebrows at him.

“Yo, inspector Shen is quite clingy.”

“Alright, let’s go home.” Shen Zhaozheng looked down at her.

He couldn’t say any more mushy words. I miss you. he was already at his limit.

Gu Nian had brought two suitcases with her. Her mother wanted her to empty the house. Her aunt and Grandpa song had also come to add to the number. Everyone was worried that she would be left alone in Jingdu.

The two large suitcases were filled to the brim with the smell of home and the warmth of family.

Shen Zhaozheng held the two suitcases together and pushed them forward with one hand, while he held her hand with the other.

“Brother zhaohan, let me drag one of them,” Gu Nian said as she stood beside him.

“No need,”

With him by her side, even if the sky collapsed, she only needed him to hold it up. He hoped to become her sky.

He would do everything for her, no matter how big or small.

Gu Nian had no choice but to follow behind him. As she looked at the man’s side profile and his slightly curved lips, her mood became better.

They took the elevator down to B2 and found his parking space. He put the two large suitcases in the trunk, then opened the door for her to get in.

The car slowly drove away from the airport parking lot, and he said in a deep voice, ” “You …Il Why did mom allow you to come here so early?”

As the sky opened up, Gu Nian smiled at him. “I’ve said it before, my mother is a very open-minded person. I made it clear to her, so she let me come over. Oh, right, I’m here to study.”

“Do university students have winter homework too?” Shen Zhaozheng raised his eyebrows.

Gu Nian pursed her lips and felt a little guilty. that ran ran, I ran ran, I have a subject that I didn’t do well in.

It was a red light. He stopped the car and glanced at her. “Which sect?”

“Higher mathematics.”

“How many points did you get?”

“Ahem, Yingluo isn’t very good, why are you getting to the bottom of it?”

“How many points?”

“One point off from sixty.”

“That’s 59,” Shen Zhaozheng said with narrowed eyes.

“You’re pretty good at math, haha.” Gu nianmo chuckled.

Shen Zhaozheng gritted his teeth. I originally wanted to bring you around the capital. Obviously, you can stay in the study room and study when school starts.

“I think we should balance work and rest,” Gu Nian said with a frown.

time is tight and the task is heavy. You don’t have time to strike a balance between work and rest. Study hard and don’t even think about stepping out of the house.

“I know,” Gu Nian said as she looked at him with a wronged expression.

When they arrived at the futun apartments, Shen Zhaozheng carried two large suitcases into the corridor, and the two entered the house together..

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